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Nottoway Plantation Engagements: Kamryn + Jared

It’s often that Kamryn + Jared find themselves sharing laughter and lyrics in Kamryn’s aunt’s theatreView full post »

Longue Vue House Engagements: Laura + Chad

Laura and Chad met in the city of Mobile during college eight years before getting engaged. They were friends first whoView full post »

Windrush Engagements: Kirsten + Richard

September 2013 was the month they met. And not a day has gone by without laughter since. February 2015 RichardView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens: Victoria + Greg

Victoria + Greg were brought together by fate. Passionate lovers of anything Cajun, their sweet pup Governor and eachView full post »

City Park, New Orleans Engagements: Amenah + Luke

Amenah and Luke met during her time working as a summer clerk at his law firm. They were friends at first (AmenahView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Amelie + Nick

Although Amelie + Nick knew each other in passing, it wasn’t until the timing was right that their relationshipView full post »

We’re Getting Married!

It’s been a little surreal for me…being the bride. When we got engaged, it took a few weeks for it toView full post »

At Home Engagements: Kim + Ross

Tate Cove, LA. That’s where Ross proposed. Every year for the the 4th of July, Kim and Ross spend the holiday inView full post »

Southern Engagements: Heidi + Derek

As if it was a scene out of a TV series, Derek proposed to Heidi on their property…surrounded by candlelight. HeView full post »

Louisiana Engagements: Hailey + Charlie

This Fall marks four years of being in love. They initially met in college…a country boy and a cityView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Aimee + Justin

Who would have imagined that these two would meet at a circus?! That’s right! June: 2007. Eight years later, hereView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Macey + Shanon

Friendship. They say it’s the best foundation for a relationship that will last a lifetime. Macey and Shanon haveView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Engagements: Taylor + Clinton

Taylor and Clinton met for the first time at the airplane outside of LSU Stadium. And although they didn’t talkView full post »

Country Engagements: Kady + BJ

BJ and Kady met a little over 1.5 years ago through a mutual friend. This friend kept telling Kady that he wanted toView full post »

City Park Engagements: Jennifer + Taylor

On the morning of her physics exam, Taylor caught Jennifer by surprise. She had been preparing for her test and wasView full post »

North Louisiana Engagements: Abby + Hunter

Because Hunter works in California he told Abby that he wanted to have professional photos taken of them when he cameView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Chris + Emily

In the words of Emily, their proposal was “awesome.” She had been planning Chris’s surprise 30thView full post »

City Park Engagements: Ashley + Courtney

Courtney and Ashley boarded the ship for the Cannon Family Cruise. Ashley had absolutely no idea that Courtney wasView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Engagements: Kristin + Charlie

Charlie did an excellent job at keeping Kristin’s proposal a surprise…she was completely caught off guardView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Hailee + Blake

In an open field … underneath the stars, Blake proposed to Hailee: As if out of a country love song they tossedView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Carly + Don

Carly is a dance teacher; and aside from spending her time with her students…she enjoys spending time with herView full post »

City Park Engagements: Jennifer + Trey

Friday, October 3rd was the day. It was the day that Trey asked Jennifer to share their lives together. Jennifer hadView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Kaylin + Matt

After a day of work, Kaylin walked in to find her love and best friend Matt! So they sat together and after catching upView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Brittany + Brock

Brittany is Brock’s best friend. Brock is Brittany’s best friend. They assured the other…that theyView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Engagements: Meagan + Scott

Meagan says Scott is awesome at surprises. But I’m sure that none topped the surprise she received when heView full post »

A Louisiana Engagement Session: Kristen + Steve

Kristen has a love for activity, fun..and a fear of missing out (#fomo)! So after a little over five years of datingView full post »

Afton Villa Engagements: Lien + Davis

It was Mother’s Day in New Orleans…but it was also the day Davis would propose. Together they looked for rings,View full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Michelle + Grant

Michelle was at home decorating for Christmas. She was feeling a little under the weather so instead of going to dinnerView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Andi + Jake

After having met Jake, it makes total sense that he created a technologically savvy AND beautiful way to surprise AndiView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ryan + Kyle

In 2006, Ryan + Kyle’s journey began. It was their senior trip in Mexico and both of their high schools decidedView full post »