This is both my online business and personal journal where I share all of my photography and business projects! Allow me to introduce myself...I am Catherine Guidry, a Louisiana wedding photographer. I am passionate about documenting life but more it! <3 My favorite things to do are bike ride with my husband and brainstorm new creative projects!  I am all about meeting new friends and can't wait to meet you!  

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Mollie and Thomas were born and raised in Louisiana, but they traveled all the way to Texas to meet. It was July 4, 2012 … and it's quite possible they “saw fireworks” when they met. 😉 Since meeting, they have been inseparable! They bought a house and a boat and then the ring followed shortly thereafter:

On April 26th,2016 they had plans to celebrate Thomas's birthday. Dinner reservations were set for 8:00 at Ox Lot 9 and they were heading out the door around 7:30 when Mollie decided to give Thomas his birthday present. Thomas said he had something for Mollie as well and went to grab her an absolutely beautiful collection of pink and white roses. Mollie was definitely surprised (she actually thought he was planning to bring out a ring) lol! So when she went to walk out the door she was surprised again that he said he had something else for her and handed over a gorgeous canvas with a bride and groom painted in acrylic and gold leaf words “Will You Marry Me?” He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

We photographed their engagements in one of my favorite and most romantic spots in New Orleans : City Park. We walked under the oaks enjoying the lovely weather and even made our way over to the Pavilion of Two Sisters for a few photos. It was a wonderful afternoon and I am so happy to be working with Mollie and Thomas during this special time in their lives!


City Park Engagements: Mollie + Thomas

November 17, 2016