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Longue Vue House Engagements: Rachel + Eric

Rachel had just had her wisdom teeth removed but Eric couldn’t wait another moment. The ring had arrived and heView full post »

Lafayette Louisiana Engagements: Amy + Nick

Amy + Nick’s proposal story is nothing short of dreamy. While on a weekend getaway to Lake Travis, Nick thenView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements, NOLA : Amelia + Jeremy

I never had to ask Amelia + Jeremy to describe their engagement story…because I was a part of it. It will forever beView full post »

Jungle Garden Engagements: Jacy + Adrian

I met Jacy through her sister, Adele after I photographed Adele and Jared’s wedding a few years ago! It alwaysView full post »

French Quarter, New Orleans Engagements: Mary + David

Mary + David are truly a couple in love…basically a walking romance novel. 🙂 After crossing paths initially throughView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Madeline + Drake

Drake proposed to Madeline at L’auberge Baton Rouge the weekend after her birthday! The day of their engagement,View full post »

City Park, New Orleans Engagements: Michelle + Sam

Growing up, I always looked up to my cousin, Michelle. And to see Michelle with her fiance’ Sam really has beenView full post »

City Park, New Orleans Engagements: Ryan + Adam

Adam took great effort in keeping his proposal to Ryan a secret! Initially, he wanted to surprise everyone (familyView full post »

Audubon Park, New Orleans Engagements: Julie + Nick

Julie + Nick’s proposal story began when they traveled to Wimberley for the weekend. After the road trip there,View full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lauren + Kevin

It’s been seven years. And this past year, Kevin bought a bottle of champagne for Lauren’s birthday. TheyView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Kayci + Coby

They’d promised to wait until after finishing college to get married. They wanted to fulfill their individualView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lane + Blake

The day of their proposal, Lane + Blake arrived at the top of the mountain in Keystone, Colorado. It was SOOO cold, butView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Chelsey + Robert

Chelsey + Robert met in Peabody Hall…the place where 5.5 years later he would propose. In fact, not only did he bringView full post »

City Park Engagements: Jennifer + David

Jennifer + David met at a “Welcome Back” dinner for mutual friends in 2010. They arrived at Tsunami whereView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Katie + Stuart

Fate truly does have it’s way. Katie + Stuart were living in two completely different cities, states away,View full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Natalie + Ryan

Ryan mentioned to Natalie time and time again that when he proposed, he would work really hard to surpriseView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ellen + Philip

It’s as if Ellen + Philip have known each other their entire lives. They have a comfort and ease around oneView full post »

City Park Engagements: Michelle + Sean

I don’t think a two week trip could have ended any sweeter for Michelle and Sean. After embarking on a beautifulView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Garden Engagements: Alexis + Jarret

For Alexis + Jarret, this special time in their lives has been eight years in the making! During Alexis’s recentView full post »

Alumni Center Gardens Engagements: Callie + Jacob

In December of last year, Callie + Jacob spent Christmas decorating their tree together. It’s a sentimental andView full post »

Louisiana Engagements: Chrissy + Bryn

Several years ago, Chrissy and I met through our boyfriends. Chrissy and I would spend time hanging out whileView full post »

Clark Creek Engagements: Anne + Vohn

As long as I’ve known Anne and Vohn they’ve been an item. We met through my close friend Amelia (also myView full post »

A Louisiana Anniversary Session: Mark + Haylei

It was Spring of last year when Haylei first contacted me regarding a potential internship! She was studyingView full post »

Lake Martin Engagements: Erin + Brad

For most of my brides, our paths begins when they become engaged. But for Erin and I, our friendship started almost aView full post »

South Louisiana Engagements: Andrea + Thomas

It’s been five yrs since Andrea + Thomas first met and this November, Thomas decided it was time to make thingsView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Emily + Derek

It’s funny how you meet people, interact with them…and then one day, you’re shooting their wedding. 😉 Or…atView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Meagan + Clay

Meagan LOOOVVEESSS chapstick. She also LLLOOOOOVVVESSS Clay. So, what better proposal for Meagan than to bring thoseView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Britny + Erich

Britny’s friend, Anne had the idea to introduce Britny and Erich long before they actually met. Britny was neverView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Lauren + Chase

It was Labor Day this year when Chase decided it was time. After 7 years after growing closer as a couple he was readyView full post »

St. Louis Arch Engagements: Jill + Austin

Jill + Austin are high school sweethearts, having spent the past several years building the foundation for what is nowView full post »