Inside the Mastermind


✦  Access to Catherine for Questions and Guided Mentoring

✦ Hot Seat for Each Student for Collective Feedback

✦ Pre-Recorded Content About Booking and Executing Luxury Weddings

I’m not holding anything back when it comes to the steps and systems of becoming a luxury wedding photographer. I’ll teach you what you need to know and help you figure out how to apply each step of the process in a way that works for you. 


12 Group Coaching Calls

One Photographer or Videographer Per Region

Live Q&A with Luxury Wedding Planner

Join your group members for 12 group coaching calls and 24/7 access to our Voxer (an easy, free voice messaging app) chat. You’ll build strong relationships, learn from one another, and grow together – which is so much more fun than going it alone.


✦ Virtual Group Conversations

✦ Competition Free Community

✦ One-on-One with Catherine and ongoing Accountability

Our community is exclusive, and we’re here for each member along the way. When you join this mastermind, you are responsible for showing up, putting in the work, and actively participating in order to get the life-changing results you crave. 


But wait! There’s more….
BONUS: Behind-the-scenes video of our team photographing a $1,000,000 wedding as seen in Over the Moon

✦ The option to connect at an in-person event at the conclusion of the mastermind (Details & Pricing for this will come at the halfway point)


You’re getting…
12 group coaching calls (with one dedicated hot seat for each member)

4 months of consistent access to Catherine for questions, ideas, and collaboration

4 months of virtual group conversations (with the option to create your own group-lead meetups)

Pre-Recorded content with easy-to-follow steps that will help you successfully book luxury wedding clients

Competition free community with only one member per regional market

Live Q&A with a wedding planner to learn how to network and build business relationships

A one-on-one with Catherine for feedback and advice, customized to your needs 

The option to connect at an in-person event at the conclusion of the mastermind (pricing and details TBD)

But wait! There’s more….
BONUS: Behind-the-scenes video of our team photographing a $1,000,000 wedding as seen in Over the Moon

Everything You Need 


✦ I’M ALL IN ✦

I know, it feels unattainable. Where do you start when it comes to finding luxury clients who are happy to pay premium prices for your work? In addition, where are you going to find the time to take on clients to "expect more" while you're so busy keeping up with everything already.

You are overwhelmed with editing, sending contracts, and shooting weddings almost every weekend – when will you have the free time to learn the ins and outs of actually becoming a luxury wedding photographer? 

You don’t want to start over, but you do want to move forward. And you’re tired of figuring things out on your own, working constantly, and feeling held back at your current level of revenue. 

luxury weddings sound amazing – but who is really going to pay me that much? 



You’ve built a wedding photography business you’re proud of, but you can’t figure out how to get to the next level. 

You dream of booking 10k wedding packages, but you don’t know how you would ever find clients willing to pay that premium. 

You have worked so hard to get where you are – piecing your business together and learning as you go – but you’re ready for someone to show you how to speed up your progress and land firmly in the world of luxury wedding photography. 

You want respect from your peers. Plus, you’re ready for more money and time. 

You’re a talented photographer.
And you want more time, money, and respect...

let’s be honest…

I believe in the process because I have personally  I have witnessed masterminds transform my business. I was able to receive curated coaching and build relationships with a group of driven, like-minded individuals. The results were clear and unmatched.


I booked my first 15,000-dollar wedding after learning and implementing Catherine’s pricing method!

the reviews

Connect you with highly motivated, successful photographers who share your goals and ambitions

Show you how to build working relationships with elite wedding planners who recommend you and love working with you

Give you step-by-step guidance to booking 8-15k weddings

Lay out a clear path to becoming a multi-six-figure wedding photographer


What if your wedding photography business provided the revenue and the free time you need to live life on your own terms? It’s totally possible – I’ve done it myself – and I want you to experience the freedom, peace, and fulfillment that you deserve.

You don’t have to figure this all out on your own.


it’s not just a dream…

Answers to all of your specific questions

Help you increase your profit margins and get serious about the financial side of your business

Give you the confidence, tools, and expertise you need to step into your role as a luxury wedding photographer

Group coaching calls to get personal support and to learn from your peers 

Custom feedback to help you move to the next tier of your business

Support, networking, and accountability from a group of like-minded wedding photographers 

Clear, easy-to-implement steps for moving into 8,000 - 15,000 bookings

Fewer weddings, more free weekends, and all the income you need to live the life you want

Direct access to a thriving, multi-six-figure luxury wedding photographer (yours truly) who is transparent and open to sharing it all


The intimate, guided group mastermind experience designed specifically for wedding photographers who want to earn more, work less, get systems in place and step into the world of luxury wedding photography.


Level Up to Luxury

The exclusivity of only one photographer per geographical market

I’m a wedding photographer, too, so I know how busy life can be. Planning, shooting, editing… repeat. It’s a lot. But not having any free time is one of the reasons you need this mastermind experience. I’m going to help you get more of your time back so you can truly enjoy a multi-six-figures photography business and lots of time with the things and people you love.

