Stop dreaming about becoming a next level, full-time wedding photographer. 

It’s time to make it happen.

Running a photography business can be challenging, especially if you’re on the fence between freelancing and going full-time. You’re trying to grow your knowledge of marketing, branding, and how to land your dream client — not to mention focusing on delivering quality imagery (and continually expanding your skills). 

The creative work is what brought you to this point, and you can’t wait to get more of it....

but the behind-the-scenes work? Not so much.


per year



I've achieved this and can show you how.



Do you want...

Let's talk about what this is:

When I discovered my love for photography, I was studying architecture and never felt truly satisfied with the work I was doing. That’s when I stumbled upon a Facebook album, full of gorgeous wedding photos — and knew it was what I wanted to do.

I wanted to be a photographer. 

The hitch?...

I understand your hesitation.

I’ve been there, too.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I spent month after month researching tips and tricks on starting a wedding photography business, and still came up short. It was frustrating and time consuming, but after years of trial and error, I finally learned what worked. 

There is no school for wedding photographers.

Which is why I'm bringing this knowledge to you.

This doesn't have to
be your story.

If you know that photography is your calling, you don’t have to wait another second to get your business off the ground. No more waiting. No more procrastinating. No more fear that you don’t have what it takes.


I can give you all the proven secrets and strategies I learned firsthand.

"I've felt stagnant & wasn't sure how to move forward.. this course has been an overwhelming success for my business already.  There are so many little bits of information that will forever help to build a stronger business foundation! I'm already getting higher bookings for next summer. The modules are short & sweet, but packed with goodness! 
100% do it. This course will help you in all the ways you think it will & will also shine a guiding light on your next business moves."

~ Lindley Rust

recommend this course 100 times over

Your ideal clients (and your ideal life) is out there waiting for you.

I’ve spent the last 13 years building a luxury wedding photography business that provides my clients with a stellar experience, treasured memories, and timeless, elegant images. My business is built to deliver the multiple-six-figure revenue and free time I need to live an abundant life on my own terms. 

Teaching other photographers how to level up to luxury and finally have the business and life they’ve dreamt of is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. 

I’m honored to help you follow the clearly outlined path, implement the proven strategies, and step into your calling as a luxury wedding photographer. Let’s make things happen! 

Hi, I’m Catherine! Helping you work less and make more is my superpower.

YOUR business and LUXURY WEDDING mentor


"My favorite part was the pricing; that alone was worth the course investment! I enjoyed the live calls and after each module I felt inspired and wanted to continue on. (This isn’t something I’ve had with other courses!) I have been able to increase my pricing and gained a lot of knowledge on marketing and referrals that I'm already so excited to implement."

~ Hailey Tate


You know you want to be a full-time photographer, but…

You have no idea how to get there. You love taking photos, but that doesn’t mean the other work comes easy. 

Need to know the go-to systems to ensure you aren’t always working off of feast or famine mode. 

Aren’t sure how to reach higher-level clients that pay what your work is worth.

Want an easy-to-follow system that actually works and is tailored specifically to photographers like you.

Are eager to scale your business and go full-time, but you’re overwhelmed because you aren’t sure what the next step is.

Want to be JUST the creative, not the accountant, client manager, or marketing liaison.

Want to learn how to stop doubting and overthinking your photos, stop over-editing, and stop curating the wrong images so you can start attracting the right clients.


Want to one day establish yourself as a leader in your niche and become known as the go-to wedding photographer in your area.


As a photographer, you know you have the skills it takes to make a successful living off your passions and talents. But you keep questioning yourself:

 “Do I have the right resources on-hand to do this full-time?” 

You want to know what it takes to be taken seriously — to be seen as a professional. 

If this sounds like the business of your dreams, then the Full-Time Wedding Photography Course Bundle is exactly what you need.


"This course set my business up for long term success! It gave me the motivation and practical steps to implement change while still leaving room for it to be my own unique business. After completing each lesson I was left with not just long term action plans but immediate ideas and tiny tweaks I made in my business that I have already seen the difference even just two weeks later! I cannot wait to look back in a year from now and see how much the course changed me and my business for the better!!!"

