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Nottoway Plantation Engagements: Lindsay + Jim

In August 2016, Lindsay and Jim went out on his boat in the Gulf of Mexico. But Lindsay had no idea that on thatView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Jenny + Andrew

Andrew and Jenny met on a typical Louisiana Saturday night in Baton Rouge, LA. Since their very first night together,View full post »

City Park Engagements: Lyndsey + Kayne

Lyndsey and Kayne met when they were 17 at a summer camp just before the start of their senior year. That Fall theyView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Victoria + Nic

With the flooding in Louisiana, the ring shipment was a bit stressful…but Nic finally (with the help of his mother) wasView full post »

City Park Engagements: Anne Elise + Michael

Anne Elise + Michael originally met at Tulane. However, they were a year a part in school so for a short period of timeView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Anna + Forrest

Life has a really unique way of bringing people together. For Anna and Forrest, they were brought together becauseView full post »

Louisiana Engagements: Kim + Andrew

After a two year whirlwind of falling in love, Kim and Andrew have gotten engaged! Andrew left letters around town atView full post »

City Park Engagements: Meagan + Nathan

Nata and Meagan met in New Orleans at Ochsner Hospital. After dating a few years, they decided to go to school togetherView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lauren + Ryan

Lauren and Ryan met several years ago at work and hit it off almost immediately! They are both ICU nurses with threeView full post »

Windrush Gardens Engagements: Ashley + Charles

Ten years ago, Ashley moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU. She has loved the city and made Baton Rouge her home. ThereView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ali + Matt

For Matt and Ali, they knew they were meant to be almost immediately. They had both known great heartache and as a momView full post »

LSU Campus Engagements: Jenci + Cory

Cory and Jenci met four years ago at CrossFit Lafayette. Well, that is where Jenci says she met him at least. 😉 CoryView full post »

White Magnolia Engagements: Chelsie + Kennon

Six years ago, their journey began. Kennon asked Chelsie on a date and over time…they began to realize how greatView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Christa + Calvin

Christa and Calvin worked together for five years before they became something more; Christa says that Calvin was herView full post »

City Park Engagements: Mollie + Thomas

Mollie and Thomas were born and raised in Louisiana, but they traveled all the way to Texas to meet. It was July 4,View full post »

City Park Engagements: Julie + Robert

Julie + Robert have been together for over six years. Although they have been excited to take this next step towardView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Meghan + Pat

After an initial meeting in law school, Meghan and Pat began to pass notes. 🙂 She thought he was the funniest personView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Katherine + Andrew

While studying at LSU Andrew and Katherine first met. Even to this day, they still love going back to Baton Rouge forView full post »

City Park Engagements: Mollie + Bryan

Mollie + Bryan grew up in the New Orleans area. They even attended school there (separate schools)…but itView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Tiffany + Ryan

Ryan planned an entire getaway for he and Tiffany to Disney World. It was just after Christmas and he had the wholeView full post »

Farm Engagements: Kayan + Quaid

It was January 13th, the 5-year anniversary of their first date. They had plans to eat at St. John Restaurant thatView full post »

Horse Farm Engagements: Natalie + Brock

Brock and Natalie work together filming weddings for Brock Gomez Productions. So, Brock came up with the idea of takingView full post »

Louisiana Country Engagements: Leah + Matt

Matt had planned a “graduation trip” for Leah to Orange Beach. This was his present to her for finishingView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Elizabeth + Larry

Elizabeth and Larry both came from small town roots and continued their education at the University of Louisiana atView full post »

Lafitte Engagements: Jena + Randon

Randon’s favorite vacation location is Disney world. So, what better location to propose than that? He took JenaView full post »

Bayou St. John Engagements: Hilary + Joey

They were taking pictures for a surprise Christmas gift. The photo was for Joey’s parents…or so HilaryView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Jennifer + Joe

Jennifer + Joe met on their first day of work in 2013. It’s been two incredible years of laughter and fun forView full post »

Longue Vue House Engagements: Allie + Josh

May 17, 2014. This was the day Josh asked Allie to be his wife. His birthday is May 8th and hers is May 19th…soView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Kristen + Tyler

A little over three years ago, Kristen and Tyler began their relationship. They have an ease about the way they areView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Erin + Josh

Josh and Erin met their first year in dental school and have been together ever since. Erin went on to completeView full post »