Race + Religious Bridals: Rachel

As if I didn’t love Rachel enough before her bridal session…..I loved her even more after! This bride is not only incredibly gorgeous, kind and super fun…but she’s a total trooper!

The day of Rachel’s bridal session, in true Louisiana fashion, the weather dropped to the low thirties. But despite the weather, we went ahead with Rachel’s photoshoot! She bundled up between shots, and wrapped herself in the blanket while I’d fix her train. We’d shoot for a bit and she’d defrost in-between. The session was absolutely nuts when I think back to the scenario but by looking at the images, you’d never know it!

The session was held at Race + Religious in New Orleans and all I can say is WOW. This venue is AMAZING! It’s so unique and has a ton of character. I adore the city of New Orleans and this is a perfect example of why. The architecture there seems to tell a story. And now, I feel like we’re a part of that story.

Thanks so much to Rachel’s mom, sister, and mother-in-law for coming along for the session. I know it was a cold one…so I appreciate all the help and support!

Congratulations to the new Mrs. Loehn! It was a pleasure being there for your wedding and I’m happy to share your fabulous session:::


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Greenwood Plantation: Kristen’s Bridals

Kristen’s personality is like a light in a dark room; and I’m not the only one who’s noticed. On her wedding day, she may not have known, but everyone was whispering about how absolutely stunning she looked. And they’d always follow that statement with one about how sweet and beautiful of a person she is on the inside as well.

Kristen opted to photograph her bridal session at the lovely Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville.  It was a pretty warm day, so we decided on a venue that had both indoor and outdoor shooting areas. I absolutely love Greenwood because of it’s beautiful outdoor scenery, oak trees and pond…as well as the aged interior that shows all the genuine character of an old Louisiana Plantation.

Every detail of Kristen’s look was thought through. I adore her hair and the way she pulled it back so loosely (a style I find works very well for hot Louisiana days), the color of her dress (candlelight, if I’m not mistaken), her jewelry, florals, and both her veil and headpiece. Even her shoes were gorgeous!

I truly feel privileged that Kristen and Tim chose me to work with them. I loved shooting their engagements, Kristen’s bridals…and I absolutely cannot wait to show off their wedding images!

Below are a few of my favorites from her bridals:


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Wedding Details: Can a fragment of the whole really tell the story?

When I photograph I like to work in what I call the “Out to In” approach. I taken in an environment and I photograph the whole picture: everyone interacting, the place they’re in, and the emotion happening. And then…I move in. I’ll document a piece of the whole, a group of people or  a moment that’s happening. And THEN, I look even closer. I find an instance, a moment…something that is happening inside of what’s inside the overall. The detail; and something that tells the story without being the entire story.

I suppose I love that it’s a fragment of what’s occuring and yet you can see, almost envision the whole, just with that small fragment. These instances become some of my favorite images from a wedding. They’re the images that have to be caught just as they happen, otherwise, they’ll be missed.

When I was thinking of what to blog about today, I decided I would talk about attention to detail as this is something that I love. I love a c0uple who has an eye for detail and in return, I try to possess that very same eye for detail as I am documenting all the moments that occur and all the minor details that they’ve placed into their wedding.

In both of these instances, I was documenting the preparation. There are so many things that happen at that time: the interaction of best friends and family, anticipation and nervousness…most of all excitement. By zooming into these occurences, I am capturing the piece of the whole.

This image was taken as Emily’s dad walked her down the aisle. Emily’s dad is so special to her; in fact, he is one of only two fathers that attended the bridal session for their daughter. Emily’s mom says this is one of her absolute favorite images from Emily + Trey’s wedding day.

…And a son’s love for his mother is so special. I love the way that Nathan was holding his mothers hand SO tightly and with such pride as he escorted her down the aisle.

The exchanging of vows. This is one of the most beautiful and intimate moments on a wedding day. Emily loves Trey so softly and so sweetly. And without even seeing her face in this image, you can see how she ever so gently rests her hand on his….telling it all.

This is a perfect instance of what I meant when I said you have to catch these instances because they come and go so quickly. Angelena just place Greg’s ring on his finger and they kneeled at the alter together. Her eyes were lifted toward the crucifix and his eyes went to his hand as he stretched his fingers and took it all in.

The way that someone holds another is SO telling.
Photographing the details for me is not only documenting the bouqet, a special locket, or the shoes you searched for forever….it’s also looking for small instances: the pieces within the whole.

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