If you can commit as little as one hour a week, you can benefit from this experience. Members spend an average of 2-3 hours a week learning, connecting, and growing. Our chats makes it easy to listen on the go or chat with the group so that you can learn and grow not only from Catherine but from each other as well.

This sounds amazing, but I don’t have time to participate in a mastermind.



Did you know that one of my most expensive wedding bookings to date was booked with a couple in a teensy, tiny little town? Every market – and I mean every market – has luxury wedding clients. You just need to learn how to identify top-paying couples, network with elite wedding planners, and market your services like the VIP luxury experience your dream clients want. 

This is exactly what I teach you inside the mastermind. Luxury weddings are waiting for you wherever you are… and I’m going to help you find – and book! – these weddings with ease. 

I wish I could book a $10,000 wedding, but no one in my market pays at that level.



If you show up, put in the work, and implement everything I’m teaching in this mastermind, you can double your investment with one client.

Just one. 

Choosing not to invest now is only going to delay your growth. If your photography business isn’t generating revenue yet, this isn’t the right time for you to join. But if you’ve built a successful wedding photography business that requires late nights and packed weekends and you’re ready to make a change, this is a smart investment. I know how to help you book luxury clients – you just need to show up ready to learn. 

I’m ready to make more and work less… I just can’t spend the money right now.


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Cat is so good with business systems and pricing and has helped my business tremendously. Over the course of the past several months, she has helped me better visualize where I want to go and implement the strategies to get there. really breaks down pricing and helped me make changes that have allowed me to make more money in my business and time for my familly.

Cat helped me make more money in my business!

the reviews

Your ideal clients (and your ideal life) is out there waiting for you.

I’ve spent the last 13 years building a luxury wedding photography business that provides my clients with a stellar experience, treasured memories, and timeless, elegant images. My business is built to deliver the multiple-six-figure revenue and free time I need to live an abundant life on my own terms. 

Teaching other photographers how to level up to luxury and finally have the business and life they’ve dreamt of is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. 

I’m honored to help you follow the clearly outlined path, implement the proven strategies, and step into your calling as a luxury wedding photographer. Let’s make things happen! 

Hi, I’m Catherine! Helping you work less and make more is my superpower.

YOUR business and LUXURY WEDDING mentor

If you fully participate, put in the effort, apply the strategies, give it time to work, and you don’t see any positive changes or results, we’ll make it right. 



Space out your payments and still get full access to the mastermind when you join!





Pay in full and save on your total investment. Click below to apply today!




Time to Level Up



frequently asked

Yes! We offer a 4-month payment plan. You’re responsible for paying the first installment when you sign your contract, and the remaining three payments will be due on the first of the month for the following three months.

Congratulations on starting your business! This mastermind is for established photographers who have built successful businesses and are ready to level up. Our members are typically booking 3,000 - 5,000-dollar weddings and making at least $50k/year. If you’re not sure this is a good fit, you’re welcome to apply and I’ll follow up to let you know. (PS. If you’re not quite ready for this mastermind yet… be sure to come back and join us once you’ve grown your business the way I know you can!) 

Yes! Once you join the mastermind, you’ll receive more information on our exciting in-person option. The experience is totally optional to add on, but it’s going to be awesome… so you should probably plan on joining!

Each group can comfortably fit around a table at an intimate restaurant. Depending on applicants, the group will include up to a dozen photographers, with only one photographer from each geographic market – less competition, more connection. 

This mastermind is built on the importance of having a built-in, reliable network of like-minded photographers to connect with. These are the people you’ll turn to with your questions, ideas, struggles, and celebrations! If you’re only interested in 1:1 coaching, this is probably not the best fit for you. Each member is expected to be supportive and put in the effort to help fellow members. This open, collaborative environment helps us all naturally develop friendships.

We’ll have a virtual 1:1 coaching session plus four months of Voxer access to me. (If you haven’t used it, Voxer is a free voice messaging app… basically like if iMessage and a phone call had a baby!) You can use the app to ask any questions or get feedback on things you’re working on. I’ll walk you through answers to your questions and I’m happy to record videos to show you a process or system if it’s helpful. You’ll get lots of you-and-Cat time! 

Literally nothing is off the table. When you join this exclusive community, you get access to everything I know and have learned. I’ll show you numbers, reveal complete strategies, and hold nothing back. 


Before learning from Cat, I struggled with managing my time, systems and setting boundaries for my business. Mentoring under her has truly changed not only my business, but my life. I trust her professionalism and ethics and would not want anyone else to have been the way to help me pave my way into this industry.

Cat helped me feel more confident in myself

the reviews

✦ Ok! I'm convinced ✦

You’re about to make some serious changes and experience some MAJOR GROWTH with a like-minded group – so it’s TOTALLY NORMAL to be a bit anxious. Those butterflies you feel? Those are A SIGN YOU'RE READY to level up!

I want to do this… but it feels a little scary.