French Quarter Engagements: Meghan + Pat

November 10, 2016

After an initial meeting in law school, Meghan and Pat began to pass notes. 🙂 She thought he was the funniest person she had ever met and he eventually asked her to lunch one day before class. Well…the hangout went so well they never made it to class! They talked for hours and had the perfect start to their relationship. From that day, they were basically inseparable and have been together as a couple since! They make an effort to make each other happy and just love to spend time together.

One thing they most enjoy doing when together, is traveling! They have adventured so much and it just so happens that one of their first trips together will be the destination spot for their wedding: New Orleans!

Meghan said one of the sweetest things about their relationship that I just had to share: She told me that she wanted to marry Pat not because she wants anything to be different, but because they want everything to stay just how it is now.

Pat proposed four years after that first date on Meghan’s birthday. He took she and her family out to brunch to celebrate at a restaurant overlooking the ocean on a beautiful day. After a shopping spree, they went home where Meghan found her fluffy black cat wearing a collar with an engagement ring on it! Pat asked Meghan to marry him to which she happily replied, YES!

We photographed their engagements in the French Quarter and I am happy to share a highlight of the afternoon below! <3