Lafitte Engagements: Jena + Randon

April 15, 2016

Randon’s favorite vacation location is Disney world. So, what better location to propose than that? He took Jena to his favorite resort: Port of Orleans, Riverside then suggest they take a carriage ride around the plantations.

For the entire vacation up to that point, he continuously wanted selfies. So he asked the driver to to make a few stops so they could find really neat background for their photos.

They stopped in front of a beautiful gazebo and took their first selfie. Jena asked if she could take off her purse so she walked back to the carriage to put it away and when she turned around he was proposing!

She cried like a baby, the driver took photos…and she of course said yes! One of Jena’s favorite memories was wearing the “Just Engaged” buttons for the rest of the week and having so many people congratulate them!

Randon grew up in Lafitte…specifically on the grounds where we photographed their engagement session. He has so many memories biking on the manmade pathway through the swamp and especially loves the purple irises. I think it was a treat for all of us to go out there for the photoshoot! <3 Congrats, you two!