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Greenwood Plantation Bridals: Ashley

I almost find it unbelievable when I think of the couples I’ve had the opportunity to work with since I startedView full post »

Vermillionville Bridals: Ellen

When I first met Ellen, it was in our freshmen college English class at UL. We all sat around a table discussingView full post »

Nottoway Plantation Bridals: Natalie

Even through the internet waves of skype, I was able to feel Natalie’s positive energy! When we first met, weView full post »

Lafayette, LA Bridals: Hanna

What you’ll see below is the perfect example of a bride who is not only beautiful, but a wonderful person to beView full post »

Year in Review : Best of 2012 – Bridals

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel …And even these twoView full post »

Vermillionville : Vintage Shoot – Ellen + Wes

Wes and Ellen’s story began long before they started dating. In fact, they grew up together.As we all know, loveView full post »

Grand Opera House of the South Bridals: Allison

I first crossed paths with Allison while studying architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. From theView full post »

Acadian Village Bridals: Alaina

Alaina’s wedding day has come and after so many years, she’s now officially Mrs. Segura. Since herView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Bridals: April

To describe the lovely April is quite the task because…well, she’s pretty awesome and I find it difficultView full post »

Jungle Gardens Bridals: Cassie

I feel so blessed to share a name with such a beautiful, confident, and poised woman. Catherine, also known as Cassie,View full post »

White Oak Plantation Bridals: Kelli

In the midst of the summer heat, we escaped to the interior of White Oak Plantation. Chosen as their wedding venue,View full post »

Grand Opera House Bridals: Mary

 Having the opportunity to photograph a bridal session…is such an honor. Aside from the engagement session, ourView full post »

The Victorian Bridals: Nikki

Up until the day of Nikki’s bridals, we  were going back and forth about the weather. Being a Southern bride,View full post »

Nottoway Plantation Bridals: Natalie

When I first saw her in her gown, I think I literally squeeled out loud! She is stunning and in her gown: A trueView full post »

Nottoway Plantation: Caitlin’s Bridals

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This is Caitlin’s favoriteView full post »

Woodville, MS Bridals: Michelle

From the minute I met Michelle, I knew she was a woman of confidence and poise. She’s elegant, yetView full post »

Alumni Center Bridals: Kayla

This past Saturday, Kayla married her Prince Charming, Eric. They couldn’t be a more perfect fit and I have noView full post »

Jungle Gardens Bridals: Ashlei

Ashlei…is gorgeous. Seriously. Just WAIT till you scroll down to see how stunning she is!!! Ashlei and Billy wereView full post »

Avery Island Bridals: Jency

If any one person has spent more than a millisecond with Jency, they would fall in love with her smile and her livelyView full post »

Greenwood Plantation Bridals: Katelyn

Seeing Katelyn in her wedding gown was one of those moments that I was truly taken aback for so many reasons. TheView full post »

Acadian Village Bridals: Heather

I absolutely LOVE the feel of Acadian Village…it’s rustic and southern. And there’s so many uniqueView full post »

South Louisiana Bridals: Cairre

It’s funny how when you grow up….the people you know change…but, yet they are ALWAYS still the same.View full post »

Jungle Gardens Bridals: Adele

Adele is a free and adventurous soul. She is unafraid to BE who she is; speak her mind, and live in her own unique andView full post »

Lake Charles, LA Bridals: Ashley

Ashley was described at she + John’s rehearsal dinner as being confident, friendly, and having the ability toView full post »

Acadian Village Bridals: Amy

I feel so fortunate when I think about the women I have the pleasure of working with. They’re confident, sweet,View full post »

Rip Van Winkle Bridals: Ashley

She’s the type of girl you’ll never catch frowning; if she could be a candy, she’d be a skittle. 🙂View full post »

Louisiana State Museum Bridals: Alida

Based on the fact that I chose the Louisiana State Museum for a recent personal shoot, I’d say I’m slightlyView full post »

Botanical Gardens, City Park Bridals: Darah

A bridal session is so many things. It’s a day to trial run hair and makeup before the wedding day, to try onView full post »

Year in Review:: Simply Modern Brides: 2011

As 2011 comes to an end and the year 2012 begins, I am taking this opportunity to reflect on the past year. It’sView full post »

Scott, LA Bridals: Sarah

I can still remember the first day that I met Sarah. Brad and I made our way toward their tent at the LSU Tailgate andView full post »