~ Marina Darbonne


Imagine if you...

✔ Knew what to plan for so your goals aligned with the business you WANT to run 

✔ Could lay the groundwork for scaling (and eventually building a team) in a way that didn’t require all of your time and energy

✔ Knew how to create the right high-ticket offers for your audience instead of struggling
to sell 

✔ Knew how to position yourself as an in-demand wedding photographer in your niche, and in your area

✔Could show up confident in yourself and in your business instead of working in constant confusion 

"I want to say how completely OBSESSED I am with your teaching style. I've done courses in the past, but no one shared the same values, style and approach as you do! I've received your workbooks in the mail, which are next-level quality! They are so beautiful; thank you so much for your efforts in this course!"

~ Maree Brigante


Introducing the Full-Time Wedding Photography Course Bundle

These courses are designed specifically for photographers who are ready
to turn their freelance work into a flourishing full-time business. 

Inside, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting your wedding photography business off the ground and turning it into a professional, well-respected business. You’ll learn the basics of running your business, from taxes, to bookings and referrals, and more!

If you’re tired of sorting through Google searches every night to find the resources, then this is for you. 

I’ve compiled my 13+ years of industry experience into 2 easy-to-follow courses, each with 6 individual modules, to show you what it takes to run a successful wedding photography business, minus the headache. These are proven resources that took me years to learn how to use. But you don’t have to do the same. It’s all right here, ready to go, right at your fingertips. 

With the right resources, you can do this. Let me show you how.

Full-Time Wedding Photography Part I

In this course you’ll learn the basics of getting your wedding photography business up and running. These beginning stages are fundamental to positioning yourself as a well-respected professional from the go. Learn how to set pricing, how to manage your earnings, and how to provide an excellent client experience. 

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Goals And Planning 

Lesson 1: Base Price 
Lesson 2: A La Carte Items And The Importance Of Products
Lesson 3: Creating Your Offerings 
Lesson 4: Pricing Tiers And Discounts
Lesson 5: Custom Proposals

Lesson 1: Accounts/Credit Cards 
Lesson 2: Income And Sales Tax 
Lesson 3: Insurance And Business Expenses 
Lesson 4: Retainers And Payment Schedules
Lesson 5: Contracts
Lesson 6: Cancellations/Refunds

Lesson 1: Client Onboarding 
Lesson 2: The Inquiry Call
Lesson 3: Communication
Lesson 4: Image And
Product Delivery

Lesson 1: Energy And Awareness
Lesson 2: Do’s And Dont’s 
Lesson 3: Consistency 
Lesson 4: Taking Care Of Clients

Lesson 1:  Work/Life Balance 
Lesson 2: Getting Connected 
Lesson 3: Following Through









Full-Time Wedding Photography Part II

Once you have the basics worked out, it’s time to start positioning yourself as a professional. Learn how to build your portfolio, generate high-quality marketing materials, and set the baseline for growing and building your team. 

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Establishing Your Ideal Client
Lesson 3: Attracting Your Ideal Client

Lesson 1: Images Selections
Lesson 2: Refining Your Images
Lesson 3: Copywriting

Lesson 1: Personal Branding
Lesson 2: Wedding Planner Referrals
Lesson 3: Photographer And Venue Referrals

Lesson 1: Website Design 
Lesson 2: Blogging And Youtube 
Lesson 3: Social Media 
Lesson 4: Publications And Advertising
Lesson 5: Gifting

Lesson 1: Second Photographers
Lesson 2: Increasing Rates 
Lesson 3: Building A Team (Virtual Assistants, Editing, Graphics, Social Media, CRM)

Lesson 1: Following Through
Lesson 2: Getting Connected
Lesson 3: Channeling Momentum








"Since starting the course, I've been working faster because of the knowledge I've gained! Finally, I sold my first two wedding albums using a la carte products during the booking process. This has been one of the best investments I've made this year for myself and my business; I literally used the FTWP strategies in my next meeting with a potential client, and she booked us three days later! Cat is an excellent educator who is passionate to share her knowledge."

~ Barbara Gomez


Inside this course bundle, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to build a business that’s creative, successful, and
most importantly, professional.

