106: What to Wear to Photograph a Wedding - Catherine Guidry Photography

March 17, 2022

106: What to Wear to Photograph a Wedding

Are you unsure of what to wear to shoot your first wedding?

Are you interested in hearing some tips that will elevate your shooting experience at your next event?

Then this episode is for you! At the beginning of my wedding photography career, I made plenty of wardrobe mistakes… now, 10+ years later, I’ve collected a set of guidelines, preferences, and brands that ensure a seamless (haha) wardrobe experience – that way I can focus on the photography!

The way you dress to photograph a wedding really does impact your levels of efficiency and focus on the big day – not to mention the impact it has on the opinions of your clients! Being seen as a professional is part of that great client experience that we all strive to maintain in our businesses.

In this episode of Mistakes Make Magic, I’ll be taking you through my wardrobe decision-making process. We’ll be covering things like:

👕 How to blend in and why it’s important
🥿 Comfortability and footwear
🤵‍♀️ What to do if you’re unsure about an event’s attire
👗 PREVENTING wardrobe malfunctions
👜 Some of my favorite, durable brands for wedding attire

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