Lafayette Bridal Session: Kelly

September 8, 2016

Dress Designer: Sottero and Midgley
Dress Boutique: A-Nets in Lafayette
Veil: Bel Aire Bridal
Florals: Root Floral Design

Shoes: Zara
Accessories: Earings from Nordstrom, Bracelet was a Christmas gift my dad
Hair/Makeup: Katie Vincent from Joie De Vivre

Was this the dress you initially thought you’d wear for your wedding?
Not at all! It is much more fitted than I imagined wearing. I actually had a hard time picturing myself in a wedding dress since a wedding dress is so different from any other dress you will put on. I had nothing to compare it too. I tried on several different styles before I determined this dress was just me.

Tell Me About Your Dress! Why did you choose this look?
I wanted to have a dress that reflected me, so that years from now when I look back on pictures, I am not playing dress up, but am wearing something that reflects my best self and my personalty. The dress was much more fitted than I imagined ever wearing, but I felt confident and pretty when I had it on. It is very simple, which is perfect for me, yet the lace makes it so unique. I knew it was a dress that would wow my fiance.

How do you feel when you put on your dress?
Like a bride. My dress is very comfortable and fun to wear. I think my fiance is going to be blown away when he see’s me which is all I care about.

Why did you choose this particular bridal session location?
I did my bridals at my parents house, where I grew up. I loved the idea that I had such a connection to my location. It made the experience fun and casual. The photo’s are not just about me in my wedding dress, but really reflect where I am from.

Any advice for future brides embarking on this wedding journey?
What I realized is that the wedding is not just about the bride and groom. You have your entire marriage to look forward too and all the events and experiences you will enjoy together. A wedding is about celebrating your love with your friends and family.