This is both my online business and personal journal where I share all of my photography and business projects! Allow me to introduce myself...I am Catherine Guidry, a Louisiana wedding photographer. I am passionate about documenting life but more it! <3 My favorite things to do are bike ride with my husband and brainstorm new creative projects!  I am all about meeting new friends and can't wait to meet you!  

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Catherine Guidry

Dress/Accesories: Pearl's Place, Metairie LA
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist: Verde Beauty Studio

Was this the dress you initially thought you’d wear for your wedding?
NO! Haha! I wanted something gauzy and flowy and I literally said that I did not want fitted, lace, or strapless! Hilarious that I ended up with just that!

Tell Me About Your Dress! Why did you choose this look?
Like I said before, everything about this dress at first glance was what I said I DIDN'T want! But the wonderful sales associate at Pearl's Place listened to how I described my style (simple, boho, not flashy) and she asked me to please try it on, especially since no one had ever tried this particular dress on before. I went into the dressing room just knowing I would hate it but wanting to give everything a chance. When I walked out I just felt so pretty and so different, and the more I looked at it the more I liked it! I tried a few more on but I kept going back to that one 🙂

How do you feel when you put on your dress?
I feel so beautiful and special, but most importantly I feel like myself. I've always been a person that has to be comfortable in what I wear, and I am the opposite from over the top so that was really difficult when shopping for a dress because most brides want ALL the bling haha! But when I put my dress on I look at it and I'm like “Yes, this is me and I feel perfect and Steve will think so too!” And the best compliment I keep getting from everyone who's seen my dress is “That is so you”.

Why did you choose this particular bridal session location?
Since my wedding reception venue is so modern, I really wanted to let my inner hippie out and shoot my bridals somewhere that was lush and green and floral. My second choice for a wedding location would have been somewhere outdoors or a barn wedding, so I thought I'd bring a little of that to my bridal session so I could have the best of both worlds in my dress! Windrush was so perfect and the more we walked the gardens, we'd end up finding these cool little spots and “secret” walkways that I just loved! We were able to combine the classic bridal portrait with a little of my off-the-beaten-path attitude haha!

Any advice for future brides embarking on this wedding journey?
Don't get caught up in the details. The whole reason you are doing this is because you're marrying the love of your life, so let that be at the forefront of your mind. When things go wrong, when you get stressed, when your family is testing you just remember : you are marrying your best friend and nothing should overshadow that. Of course you want everything to be perfect, but you will come across bumps int he road and life will tho you curveballs as it always does. Don't let that ruin the experience or ruin your vision of your perfect day. It will be perfect no matter what! I had a caterer change 1 month before my wedding, my bouquet was wrong for my bridal shoot, I had a little hair mishap too, and my invitations were late and weren't mailed until 3 weeks before the wedding. Through it all I tried to stay focused on the real reason I was doing all of this – I get to see Stephen's face light up when he sees me walk down the aisle and vow to be his forever. No flower arrangement or perfectly timed schedule will top that 🙂


Windrush Gardens: Kristen

April 11, 2016