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8th Grade Crush

In 8th grade, the students get taller, and run faster. They attend Jr High Dances, Boy/Girl Parties, and footballView full post »

Or Maybe It’s Love

Maybe it’s that they both like wine, and dancing, or the relaxation of fine dining. Maybe it’s that theyView full post »

They Met on an Airplane

It was just another day away from the fashion industry in New York. She packed her bags, grabbed her plane ticket andView full post »

Strong for One Another

She’s bright & loves to laugh. When she smiles, little wrinkles form around her face as she relaxes in hisView full post »

After Years of Faith and Airplane Peanuts…

When they met, they were serving the Lord. Now that they’re together, they’re serving the Lord… aView full post »

Beth + George…Country LOVE

For Beth and George, this is home. George is just a good ole country boy….and this is where he grew up! I loveView full post »

Jade + Colby…and ELLA!

They traveled all the way from Hessmer, LA for their session!! Jade, Ella, + Colby have got to be one of the bestView full post »

Robyn, Scott…Hurricane, & Louisiana

When I first met with Robyn and Scott they talked about bringing their dogs along for their engagement shoot. And beingView full post »

All the way from P-Town

Jenna and I grew up down the street from each other. I can still remember making mud pies with her! lol.. Well, JennaView full post »

Adam and his Cajun Queen

He calls her his “Cajun Queen” and he spent the entire afternoon making her laugh. Since I’ve metView full post »

Atchafalaya at Idlewild Engagements: Krista + Curt

So… let me begin by saying, I got to DRIVE A GOLF CART on the shoot!! 🙂 I was moving around the course like aView full post »