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Jungle Gardens Engagements: Kelley + Josh

For Kelley’s proposal, Josh decided on a destination location. They had planned a cruise to Jamaica, GrandView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ashley + Jacob

Jacob found the love of his life…and knew he wanted to find the perfect ring to match her perfection. He foundView full post »

Audubon Park Engagements: Amanda + Chris

This year for Amanda has been filled with both joys and with sorrows. In January of this year, Amanda lost her father.View full post »

Baton Rouge Engagements: Holli + Chase

“I didn’t even know that night I’d be proposing. In fact, I woke up that morning without aView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Olivia + Craig

Olivia had made previous plans with a friend and was initially bummed by the idea of traveling to New Orleans for theView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Jen + Tara

Before the day had come, Tara asked Jen’s mother for Jen’s hand in marriage…which was gladly given.View full post »

Lafayette Engagements: Allison + Peter

On the annivesary of their 4th year (this past December), Peter handed Allison his 4th drawing. And in it, he was downView full post »

Fun, Freedom…and a Happy 4th!

‘MERICA… 🙂 God bless you! 🙂 🙂 And in the spirit of celebration…freedom, and fun, I wanted to shareView full post »

Nottoway Plantation, White Castle Engagements: Nikki + Travis

The last week of hunting season came to an end; Travis was returning home after spending time with his buddies at a pigView full post »

French Quarter Engagements: Susan + Adam

At the time, they were living in Ohio. At the end of her day, Susan walked in the front door of her apartment, andView full post »

UL Campus Engagements: Natalie + Will

It was the beginning of November, and they had just finished a series of what Natalie refers to as…..perfectView full post »

Downtown Lafayette Engagements: Mirada + Chris

It was 11.11.11 and they were downtown with her parents. Most people know the combination of 11/11 as sign to make aView full post »

St. Charles, Grand Coteau & Oakbourne Engagements: Cassie + BC

When BC ordered the ring for Cassie, things couldn’t have fall more into place for them. In fact, the day ofView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: April + Josh

Mrs. Gayle, April’s mother and huge part of her life invited April to dinner. For April, a family get together isView full post »

Downtown Lafayette Engagements: Alaina + Mike

….Mike used her sister’s finger for size and had Alaina pick up the battery the next day. When she did, theView full post »

Brittany + Sean: Featured on Lucy Dylan Weddings!

There’s something so crazy cool about seeing a couple that I’ve photographed on another blog’s site.View full post »

Magnolia Ridge Engagements: Katie + Marcus

The day before Katie’s birthday, Marcus gave his jeweler a call. He asked that he meet Marcus in Lafayette withView full post »

Sneak Peak: Katie + Marcus – Love and Louboutins

Amongst SO many things that make this engagement session fabulous I’m a personal fan of 1. Katie + Marcus’sView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: April + Michael

I love a couple that I can learn from and admire. I really look up to these two not only for their ambitions in life,View full post »

LSU Campus Engagements: Michelle + Jonathan

Michelle + Jonathan are SO considerate and speak a lot of surprises for their friends. So, I wanted to do something forView full post »

Downtown Baton Rouge Engagements: Mary + Jay

One thing Mary and I definitely have in common is our need to be organized. She’s very aware and always hasView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Kelli + Michael

When he arrived (after a week of holding onto the ringView full post »

St. John’s Cathedral + Jungle Gardens Engagements: Brittany + Sean

When Brittany, Sean, and I first met we talked a lot about their faith and how it was a very important part of theirView full post »

Baton Rouge Rural Life Museum Engagements: Katelyn + Billy

Billy, being the romantic that he is, had carefully planned an elaborate trip to Oregon’s wine country with theView full post »

Avery Island Engagements: Jency + Tristan

I cannot explain how incredibly sweet it is to photograph a couple like Jency + Tristan. One reason that I LOVEView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Ally + Brad

Taking the Amtrak train has become a common occurrence, a part of their routine…and the way they travel to seeView full post »

Lake Arthur Engagements: Mary Katherine + Robbie

It was almost 4 yrs to their relationship when he asked her to marry him. She didn’t believe him and went to walkView full post »

Lake Charles Engagements: Ashley + John

They enjoy each other’s company. John is silly, and Ashley laughs. Ashley is laid-back and John keeps things inView full post »

UL Campus Engagements: Adele + Jared

Adele grew up visiting her favorite plot of land. And on that lease, her favorite place within, is the blind…theView full post »

Magdalen Square Engagements: Kayla + Eric

He took her by the hand, asked her to close her eyes, and led her into Magdalen Square. This place has become soView full post »