Feel confident and impress your ideal client with this posing strategy

the posing plan






A posing strategy designed to leave you feeling confident so that you can bring in and satisfy your ideal client.

the posing plan




Are YOU...

Having difficulty getting real emotion from your clients that capture who they are?

Lacking confidence and wishing you knew how to get your clients feeling confident and relaxed?

Feeling rushed or frazzled because posing
and portraits take forever

Determined to create impressive images every time, no matter the situation or time frame?

Tired of overshooting and walking away with mediocre images that are awkward and stiff?

Struggling to come up with poses on the spot and resorting to doing the same thing over and over?


With over 500 weddings under my belt, you can feel confident learning from my mistakes and implementing my proven strategies and techniques.

With The Posing Plan, you can arrive at your next session or wedding knowing exactly how to pose and direct your clients. You'll feel confident, your client will feel comfortable, and you'll leave with a collection of varied, artful images your clients will rave about.

I've been there, too. And now, there's a SOLUTION!


What's Included?

No membership fees. No subscriptions. Lifetime Access.


Your ticket to creating real images and your own posing system that you will flow through with ease every single time.

Say good-bye to showing up unprepared and hello to consistently nailing those artful, joyful images your dream clients crave.

Get ready to: 

• Capture emotional images that feel authentic and so you for every client

 • Exude confidence and watch your clients relax 

• Capture a variety of strong poses, even you only have five minutes

• Create images your clients will love, no matter the circumstance

• Take fewer shots and walk away with natural, beautiful images

• Feel inspired and consistently take fresh, new photos


Watch this video below to see how I get a variety of images in approximately two minutes and one location!

Watch how I adjust every detail until the client looks confident and comfortable for a seated pose. (This is hands-on work!)

This quick video shows you what to do in tricky situations – like when the groom is much taller than the bride!

We're Covering Every Pose











Your ticket to creating real images and your own  personal posing flow, using a strategy that will help you flow through your poses with ease every single time.

10+ Hours of No-fluff,
Image-based Learning 

"Well, that's easy for her. She has ten years of experience." Sound familiar? In this video, one of my students – in her first year of shooting! – takes us behind the scenes as we film her session in action. In the playback, I highlight the improvements she can make to the session poses and flow in the future! This system works for brand-new photographers and seasoned pros who want to elevate their client posing.

Want to see a student in action?
Tune into this LIVE Student Session Critique

Have you ever wanted to see another photographer you admire in action? Now you can! In this video, you can tune into real client sessions where Catherine is shooting, sharing images and explaining all the details of her decision making and posing so you can see the techniques in action and understand what you're learning looks like in real life.

Three LIVE Sessions
with Posing Instructions

Get deep into the details of Catherine's signature and additional poses in this series of jam-packed lessons. Each pose and prompt is explained, so you understand how they should work. We're also diving into the most common posing mistakes photographers make! You don't want to miss this series!

Signature Base and Filler Poses 
Reviewed in detail, Prompts Explained

"Well, that's easy for her. She has ten years of experience." Sound familiar? In this video, one of my students in her first year of shooting, has volunteered to let us film her session! In the playback, we are HIGHLIGHTING ALL THE IMPROVEMENTS to the session poses and flow that can be made in the future!

Want to see someone where you are?
Tune into this LIVE Student Session Critique

You're ready to grow, but you aren't exactly sure how. You love learning, but don't always have the time for it because you're, you know, dealing with life and all the things! 

But you are willing to put in the time and hard work because you believe in the importance of continuing education and know that you've got to invest in yourself to get where you want to go.

I can relate to all of this. My life is busy and sometimes chaotic, but I continue to invest in my own education year after year because it matters.

“Is this course for me?"
"Will I learn how to pose my clients?"
"Is this going to help build my confidence?"

I'm all about cutting through the fluff and giving you everything you need. The Posing Plan is designed to help you right away, and that's how I create every digital product and resource. When you join this community, I hope to work with you not just for this one course, but for years to come!

I’m a loyalist. Gratitude is my love language. And although I have a masters degree in architecture, photography is my one true passion.

I am always available for questions or guidance. My priority is making sure you feel happy, understood and taken care of throughout your learning experience!

I believe your career should be something you love. Something you are willing to go through the good times and hard times for in order to accomplish your dreams.

I serve photographers searching for long-term, sustainable business and photographic growth who are overwhelmed by an educational environment promising quick fixes and overnight successes.

about catherine

We realize that investing in your education can be scary!

You're wondering, "Will this work for me? What exactly will I learn?"

Well, there's no one better to hear from than those who are in your shoes and have invested in the course, too! Watch this fun video to hear from some of our stellar students. 






What does a posing plan entail and how does posing fit into the overall picture of your photography (pun intended)? Learn all the elements that impact your posing and how to create your own posing strategy.
In this first module, we're kicking things off with some overviews and big concepts.


• The Posing Plan Explained

• Posing As Part of the Bigger Picture

MODULE 1: Approaching the Posing Plan

MODULE 2: The Key Elements of Posing

MODULE 3: Posing As An Experience

MODULE 4: Must Know Fundamentals

MODULE 5: How to Flow Through Posing

MODULE 6: Signature Poses Described

MODULE 7: Posing Challenges

LIVE Behind-the-Scenes Sessions

There are a few components that can make or break your client experience! Clients must not only love how they look in their images, but also enjoy taking them. This module teaches you all about channeling confidence and helping your clients trust you! 