If you want to take your photography skills full-time, then you need these two courses to get started. They’re full of in-depth knowledge that I have used — as well as countless others inside my membership, mastermind, and courses. Instead of searching high and low for these best practices, I’ve gathered them up here for you in one easy location. 

*If you’re just getting started and only need help with the foundational elements, 101 can be purchased separately.

Access the bundle

Picture what your life and business would look like with the right guidance and resources…


Includes Everything from Pt I & Pt II Listed Above

Printed Workbook

Work through the course in your own printed, personalized workbook real-time.

PART I - Full-Time Wedding Photography

PART II - Full-Time Wedding Photography 


Bundle and save!






Get both of these courses for a bundled rate when you purchase them together.





PART I AND PART II Full-Time Wedding Photography 



Tasha began learning my pricing method in November. These are screenshots from the following January and June.


"Not only do you go over the big things, like posing in client relationships, you also addressed things like how to organize your business. And that is something that isn’t being talked about. Definitely a favorite part for me.

I bought another photographer‘s course right before you announced yours – and I love that you have a workbook and all of the content as videos. I only have 300+ page PDFs to try to make myself read on a screen, and it’s hard for me to want to work through the course because of it. I don’t like reading on screens. I want paper, or videos to listen to and make notes during."

- Whitney Hunt

"Hi, I'm Whitney. I'm in Park City, Utah, and I've been doing this for over a decade. Cat's course is everything that you want from a photography course. How to establish good foundations for your business, and also things that even 10 years in I'm learning that I can tweak to be better. It's fantastic.

The calls that you get with the course to get feedback from others and hear others' insights is also a huge selling point. You're not going to be disappointed. Cat's teachings are great. It's a fun experience, but also you're learning and you're growing and you're motivated to make the changes that will take you to the places that you want to go in your business.

Cat, you did great. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it."


"Catherine is an awesome educator. She is honest and her personality is great. She is helpful during the learning process. She will be there to guide you along the way. This course is absolutely for you if you want to become a full-time wedding photographer. There is a lot of great information in the course that I have not learned before. I totally recommend this course for those who are serious about making wedding photography a career."

- David Truong

"Hi everybody! This is David from Always Us Studios. I'm based out in Houston, and I'm in the business for almost five years now. I had an opportunity to meet Catherine a few months ago, took her course, and all I'm saying is that it's awesome. So if you want to become a full-time wedding photographer, this course is totally for you.

Because all the information that is included in this course is going to blow your mind, okay? You can find everything from pricing, from website, copyright; networking is really important and is in there for you. So do yourself a favor, sign up for the course, and get on it. Catherine also is an awesome person.

Her personality is great. She was there for me every step of the way. Every time I had questions, she was there, answering everything for me, and I'm really, really grateful for this. Thank you so much again, Catherine. And, man, I love the course. I cannot wait to see you succeed. And also, see you again in the near future."


"I am so happy that I invested in myself and this course. As someone new to wedding photography, there are so many things I just do not know yet. After taking this course, I feel much more confident in myself and my business. I don't have to waste time figuring things out on my own and can now know I am headed in the right direction. I am confident that I will be able to grow my business into my full-time career and quit my 9-5!"

- Nicole Simensky

"Hey, I'm Nicole. I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. So I decided to take Catherine's course because I am pretty new to the wedding photography industry and I really just wanted to hit the ground running with serving my clients the best way I could. I knew that there's a lot that I could just kind of figure out on my own, or I could learn from someone who's been in the industry for a while and not have to figure out all those kinks on my own. My biggest takeaway from the course, aside from everything, was probably the pricing module. Catherine talked about it in a way that just made a lot of sense.

I don't feel like I'm just kind of pulling prices out of thin air. It kind of gives you a really good baseline and a really good understanding of how to make custom quotes and proposals for your potential clients, which is awesome. I would absolutely 100% recommend this course to anybody. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a while, if you just kind of want to know what you're doing is correct or need to be pointed a different direction, this is a great course for you. And I love learning from Catherine because she's so levelheaded. She's been in the industry for a while. She has a lot of experience and I love that she's educating while also still photographing. So she's continuing to experience the same things you are on a day to day basis."


