Featured: A Paper Proposal

It’s such an honor when the publisher of an online blog sees what I see: The Uniqueness, The Special Nature, and the Beauty of a Couple. I love the love between Melissa and Ryan…and it makes me so happy that Sarah of A Paper Proposal does too! :)

Melissa + Ryan’s wedding is just around the corner…and it’s so exciting that we can celebrate yet another special moment with their feature. Congratulations to this beautiful couple and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this time…by documenting your love! <3

To see Melissa + Ryan’s full engagement feature on A Paper Proposal….feel free to click HERE!


A Paper Proposal - New Orleans Wedding PHotographer

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Jungle Gardens Engagements: Meagan + Clay

Meagan LOOOVVEESSS chapstick. She also LLLOOOOOVVVESSS Clay. So, what better proposal for Meagan than to bring those two things together? ;)

Aside from the fact that Meagan always has chapstick, she also ALWAYS opens her birthday presents early. So, Clay really relied on these small details he knew about Meagan to plan the perfect proposal.

What he didn’t anticipate was that Meagan would have a less than ideal day, leading to her lack of desire to open her birthday present early like she did every year. She refused the first time he offered her the gift and again later on that day. Things just were NOT going as planned!

That night, Meagan was on the hunt for her chapstick when Clay interrupted, handing her the very same thing she’d been searching for! But while opening the chapstick container…instead of looking down, she was looking at Clay wondering why he had her chapstick?!

The engagement ring that once filled the chapstick container fell out while she was talking to Clay and Meagan was now staring at an empty chapstick container….even more confused than before! Before she could really gather her thoughts, Clay grabbed the ring, extended it to Meagan and asked her to be his wife! <3

Meagan + Clay opted to have their engagement session at Jungle Gardens in New Iberia. I love photographing at Jungle Gardens because it seems as if the landscapes, lighting, and locations are constantly changing. I keeping things fresh and different! I’m so excited to share Meagan + Clay’s session preview::::: ENJOY!!!


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Grand Coteau Engagements: Alyssa + Jeffrey

Just before they left for their trip to Chicago, I worked with Alyssa for the first time. She’s an incredible wedding planner in the Lafayette area so I was super excited for the opportunity to collaborate on our styled shoot!

That afternoon, in the hustle and bustle of the day we talked about life…and relationships. Alyssa expressed that she and her boyfriend Jeffrey had been dating for years but she was patiently waiting for their next step (not knowing when that would be.)

Well…her wait was shortlived because it was THAT weekend Jeffrey would propose. While sightseeing in Chicago, Jeffrey persisted on seeing Buckingham Fountain. And when they finally arrived at their destination, Alyssa was making silly comments and just being her fun self until Jeffrey stopped her comments short. He mentioned that he had several ideas of how to surprise her but instead suprised her with “THIS” (meaning the ring he turned toward her as he uttered the words).

She turned around not knowing what to say but when she turned back to face him he was down on his knee asking for her hand. *chills

I’m SO happy for Alyssa. As a friend and fellow wedding vendor, I’m just so thrilled that it’s her turn! She’s such a generous and giving soul and I’m stoked this time will revovle around her.

I had a conversation recently over dinner with Alyssa and everytime I get to know her more…I’m genuinely amazed by the beauty of her soul. She’s TRULY gorgeous inside and out and I’m happy to call her a friend.

Alyssa + Jeffrey chose to photograph their engagements on the grounds of Grand Coteau, the place they’ll promise to spend their lives together. Below is a preview of their session…one I thoroughly enjoyed as well!


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