Jungle Garden Engagements: Jacy + Adrian

I met Jacy through her sister, Adele after I photographed Adele and Jared’s wedding a few years ago! It always means so much to me when a family member recommends me! And I’m so thrilled to be working with Jacy + Adrian for their special event.

Jacy tells me that she and Adrian immediately bonded over their above average height and felt a pretty instant connection. They had the most perfect first date (including putt putt, air hockey, and basketball) only furthering their immediate interest in one another.

From the first day they met, they most enjoyed each other’s ability to make the other laugh. They also share a lot more things in common than they thought: including a love for being outdoors, animals, and art. Exactly one year after that magical first date, Adrian proposed.

It was such a pleasure working with Jacy + Adrian for their engagements…they definitely made shooting easy! And I cannot wait for their wedding day! 101-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEM copy 102-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEMENTS 104-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEM copy 105-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEMENTS 107-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEMENTS 109-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEM copy 110-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEMENTS 112-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEM copy 113-JUNGLE_GARDENS_ENGAGEMENTS

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Jungle Gardens Engagements: Madeline + Drake

Drake proposed to Madeline at L’auberge Baton Rouge the weekend after her birthday! The day of their engagement, he took her shopping…but what she didn’t know was that his parents were back at the hotel decorating for them!

After a fun day together, Drake took Madeline back to the hotel where he opened the door to a room full of candles and rose petals! There was a table full of photos of them from the years and white balloons filled the room! She was so caught off guard that when she turned to him, he was down on one knee! She was SO surprised and thrilled and still raves about how good of a job Drake did with the proposal (GO Drake!) ;)

That night they had a reservation on the rooftop of Baton Rouge’s Tsunami with their families! What a perfect day!

I met Madeline through her brother Chris for Chris + Ande’s wedding and now I’m thrilled to be working with Madeline + Drake!

The weather has been crazy these past few weeks. One day it’s mid-seventies and the next it’s low thirties. Well, it just so happens that the night before their engagements, the temperature dropped to freezing!!! Madeline + Drake were such troopers! They adjusted their outfits to winter wear (which I LOVE) and we had a blast. It gave them an excuse to cuddle up which worked to our advantage and I had a wonderful time working with these two for their engagements!


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Jungle Gardens Engagements: Lauren + Kevin

It’s been seven years. And this past year, Kevin bought a bottle of champagne for Lauren’s birthday. They decided they’d save it for when they got engaged…so they continued holding onto the bottle until that special day came.

Initially, at the time of the proposal (because Lauren wasn’t expecting it) she was upset that Kevin was opening their special bottle of champagne. She reminded Kevin that they weren’t supposed to open it until he was ready to propose. But Kevin ignored her reminder, telling her to write the date on the cork and save it with the rest of the corks she’d held onto already.

Only when she looked down to pick it up, he’d already written “Will you marry me?” on it!

It looks like Kevin had saved the champagne for that special celebration after all. :) I remember meeting Lauren + Kevin months ago at a wedding I was photographing and knew instantly they were in it for the long haul. The way Kevin looked at Lauren and their sweet and flirtatious banter was so adorable.

I’m beyond thrilled that they’ve chosen me as their photographer. It makes me super happy after working with their friends that they would entrust me with this special time in their lives.

We photographed their engagements at Jungle Gardens on a beautiful day and I’m happy to share. <3


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