"I'm wrapping up my sixth season of shooting weddings & knew I needed the Full Time Wedding Photography Course to help me take my business to the top tier level. This course provided confirmation that I'm actually doing a lot of things right, but also addressed plenty of areas in my business that need tweaking. Catherine so graciously gives every tool needed to improve every part of your business. As a wedding photographer, I feel we should all be so lucky to be taught the in's & out's from Catherine Guidry herself. She's included it all in this course. Everything you know you need help with & everything you didn't know you needed help with. I recommend this course 100 times over."

- Lindley Rust

"I'm Lindley Rust, a wedding photographer in Jackson, Wyoming. I took Catherine Guidry's Full-Time Wedding Photography Course because I have been ready for a while to take my wedding business up to the next level. I didn't know what to do. I've been trying a lot of the same things with little to no results.

So, I thought I would give this a shot and it has been an overwhelming success for my business already. And I just completed the course in the last couple of weeks. I'm already getting higher bookings for next summer. Consistent higher bookings for next summer. And I just feel more comfortable in all of my practices, which I think is one thing I was really lacking in.

I felt really unsure of myself in a lot of things. I came away feeling very sure about a lot of my practices that I had already had in place, but also I came away with a whole toolbox of new ways of doing things and different avenues of doing things, many of which I would've never thought of. That, I'm very thankful for.

So I highly recommend, if you're ready to take your business to the next level, doing the same. You won't regret it."

Still not sure? I totally understand! Making big moves can be intimidating...

Check out what Marina, Kelsey, and Hailey have gotten out of this course. This course was designed with the photographer in mind...willing to do the hard work, wanting to take those next steps and make it happen.


"There are so many options for education out there but this course I felt offered a unique outlook from someone who is not only a great photographer and business woman but an individual who loves her job, family, clients and fellow photographers. The way Catherine Guidry intentionally taught the course from start to finish enabled the whole group to learn and then take action in our own business no matter if we had been in the industry 3, 5 or 10 years."

- Maria Darbonne

"Hi, I'm Marina Darbonne. I'm from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I am the owner of Marina Photography. I had started my business about five years ago, and two of those, the two past years, I have been focusing on weddings. Fell in love with the wedding industry. But when I transitioned into weddings, I never properly set up the foundation or structure for my business correctly.

I struggled with a lot of things like marketing and pricing and client onboarding, but there was actually things, a lot of things that I didn't even know that I was struggling with. I could tell that I was lacking that structure. So when I came across this course, I felt like it was a perfect opportunity in where my business is at, where I was at, and in the timing for this course, when it came out, for me to actually put some effort into revamping or maybe taking a step back to take a couple steps forward. So, thankfully, this course not only gave me answers to a lot of the questions that I had or the things that I was struggling with, but it also gave me long-term goals and a plan and kind of set me up for future success versus just fix the immediate problems I was having. 

And it was taught in such a way that it gave you all the tools that you needed, but also left room for you to have your own individual business. And that's something, maybe the biggest takeaway that I had from this, was learning from Catherine Guidry. Because learning from someone that you genuinely admire or that is a seasoned wedding photographer is great, but learning from someone who genuinely wants you to succeed will make all the difference. And that was very evident throughout the course, throughout the Zoom calls and even meeting the other people taking the course was a huge impact. So yes, I'm very thankful for this course and for the timing and the balance that the lessons gave us and the way that they were planned out in order for us to, you know, grow and to create those business plans, but still be ourselves; still be our individual selves and create success not just within our business, but even our personal lives, creating those boundaries that we all need when we run our own business.

So definitely very thankful and can't wait to watch this become a huge success. Thank you."


"Speaking from the heart when I say “This course has changed everything in my business & outlook on life.” It has given me the knowledge & power to do so many things I’ve wanted to do & not wanted to do. Honestly, I never thought I’d be able to be a full-time wedding photographer until NOW! It has motivated me to restructure my business and have everything in place before making the decision. Some call it a “leap of faith.” While it is sort of that; Catherine is my parachute in my leap. She has given me the tools I’ve needed to move forward. I can now love and serve my clients better than I have ever been able to while still staying professional and true to my self and them. I am honored to have learned from the best in the industry."

