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Year in Review:: Simply Modern Engagements 2011

Yesterday was Day 1. Today is Day 2. If you’re just starting to read, I am using the start of 2012 to reflect onView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ashley + Bobby

It was a Sunday afternoon. And like most Sundays in the fall, they spent the afternoon watching football. Bobby is aView full post »

LSU Campus Engagements: Alida + Reid

It was their sophomore year of college at LSU. Studying Petroleum engineering is no easy task so when it came to schoolView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Heather + Bobby

“No.” That was her response when he’d ask her out. Bobby + Heather first crossed paths at theirView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Cairre + Jared

She’s always smiling…and although she claims to be indecisive, when it came to choosing him CairreView full post »

Rip Van Winkle Gardens Engagements: Amy + Brent

In life, we’re all connected. Like an invisible necklace, we’re strung together and clasped at the ends.View full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Cairre + Jared

It’s been a bit of a crazy week; with wedding season in FULL swing I have been traveling, experiencing andView full post »

Downtown Lafayette Engagements: Caitlyn + Rob

Who would thought she would meet the love of her life in the 7th grade? Both members of the 1st Baptist Church, theyView full post »

New Iberia Engagements: Sarah + Nick

They dated for a week in Jr High. But like most young relationships, without the ability to drive and truly date, theView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Darah + Dennis

Four years ago, the stars aligned for Darah + Dennis. Already intertwined by a mutual friend, their paths crossed andView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Laura + Jimmy

It was New Year’s Eve night and everyone was in on Jimmy’s plan….except for Laura. He had theView full post »

The Wedding Shoebox: Elise + Andy

Working with Valerie, owner of Southern Fete, is such a privilege. She’s hardworking, organized, and probably oneView full post »

UL Campus Engagements: Rebecca + James

Have you ever met a couple that you knew were meant for each other? A couple who, without a doubt…love each otherView full post »

New Orleans Engagements: Lauren + Marc

In college, you’re bound to meet people: new friends, professors, acquaintances. Some…meet the love ofView full post »

Baton Rouge Engagements: Jessica + Mario

Called First-Bite, it’s Jessica’s way of documenting their food journey. They, being she and the love ofView full post »

Featured on Lucy Dylan Weddings: Sarah + Nathan

We spend countless hours in Barnes + Noble…we, being anyone I can manage to bring with me. It’s one of myView full post »

Henderson Bayou Engagements: Haylie + Eric

Three and a half years ago, they were already bound by mutual friends. And thanks to modern day technology meetingView full post »

Magnolia Ridge Engagements: Brit + Bevon

After a spontaniously meeting long before at UL’s softball game and developing a long distance love, Brit hadView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Jennifer + Daniel

Jennifer + Daniel’s relationship is one that started long before their engagement. In fact, it’s been aboutView full post »

Magnolia Ridge Engagements: Brandi + David

It was Christmas Eve in South Texas. This is where David grew up….and that day  he made yet another memoryView full post »

Jungle Gardens Engagements: Amanda + Aaron

Aaron makes Amanda laugh; and as I observed..and captured, it immediately became evident how much he respects her asView full post »

One Chance Encounter

What started as a chance encounter turned into 7 years of Romance and Happiness. Meaghan never stops smiling and swearsView full post »

He Never Forgets

It was Ryan’s Fraternity bid day….but Miranda swears she doesn’t remember. Ryan neverView full post »

BBQ and Wine with Lindsey + Matt

He could very well have fallen in love with her East Texas accent, or the way she smiles and giggles a bit when sheView full post »

Incredible Uniqueness

The day was beautiful. With a light stand in each hand and my Kelly Moore bag slung over my right shoulder, I made myView full post »

Sail Away With Me

“I Put My Heart in Your Hand.” That’s exactly what she did on that Cinco de Mayo. They hit it offView full post »

Serendipitous Moments

In life, there are serendipitous moments: times when things fall into place, and things are just easy…almost asView full post »

Lafayette, LA Photographers: Thomas + Christy – Nothing Short of Unique

Christy and Thomas are nothing short of unique. And I don’t mean just in the fact that they’re creative,View full post »

Their Love Survived

Super Bowl weekend, during Justin’s birthday dinner, things changed for Addie and Justin. There in that privateView full post »

They Just Get Each Other

After 8 years, it’s obvious: they just get each other. After only about one year of dating, Monty was deployed toView full post »