Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lauren + Ryan

December 27, 2016

Lauren and Ryan met several years ago at work and hit it off almost immediately! They are both ICU nurses with three dogs and the perfect chemistry.

Their “spot” has always been Jungle Gardens at Avery Island. On their days off they enjoy walking around the gardens and getting outdoors when the weather is nice! They carved their names in the bamboo on their first date, so when Ryan proposed he brought her to the same area.

They were looking for where they carved their names, but what Ryan pointed out instead…was his newest carving which read “Will You Marry Me?” 🙂

We returned to Jungle Gardens for their engagement session…an opportunity for them to make more memories (only this time, I was able to document those moments of them together!)

For the session, we were also joined by their ADORABLE daughter Charlotte! It was so much fun and I am absolutely thrilled to share their session below!