Jungle Gardens Engagements: Madeline + Drake

Drake proposed to Madeline at L’auberge Baton Rouge the weekend after her birthday! The day of their engagement, he took her shopping…but what she didn’t know was that his parents were back at the hotel decorating for them!

After a fun day together, Drake took Madeline back to the hotel where he opened the door to a room full of candles and rose petals! There was a table full of photos of them from the years and white balloons filled the room! She was so caught off guard that when she turned to him, he was down on one knee! She was SO surprised and thrilled and still raves about how good of a job Drake did with the proposal (GO Drake!) ;)

That night they had a reservation on the rooftop of Baton Rouge’s Tsunami with their families! What a perfect day!

I met Madeline through her brother Chris for Chris + Ande’s wedding and now I’m thrilled to be working with Madeline + Drake!

The weather has been crazy these past few weeks. One day it’s mid-seventies and the next it’s low thirties. Well, it just so happens that the night before their engagements, the temperature dropped to freezing!!! Madeline + Drake were such troopers! They adjusted their outfits to winter wear (which I LOVE) and we had a blast. It gave them an excuse to cuddle up which worked to our advantage and I had a wonderful time working with these two for their engagements!


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Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lauren + Kevin

It’s been seven years. And this past year, Kevin bought a bottle of champagne for Lauren’s birthday. They decided they’d save it for when they got engaged…so they continued holding onto the bottle until that special day came.

Initially, at the time of the proposal (because Lauren wasn’t expecting it) she was upset that Kevin was opening their special bottle of champagne. She reminded Kevin that they weren’t supposed to open it until he was ready to propose. But Kevin ignored her reminder, telling her to write the date on the cork and save it with the rest of the corks she’d held onto already.

Only when she looked down to pick it up, he’d already written “Will you marry me?” on it!

It looks like Kevin had saved the champagne for that special celebration after all. :) I remember meeting Lauren + Kevin months ago at a wedding I was photographing and knew instantly they were in it for the long haul. The way Kevin looked at Lauren and their sweet and flirtatious banter was so adorable.

I’m beyond thrilled that they’ve chosen me as their photographer. It makes me super happy after working with their friends that they would entrust me with this special time in their lives.

We photographed their engagements at Jungle Gardens on a beautiful day and I’m happy to share. <3


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Audubon Park, New Orleans Bridals: Erin

There are so many things that make this post unique::::

So, I’ll start with that which is most personal to me….my friendship with Erin. Erin was my first friend in college. We had both embarked on the journey of architectural school and immediately clicked. Although we would be considered by some as opposite in ways, our friendship just made sense! We have both grown so much over the past 10 years and it’s hard to describe in words how wonderful it was to see Erin marry her husband Brad this past Saturday afternoon.

Erin has taught me lots over the years about life and loyalty; now, she’s inspiring others with her love. The love that she and Brad have for each other is SO genuine, and I couldn’t be happier for them. And guess what?! <–I was a guest for Erin + Brad’s wedding!! It was the first time in so long that I attended a wedding without my camera…and for this day in particular, I was a bridesmaid. :)

Erin’s bridals were EXTRA special for this reason and more:::

This was also my first “joint” photoshoot with another photographer. Erin + Geoffrey were there as well and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting by their side. I have so much respect for this couple as photographers and as people and I’ve really enjoyed our friendship over the past few years. We’ve both dabbled in film, have strong visions for the future of our businesses, and just have fun together!

For the shoot, Sara Buteaux contributed her MAD skills at hair/makeup as well. Erin, like most of the bride’s I work with, does not wear lots of makeup on a daily basis. But with Sara, she’s always able to find and accentuate a bride’s NATURAL beauty…even when they’re not used to wearing a lot of makeup!

And lastly, Mia of Root Floral Designs created two GORGEOUS bouquets…I mean SERIOUSLY the second bouquet shown below was one of my ALL-TIME favorites!!!!!! The colors were out of this world! And she also made two sweet flower crowns to incorporate during the shoot.

The pictures at the upper portion of this post were of Erin’s bridal gown. She wore this for an intimate wedding at a barn in Arnaudville where Brad saw her for the first time, shared their hand-written vows … and solidified their union as husband and wife. After the ceremony and first dance, Erin changed into her reception dress (seen in the lower portion of this post), so that she could party “fabulously” and comfortably at the Blue Moon Saloon. ;)

There was rain, and traffic, and all the elements that can occasionally interfere with the flow of a session, but with all the awesomeness happening on this day, it came together like magic glue! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for participating. It was an awesome experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. <3


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