This is both my online business and personal journal where I share all of my photography and business projects! Allow me to introduce myself...I am Catherine Guidry, a Louisiana wedding photographer. I am passionate about documenting life but more it! <3 My favorite things to do are bike ride with my husband and brainstorm new creative projects!  I am all about meeting new friends and can't wait to meet you!  

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Catherine Guidry

Dress Boutique: A-Nets
Shoes: Kate Spade
Hair: Jacie Legere
Makeup: Michelle Simon

Tell Me About Your Dress! Why did you choose this look?
I think the look chose me! My mom and I ventured out to find bridesmaids' dresses when it started pouring, so we decided to “kill time” and look at gowns. It seemed like as we were walking around the boutique all of the dresses started to run together. But there was this room in the back that had one rack of dresses that seemed more my size and were far more my taste. I pulled one dress off and told my mom, “See, something like this might not be bad.” She had to convince me to try it on. I did not want to! Next thing you know, we were crying like babies and snapping pictures.

How do you feel when you put on your dress?
Because it was the first dress I tried on, my immediate reaction was, “Is it okay to love the first one?” It was also my size, so it fit really well; and that shocked me too. I think I knew that it was my dress when the longer my mom and I looked at the detail, the more we loved it. I didn't want to take it off! But we didn't buy it then. I am so indecisive and felt like I wanted to be sure. I brought the veil and my dad back the next day, and we FaceTimed my brother who lives in Rome (his opinion has always been really important to me), and they all loved it. I did try on 6-7 other styles just to be sure, but it was a no-brainer. We walked out with the dress that day!

Why did you choose this particular bridal session location?
My parents and I really used the judgement of others with this. My initial idea was to take pictures at Avery Island, but I am a pretty consistent weather worrier, so I knew I'd never go through with it! The Victorian came highly recommended, and I see why. It's beautiful inside and out! And even though we did get rain on picture day, we still had a blast and didn't get wet!

Any advice for future brides embarking on this wedding journey?
Be patient! It's hectic in the beginning. There are lots of big decisions that can be time-sensitive, and it creates a lot of stress; but once you're over the hump, it becomes so much fun. I learned that I had to embrace every bit of the planning (even the least enjoyable) because they were, indeed, part of the process…and the process only happens once! Keep the people you love close by, because they're the ones who will help you to follow your heart and not get caught up in a trend or what everyone else has done. My fiancé, family, and bridesmaids were great at reminding me that it doesn't matter how anyone else has ever planned or executed a wedding; it's important to remember who you are in the process and to be true to yourself.


The Victorian Bridals: Ashley

June 1, 2016