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Grand Coteau Engagements: Alyssa + Jeffrey

Just before they left for their trip to Chicago, I worked with Alyssa for the first time. She’s an incredibleView full post »

French Quarter, New Orleans Engagements: Jessica + Josh

A week in advance of her golden birthday, Josh made a trip to the French Quarter to speak with a caricature artist. HeView full post »

Alumni Gardens Engagements: Ande + Chris

Not too long after Ande’s move to Houston, she decided to spend the afternoon shopping and becoming betterView full post »

Jungle Garden Engagements: Shelby + Jake

It was December of last year and Shelby + Jake made plans to attend the UL Bowl Game. With Jake being an avid LSU fan,View full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Engagements: Kristin + Brian

Kristin + Brian have known each other since high school. Although separated by a few years in age they were broughtView full post »

Downtown Lafayette Engagements: Holly + Neil

Holly + Neil were a part of her dad’s adventure to take a trian ride from New Orleans to Chicago…and Chicago toView full post »

Baton Rouge Engagements: Amber + Michael

Michael hand-selected the perfect ring for Amber. He chose it with care…and held onto it for weeks until he felt it wasView full post »

French Quarter, New Orleans Engagements: Erika + Jason

Surprising Erika was always part of the plan…the hard part was executing it so that she’d be completely cluelessView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Melissa + Ryan

366 days after Ryan + Melissa’s first encounter at the hospital where Melissa worked, Ryan proposed. It was inView full post »

Amelia’s Proposal + Pensacola Beach Engagements

Over the past few years, I’ve listened as couples described their magical proposal; and for each couple I shareView full post »

2013 ENGAGEMENTS in review

2013 was an incredible year. I grew in SO many ways and was introduced to a whole new crew of AWESOME clients. I amView full post »

Louisiana Wedding Photography: Mia + Rob’s Anniversary Session

Ten years ago, I met Mia in Design 101, my first year of architecture school. Four years ago, she asked me toView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Kate + Nick

Although it was Kate’s idea to travel to Chicago, she had no idea Nick would propose there. It was a super coldView full post »

Millennium Park Winter Engagements: Emily + Leo

I woke up this morning feeling extra chipper and full of excited energy. With the new year brings lots of anticipationView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Engagements: Sara + Garrett

It was a normal day for Sara and Garrett…or at least that’s what Sara thought. She woke up planning to clean andView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Korie + Phil

In May of this year, Phil decided it was time. He called Korie over the phone and asked she and his son Paxton to meetView full post »

Mrs. Vintage: Julia + Rob – FIND Nola

Although I’ve heard of the fabulous Mrs. Vintage, it wasn’t until FIND Nola that I had the opportunity toView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Ginger + Clay

Typically, I have the opportunity to meet the couples I photograph well in advance. Sometimes via skype, sometimes inView full post »

New Orleans Anniversary Session: Christina + Orest

When I arrived at FIND Nola , a workshop dedicated to film photography, I was immediately immersed into a sea ofView full post »

Jungle Garden Engagements: Tara + Drew

After months of planning to propose, the day finally came. Tara was looking forward to seeing her parents for theView full post »

NuNu Arts and Culture Center: Kristi + Jordan’s Engagements

Jordan handpicked her outfit for the evening. It was the only clue she had to the idea that Jordan just MIGHT beView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Nicole + Malcolm

Mother’s Day is always the perfect excuse ot get everyone together. And that’s exactly what Malcolm wasView full post »

Summer + Lucas: Engagements

I met Summer quite a few years ago. She’s been a bridesmaid in two weddings I’ve photographed and theView full post »

Alumni Center Engagements: Hilary + Blake

It’s funny that sometimes you don’t know what’s going on until you look back. That’s the sameView full post »

Vermillionville Engagements: Caty + Bud

Caty is one of the sweetest souls I’ve met. Her thoughtful personality and giving ways stole my heart…andView full post »

Vermillionville Engagements: Megan + Justin

It was the day after Christmas, and Megan + Justin were looking forward to spending a bit of quality time together onView full post »

Alumni Center Gardens: Lindsey + Justin

Justin woke up that morning on a mission. He purchased a new outfit and made arrangements for Lindsey to meet him atView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lindsey + Josh

It was Lindsey + Josh’s first trip to the beach with both she, Josh, and both of their families! Everyone wasView full post »

Jungle Gardens: Katie + Tyler

Katie + Tyler have fallen in love with the city of New Orleans. They spend their free weekends in the city enjoying theView full post »

Shadows on the Teche: Jennifer + MacDougall

Seriously, how incredible is this weather? 🙂 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this time of year! The lighting is so soft andView full post »