City Park Engagements: Julie + Robert

November 15, 2016

Julie + Robert have been together for over six years. Although they have been excited to take this next step toward marriage for awhile, Julie was in graduate school and Robert was in law school. As a result, they decided to wait. Julie jokingly told Robert they could get married after they got their puppy, Paisley. They brought her home in March and Robert has been planning their proposal since.

Julie’s brother was in town visiting so they decided to take new family photos. They see each other once or twice a year; and it was a super special occasion for them! 🙂 Robert and Julie took their photo last as he pulled out the ring. Julie says she is so happy there was family present and that there is video of their proposal.

We photographed Julie + Robert’s proposals in City Park on a beautiful day. I am so happy this time of year: The weather is amazing!!! I am so grateful to do what I love for a living!