- Kelsey Chauvin

"Hello everyone. I'm Kelsey Chauvin. I'm from Houma, Louisiana, and I have been a photographer professionally for four years now. I decided to take this course because I needed a little direction. I have dabbled in the wedding industry for the last two years and need a little direction to jump from a local market to a luxury market.

And when I got the opportunity to learn from Catherine Guidry, I decided to take full advantage of it. My biggest takeaway from the Full-Time Wedding Photography course was there were a ton of light bulb moments. Catherine made me realize that I need to basically restructure pricing. She says something that resonates with me and it is, "What would you show up for?"

Obviously we're showing up for all of the beautiful moments in between the beginning of the wedding and the start of the wedding. "She made me realize my worth, and what I actually just really want to show up for. So I cannot thank her enough for that. I would totally recommend this course for anyone and everyone, whether you're beginning in the industry or you're even in the middle or the latter end of your professional career. There is something in this course for everyone.

Every single lesson, every single module - there is something in there that can better you. There were so many moments and high points in this course that I cannot even remember every single thing. So it's really important to take good notes and reread and rewatch and do all the things to remember what you've learned.

This content is jampacked full of helpfulness. The course is amazing. I really liked learning from Catherine herself. She as a human, as a person, wife, mother, photographer, she radiates positivity. She is one of those, "Always do the right thing," kind of people. So to learn from her has been quite a blessing and quite a treasure.

She speaks to your heart. She speaks to your soul, and I am so happy and so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from her, and I would invest in her. I would invest my time and my money and everything into anything she has to offer. She's successful and she's beautiful, and she is there for you, and you totally 100% feel that from the moment you meet her.

This opportunity has been a blessing for me. I cannot wait to take all of her teachings and all of her recommendations and suggestions and her connections in the wedding industry and just move forward from here. I'm forever grateful. Thanks."


"I think my biggest win is reworking my pricing. I realized although I wasn’t booking the number of weddings per year that I wanted all my clients were booking my previous highest package and then adding on extra. So I was able to increase my offerings. I also gained a lot of knowledge on marketing and receiving referrals so I’m excited to implement this to increase my bookings. I also know have a newfound awareness of how I come across to my clients and how to ensure the wedding day is about them!"

- Hailey Tate

"Hey, my name is Hailey with Hailey Madison Photography based out of Zachary, Louisiana, and I have the privilege of being one of the first people to complete Catherine Guidry's Full-Time Wedding Photography course. So a little bit of backstory on me. I opened my business in 2017 and I started shooting my first weddings that year, and I would kind of do it on the side for a few years until 2021 when I was pregnant.

And then I decided to really start putting in the effort and by 2022 with my one year old at home, I decided to leave my job in the medical field to pursue photography full time. That was great and all, but there was no real plan. I just knew that I was doing what I loved. Clients were coming in and I was making some money, but everything in between there, I didn't really have figured out.

And that's where I feel like Catherine's course kind of integrated perfectly into my business. By this point, about five years into my business, I have probably thousands of dollars worth of money invested in education from local colleges, mentoring with photographers in my area, online courses. But I really felt like there was something different about Catherine's course.

My personal favorite part was her take on pricing. So, like I said, I've mentored, done lots of courses, but I had never heard it explained and seen Catherine's take on pricing. As soon as I finished watching that module, I instantly went and remade my pricing guide. That's how influential it was to me. And another thing I really liked about her course was the live calls.

You can really get on there and feel like you're being mentored personally by Catherine, and every time you talk to her, you can just tell how much she loves and truly has a passion for photography and educating. So it was really nice to connect with her and the others in the group and kind of bounce ideas off of each other and really learn from others who are experts in the industry.

And it was, it was really fun to connect with everybody. So I am really excited to implement everything that I learned into my business. I have so many things that I took away from this course and I'm ready to start implementing, and I have already seen the changes for the better that this course has done for my business.

So I'm so excited to grow my business and see where it takes me in the future, and I can't wait for you guys to dive in."


