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Brad and I admire this videography team so much that we hired them for our own wedding just two short years ago! They are incredible storytellers and they bring a calming, yet professional presence to a wedding day. Their work definitely speaks for itself which I cannot wait to talk more about in this episode. Today's guest is none other than my friend, Brock Gomez!!


  • What is Brock's Videography Style and Technique?
  • How to best handle the relationship between a photographer and videographer?
  • What are a few mistakes to learn from?
  • What are common mistakes videographers can make?
  • What is a challenge some entrepreneurs might face?
  • What are a few pieces of advice for creative entrepreneurs starting out?

Something to avoid in videography:

Brock suggests to avoid over doing the staged and posed photos! Because he is more excited by the natural reactions on the wedding day, their team focuses on storytelling. These reactions are shown in his films, that so easily tell the story of the couple.

How to Best Handle the Photo/Video Relationship?

On a wedding day, videographers and photographers work extremely closely. The first thing to remember is that you are on the same team working toward delivering the best product to the couple. Having a mutual respect for each other and communicating well is what really helps the wedding day run much more smoothly. Open up the lines of communication with each other with even just a simple email to introduce yourself and make each other aware of any special requests. And on the wedding day, always talk through your needs and allow each other to get the shots desired!

Mistakes to Learn From:

  • Throughout his experience, Brock has made different mistakes with his equipment. Whether it be realizing halfway through the day that the footage he has been taking is not going to work for him or forgetting to bring crucial equipment with him, mistakes can always happen. Since there is always the possibility of something going wrong, it is best to be prepared for those instances.
  • From getting in a wreck on the way to a wedding, to getting stuck in parades, Brock has learned to always leave at least 3 hours before you are supposed to arrive. To avoid forgetting any of his gear, he also makes a checklist that he checks no matter what for each and every wedding.
  • When you do make a mistake, always own up to it!
  • And it also helps to put yourself on the other side of the camera to learn what is best for your client. Since Brock has recently gotten married, he now understands a little more of what it is like to be on the other side which helps to see the value of what photographers/videographers do. But even if you're not getting married, schedule a photo shoot and or video opportunity…this will allow you to feel what your clients feel! (And you'll get some great photo or video out of it!) 🙂
  • Sometimes, videographers can get stuck in the same pattern of shooting. For example, a videographer may love slow motion or drone footage and that is great! But when you over-do one certain feature, the overall product loses its appeal and impact. Brock recommends mixing up the features you have in the film, and keeping the amount of times those special effects are used to a minimum.

What is a big challenge for entrepreneurs?

When you do not have a boss telling you what to do, it can be easy to miss deadlines. It is important to set your own goals and deadlines and stick to them.

Also, it can be a challenge to find the right people for your team. Finding people that you can trust to be responsible and respectful can be difficult. Take the time to search for the right members for your team! Once they get to the level you expect, it really adds to the clients' experience and business as a whole.

Advice for Creatives starting out?

Everyone has a dream job, but some people can get caught up in the dream aspect rather than the job. When you turn your passion into a career, it is still be a job and you still have to perform the less glamorous tasks.

“When you are up high, do not get too excited and when you are down low, do not get too down.”

Things change so quickly in this industry so try to find a middle ground with a level prospective. In the wedding industry specifically, one of the best parts is being able to meet and form relationships with other people who are like you…so cherish those relationships!

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017: Brock Gomez: The Importance of Communication and Teamwork

November 21, 2017