This is both my online business and personal journal where I share all of my photography and business projects! Allow me to introduce myself...I am Catherine Guidry, a Louisiana wedding photographer. I am passionate about documenting life but more it! <3 My favorite things to do are bike ride with my husband and brainstorm new creative projects!  I am all about meeting new friends and can't wait to meet you!  

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Catherine Guidry

For Matt and Ali, they knew they were meant to be almost immediately. They had both known great heartache and as a mom Ali wanted to find someone who loved her son as much as he loved her. On their first date, Matt listened and proved almost instantly to Ali that he was the type of man who was loyal and interested. He was interested in her and she was just as interested in him. Ali says Matt is the type of man who always puts her well being above his own..showing her a true love she never thought she would find. But watching him fall in love with her son has been the most beautiful thing. She says she could not imagine a better role model for her son, Gavin.

Matt knows Ali well enough to know that she does not care to be the center of attention. So, when it came time for him to propose, he asked in the middle of their living room in the home he bought for them. She was just finished getting ready for dinner when Matt called her into the room. He handed his phone to Gavin and got down on one knee. Gavin was busy trying to catch the proposal on video but forgot to press “record.” 🙂 It was such a sweet moment in their soon-to-be family home, and they spent the evening celebrating with their families!

We photographed their engagement session at Jungle Gardens on a lovely day. It was really nice having the chance to meet Ali and Matt in person…and of course, Gavin too! We took a few photos with the three of them (I was so impressed with how great Gavin was in front of the camera). We took a dip ‘n dots break and then finished with just Ali and Matt. <3 Perfection!


Jungle Gardens Engagements: Ali + Matt

November 29, 2016