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From the outside I'm technically a "one woman show" and although I don't have any full-time employees, I utilize a multitude of platforms that act as "workers" for my business. For example, I use Quickbooks to manage my accounting software, Dubsado to manage my clients, Planoly to plan and layout my instagram grid.

So, no I don't have a ton of employees but that is because I have found and learned thoroughly the tools that help run my business efficiently. I am so excited to share these programs and companies with you in hopes that they can help your business grow too!!

A Complete List of Resources that Help Run My Business


Because photography can be physically intensive, I always try to travel light! However, there is definitely a list of must haves that I bring with me to every wedding, portrait or commercial shoot! These are the exact versions/models that I use!

DSLR Setup

Nikon D3S


Nikkor 24-70mm

Nikkor 70-200mm

Nikkor 24mm

Nikkor 35mm

Nikkor 50mm

Nikkor 85mm

Nikkor 60mm


Ona Chelsea

Think Tank International

Think Tank Takeoff


Profoto B10

7' Westcott Umbrella



universal b10 remote

umbrella Diffuser

backdrop wall mount

backdrop chain

white backdrop

nikon z6ii

nikkor 24-70 s

nikkor 50mm s




The Podcast

Tune Into the Greatest Failure and Success Stories



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Something that I’ve come to realize over the course of my career as a photographer is that what you wear to an event is very important brand representaition of who you are as a professional and photographer! To some, this may seem like an exaggeration… but when you’re spending 10 or 11 hours shooting a […]

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Using presets is a highly debated topic in the photography industry. Some people like presets because of workflow improvements, but others argue that it’s “cheating” or actually slows down the process because presets don’t look the same on every image. Let’s get into some of the pros and cons of using Lightroom presets and you […]

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Shooting weddings requires a lot of moving around. I used to lug a ton of lighting gear around, but over time I’ve been able to really hone into exactly what I need on a wedding day! Now, the only lighting gear I really use is a speed light! To be more specific, I use a […]

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Setting boundaries is one of the most difficult and challenging parts of running your own business. How do you stick to your boundaries while still providing a great client experience? This is something I’m always working on, but I have found a good balance at this stage of my life and business. By nature, I am […]

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As small business owners, there’s always SOMETHING we need to get done. And don’t get me wrong… I know that all of us will do whatever it takes to grow our business and keep things running smoothly, but sometimes it’s hard!! Sometimes, you can’t keep up with all of those emails. Sometimes, you just have […]

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One of the most important components of building your client base and expanding your photography business is to provide an incredible client experience. The best way to do that is to CONNECT with your clients! If you haven’t already, the first thing I recommend is to read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by […]

Tune in to this exclusive video taken during a real, live wedding. Watch how I pose and work with my clients to achieve beautiful, natural couple's portraits!

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