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From the outside I'm technically a "one woman show" and although I don't have any full-time employees, I utilize a multitude of platforms that act as "workers" for my business. For example, I use Quickbooks to manage my accounting software, Dubsado to manage my clients, Planoly to plan and layout my instagram grid.

So, no I don't have a ton of employees but that is because I have found and learned thoroughly the tools that help run my business efficiently. I am so excited to share these programs and companies with you in hopes that they can help your business grow too!!

A Complete List of Resources that Help Run My Business



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We all know that family portraits can be a little intimidating as the photographer. 😅  There’s a big group of people, family dynamics, and ultimately, everyone’s looking at YOU to tell them what they need to do and where they need to go to look their best! If you’ve felt this way before, don’t sweat […]

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Ok, I have to admit something to you.  Back in 2010, when I was photographing a cake cutting, I had a moment where I did not know what I was doing. Half of my photos were showing up black – and the other half were showing up in full, true, perfect color! As I was taking […]

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When I first started my photography business, I used to think if I told a couple to walk off in the distance and “act natural,” they would know exactly what to do. 🙈 Have you been there before? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ What I quickly discovered is that by asking someone to “act naturally,” the LAST thing they […]

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When you become a photographer who wants to book more clients and serve people well, you automatically become a business owner.  If you want to own a successful wedding photography business, you’ll want to know how to run a business successfully. One of the most important ways to do this is to create a wow-worthy […]

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I know you’re probably thinking, “Cat, it can’t be that easy.” It’s not easy, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen without taking EXCELLENT care of your clients. There are ways you can be consistent and intentional with your business to become more profitable and sustainable. I started my business in 2008 […]

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When you start offering your photography services, you’re likely just going to be excited to get paid anything to do something you love. But as your photography business grows , you’ll need to start thinking about pricing so you make money on your time and effort. Plus, when you price yourself correctly, you attract the […]


Because photography can be physically intensive, I always try to travel light! However, there is definitely a list of must haves that I bring with me to every wedding, portrait or commercial shoot! These are the exact versions/models that I use!

DSLR Setup

Nikon D3S


Nikkor 24-70mm

Nikkor 70-200mm

Nikkor 24mm

Nikkor 35mm

Nikkor 50mm

Nikkor 85mm

Nikkor 60mm


Ona Chelsea

Think Tank International

Think Tank Takeoff


Profoto B10

7' Westcott Umbrella



universal b10 remote

umbrella Diffuser

backdrop wall mount

backdrop chain

white backdrop

nikon z6ii

nikkor 24-70 s

nikkor 50mm s




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