Photography Mentoring

It's possible that you are struggling with where to go from here: setting boundaries or missing out on life? Perhaps you aren't working with your ideal client or getting enough business. If you are passionate but struggling and ready to grow, I am here to help.

We all need a little push sometimes, someone there to help guide you on your photographic journey and help you to establish confidence in a world full of comparison and self doubt. With 10+ years of photographic and business experience, I am unafraid to pull back the curtain on my streamlined process, successes and failures. 

"I can't make ends meet. I'm exhausted. I don't love what I do anymore." Maybe you're avoiding work, spending too much time scrolling social media, or even considering giving up. 

Turning Photographic Passions into Lifelong, Successful Careers

One of my favorite parts of this process is dissecting the struggles of a business, it's weaknesses and holes and creating a game plan for future growth. My educational process has been described as 'honest, intentional and compassionate.'

It could be that you're afraid of investing time, effort and money into something that won't work out; but I'm here to let you know that fear won't change your situation. Growth is about time implemented to change and knowing that your consistent efforts will move you forward. I can't wait to assist you in creating those actionable steps and pushing you out of your comfort zone. 

If you are passionate, interested and willing but not yet sure where to go next: I can't wait to help lead you into the path of success!

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Whether it's struggling with pricing, getting more or ideal clients, establishing trust with your clients or becoming more sought after and confidence...there is always room to grow in this industry. You are now in the process of seeking someone capable, qualified and reliable to help you on your path.

Identifying Your Struggles

The Process

Whether you came here from a past mentee or have just been following along, you've landed here and are considering mentoring. I want to help you discover your business vision, and push you to pursue steps that will bring you to a place of long-term success.

Seeking Mentoring

The Process

You've overcome your nerves and decided to make the jump. Once you decide which mentoring type is best for you, we will schedule a session (either in person or via skype) and begin working on an outline for your mentoring.

Overcoming Your Fears

The Process

Mentoring is a huge step toward growth and building confidence in yourself as a photographer and entrepreneur. As we begin to dive into your greatest struggles and hurdles we will create a path for your future success. 

Growth Begins

The Process

The best part is seeing the results of the mentoring begin to pay off as you implement the strategies discussed and lessons learned. As you and your business begin to change, my hope is that you continue to grow toward your ultimate goal of doing what you love well for a living.

Changes Occur

The Process

Her company and business is built on tenacity and integrity that makes her the perfect person for you to work with, learn from or spend time with. You know that she is going to get the job done and have your back all along the way!

- Sarah Love, Former Photo Editor at The Knot

You know that she is GOING TO have your back all along the way!


During our mentoring session we tackled so much. We went over so much in regards to my photography skill set and business model... Since working with her as my mentor, I made so many changes to my pricing model and to my client interactions. I now have a strong and consistent workflow and am charging for the value I provide for my clients. I have learned so much from her and will forever be grateful for her help!

- Lindsey Rogers

I especially appreciated Catherine's direct, open and honest approach!

KIND WORDS about mentoring

In one afternoon with Catherine, I learned so many valuable lessons both about my business and life. I think the reason I got so much out of our session was because of how easy and open she was when it came to any of my questions. Since the mentorship I feel like my whole business is in a much better state and I know it all stemmed from the afternoon spent learning from Catherine! Being mentored by Catherine was the greatest thing I have done for my business!

 - Malise Gardiner

I learned tips on posing, marketing my work, and how to be more
confident in myself.


When I first met Cat, we immediately connected because we were both passionate about business and life. I was looking for advice on overcoming my struggles in business and direction on how to grow. Cat helped me learn from past mistakes... If you are looking for a mentor/business coach, or you are struggling getting more clients, I highly recommend you reach out to Catherine. My business has grown tremendously this past year and I'm excited about what the future holds.

 - Ben Tone

Cat really helped me set goals and improve my client experience!


Choosing to be a part of Catherine's mentoring program was the best educational resource! As soon as we sat down I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. The biggest things she helped me with were confidence, direction and posing, and the motivation to re-vamp my brand identity. Since participating in her mentorship I have made big changes to my session flow, editing style, and I'm currently working on my new website! 

 - Megan Crawford

She is very kind,  helpful and experienced...truly a gem in this market!


The number one thing that I took away from her was the power of communicating with clients (even addressing them by name!) We talked a ton about composition, gear, shooting and how she runs the business! I especially loved observing her interact with clients... I created a list of questions before the mentoring session and we covered so much!! Catherine's willingness to help others is very contagious and it was honestly refreshing to know that there are people out there willing to share their knowledge to help others grow.

 - Ashley Serpas

 I was able to gain confidence and experience behind the camera as a result of her guidance!


Not only is she personal and relatable, she is open with all of her business secrets and willing to share with others for their own growth and success. In just our first session, we came up with actionable steps and a plan for growth in moving forward. Catherine encouraged me to reach a realistic timeline and held me accountable - which was something I really needed. I have made huge changes in a short amount of time and seen growth as a result. 

 - Cairre Wiley

She truly invested in me, supported my vision, and cheered me on every
step of the way. 


I was able to let my guard down and let her truly see all of my weaknesses without feeling like she was totally judging me! It was a great day!!! :) My brain was a little sore by the end of it all: I haven’t had that much info fed to me in a while. I am grateful for the time with her; sometimes we all just need a little (or a big) push. I am so thankful for my mentoring session with Catherine!

 - Chelsie Hebert 

i am grateful for the encouraging words!


If you feel like you are ready to take the next step: whether it's helping with your shooting, confidence or the business side of photography please contact me! 

Mentoring ranges from one hour sessions to full day workshops...

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