Real, Behind-the-Scenes Strategies to Finding and Attracting Your IDEAL Clients...All the Way Through Booking!


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You're in the right place if you are...

... Having difficulty getting strong client referrals and inquiries, no one feels like a good fit?

... Lacking confidence and wishing you knew how to have your clients feel confident in you?

... Feeling like you are ready for higher end bookings and clients who value your work?

... Looking to book solid weddings that will help you build your portfolio and your brand?

... Tired of putting yourself out there but not getting the results and bookings you desire?

... Struggling to come up with ways to seek out your dream weddings and have them choose you?

Your ideal clients (and your ideal life) is out there waiting for you. A full time, thriving wedding photography business is possible.

I’ve spent the last 13 years building a luxury wedding photography business that provides my clients with a stellar experience, treasured memories, and timeless, elegant images. My business is built to deliver the multiple-six-figure revenue and free time I need to live an abundant life on my own terms. 

Teaching other photographers how to level up to luxury and finally have the business and life they’ve dreamt of is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. 

I’m honored to help you follow the clearly outlined path, implement the proven strategies, and step into your calling as a luxury wedding photographer. Let’s make things happen! 

Hi, I’m Catherine! Helping you work less and make more is my superpower.

YOUR business and LUXURY WEDDING mentor


Get ready to: 

 • Understand what it takes to have your clients align with your vision 

• Hear what's truly important to clients to get impeccable reviews

• Figure out how to make the most out of your marketing

• Learn about how to find your ideal client aesthetic and personality

• Feel inspired, and ready to make a change

I can't wait to see you there!