"This course has made a positive change on how I see and run my business! From the moment I started listening I started making changes and seeing everything in a different perspective. From setting goals to myself to learning how to formulate my prices to even how to create a simple an easy way to effectively communicate with my clients. I love that even when I was a was caught up with household duties or on the go I could still listen to it, like a podcast, and then just go back on my work book and do my Action steps. The work books are a great tool added to this course, to be able to write down all my plans, changes to make, and questions or note on each specific topic was a plus for me."

- Lenisse Robertson

"Hello, I'm Lenisse. I'm the owner of Lenisse Robertson Photography and I completed part one and part two of the Full Time Wedding Photography course with Catherine Guidry. And it has been amazing. I've learned so much. From the beginning I started setting goals, I started making positive changes to the way that I run my business.

It has been great. My two favorite parts of this course has been the pricing module. I know this can be a sensitive topic, but the way that Catherine explains it, it's just mind blowing. It just makes so much sense from the start to the end. Also, the client management module, it has so much great information.

She gives so many great tips. I put this into practice right away and I can already see, I can already say that it has been working greatly to my favor. The way that Catherine explains each topic is just so great. It is just so easy to understand. I can even listen on the go, like if it's a podcast, and then go to my workbook and complete my action steps.

The level of confidence that I've gained after taking this course is just unbelievable. I highly recommend this course to anybody in the wedding industry."


frequently asked

While this advice can be applied to portrait photography, this course focuses primarily on luxury wedding photography and the specifics of succeeding in this industry.

The Full Time Wedding Photography Course includes a Q&A portal where you can ask any questions for Catherine to respond to. In addition, you are welcome to ask questions anytime after the course in the Private Community Facebook Group!

You will learn the fundamentals needed to take your skills from entry level to expert inside of this signature course. This is designed to meet you wherever you are in your journey (whether year 1, 6 or 10). Upon completion, you will have the right tools in your pocket to not only make a living, but a top-tier full time photographer in your market. 

Within the first 30 days if you have put forth the effort and done everything you can to reach that next level in your business, but still do not believe this course is helpful for you in any way I am happy to refund your money. My goal as your educator and colleague is to see you grow and do what you are most passionate about for a living. Please reach out for any questions or concerns upon purchase; I am here to help you!!

You can contact us directly at catherine@catherineguidry.com and we'll help you in any way we can. You can expect a real response (often via email) talking you through the pros and cons of your specific situation. 

Full Time Wedding Photography is an all-encompassing wedding photography business course aimed to get you to the luxury level of consistently booking $10k-$20k weddings and efficiently running your business. This course is a blueprint to creating a strong foundation as a wedding photographer and has everything you need to set yourself up for a successful career as someone who's sought after and respected in the industry. It's an A-Z map of everything you MUST do to make wedding photography your livelihood! Once you pay for it, it's yours. This is a $10,000 course that you can acquire for a one-time fee that's a fraction of the cost. All of the information inside is delivered to you at once, and you'll have access to it forever. You'll also have access to a month full of live coaching calls focused specifically around the content within the course - these concentrated deep dives are designed to be directly applicable to your own business. Are you ready to up-level your career, scale your business, and make more money? Full Time Wedding Photography is for you.

If you're looking for community and ongoing conversations with other wedding photographers and top level professionals, consider joining the Wedding Photography Society! The Wedding Photography Society is a monthly subscription focused around providing a vast overview of professional advice ranging from getting referrals, staying inspired, up-leveling your skills and strengthening your mindset and more. It is a place to connect with others who share your same goals and struggles, and a platform for accessing high-level professionals who can help you better yourself. The Wedding Photography Society acts as the middle-man between you and cultivating a larger network. The average professional interviewed in the society charges $600 - $1000 for one 1-hour interview, and you get access to these (plus group coaching calls and forum access) for just a nominal month fee through the society as well as any in person event that's held for the group. Are you ready to expand your knowledge through a variety of new sources, connect with others, and grow as a wedding photographer? The Wedding Photography Society is for you!


It’s time to ditch the DIY in favor of proven results. No more second-guessing yourself — it’s time to make a full-time living as a wedding photographer.