• Tips for Channeling Confidence (+ Do's and Don'ts Cheat Sheet)

• How to Ensure Clients Will Love Your Photos (+ Pre-shoot Checklist)

• How and Why to Give Genuine Encouragement (+ Worksheet)

You may not realize how important is, but clients must not only love their photos... but also their experience. We’re talking about how to create an amazing client experience, including the questions you should ask and the things you should be doing at every session! 


• The Importance of The Posing Window (+ Cheat Sheet)

• Pre-Session Conversations (+ Conversation Guide)

• When to Adjust the Posing Plan

How do I approach the movement through poses during a session? In this module, you’ll learn how to avoid disjointedness in your sessions. Whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours this method will help you feel less rushed, more comfortable and create a cohesive and satisfactory gallery for your client.


• Building Your Posing Catalogue

• Flowing Through Your Poses (+ Mapping Worksheet)

As soon-to-be posing pros, you're getting strategies you can implement to make sure to set yourself up for success every time! I take you through the four things you must look for, as well as a surplus of tips and tricks, to make your sessions smooth and easy!


• Setting Yourself Up For Success (+13 Tips for an Easy Session)

• What to Pay Attention to While Photographing (+ Cheat Sheet)

• Prim Tips & Tricks

I’ve literally photographed thousands of sessions and hundreds of weddings! Although I wasn't able to grab every pose... I did grab the most signature poses to define for you. We'll also learn posing prompts and what to look for and avoid in your poses.


• Signature Base + Filler Poses for the following photography :  

Bridals, Groom Portraits, Couple's Portraits, Couple with Family, Wedding Party Photos, Family Sessions, Generation Sessions and Individual Portraits, 

There are so many unique situations that arise in photography – difficult personalities, differences in height, and unexpected obstacles! In this module, we’re covering all the potential unique instances and how to approach them in the best way.


• Dealing with Difficult Personalities

• Physical Challenges in Posing

• How Challenging Weather Impacts Posing

There's so much value in getting to watch another photographer in action! Tag along for several sessions, watching Catherine (and her student), while Catherine explains all the tactics, prompts and strategies you can use at your very own sessions! See everything you've learned in live, real action


• Student Photoshoot with Live Audio Critique

• Three Live Sessions with Audio and Images

See all the value you're getting!






• Focusing on the things that really matter while shooting, diagnosing problems in real time and fixing them.

• Giving tons of tweaks and achieving amazing images as a result of coaching her clients through those detailed adjustments.

"My Confidence behind the camera has absolutely soared!" - Krysia L.



• Knowing how to THINK about posing my clients before having to actually pose them.

• Understanding how to feel less stress while photographing.

• Implementing the super simple and approachable steps into my photographs.

“I wish I’d had this course when I started my photography journey!“ - Kelsey H.


• Focusing on small details and subtle changes to make couples look their absolute best

• Feeling more confident in posing and directing couple to make them look flawless

• Using those images to bring in more clients that he loves to work with

"I am so glad to have learned those subtle details to make my couples look their absolute best." - Quinton C.



• No longer afraid of what to say when clients ask what to do

• Stepped up his posing game, directing clients on how to position their bodies

• Feeling stronger ing what to say and how to instruct their movements 

"This course has helped me tremendously in knowing what to do when directing." - Ben Tone



• Creating wonderful, relaxed experiences for her clients.

• Providing beautiful, thoughtful and expertly posed/varied galleries.

• Understanding how to go into sessions with confidence and preparing particular poses for her clients.

"I created a wonderful, relaxed experience for my clients and provided them with a beautiful, thoughtful, expertly posed and varied gallery." - Chelsea R.



• Applying new approaches to posing clients

• Practicing new styles and perspectives when capturing  photos

• Gaining insight into new aspects/values of the posing process

"I want to say how completely OBSESSED I am with your teaching style. I am so grateful for this course and have already gotten so much out of it."
- Maree B.


All the Details to Access the Course NOW!


In-Person Mentoring with Multiple Live Sessions + Critique

• 10+ Hours of Course Material (Videos, Slideshows, and Downloads)

• Signature posing catalogue with digital image galleries to referencing on-the-go 

• Three LIVE In-Action, behind-the-scenes sessions 

• BONUS: LIVE behind-the-scenes footage of a Posing Plan Student with Posing Coaching

• BONUS: Q&A with luxury wedding planner with tips on how to get referrals

• BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group for One-on-One and Group Q&A 

• The Posing Plan Workbook

1 payment of 497


The Posing Plan

As an entrepreneur who started my business from the ground up, I realize that sometimes finances can be hard. But I don't want that to stop you from growing and building your budding career as a photographer!

If you are interested in The Posing Plan but cannot afford the up front payment, we are now offering a payment plan option just for you! 

We hope this allows you to take those next steps in your journey to building your confidence, reputation and skill set so that you can be profitable and grow in your business!

3 payments of 190


Payment Plan

Nervous about making this investment? The Posing Plan is backed by our 100% money back, risk-free guarantee. If you purchase this course, watch all the modules + lessons, complete the workbook and in good faith, within 30 days, tell me you're not a better photographer as a result – I will refund your purchase.


Just send an email to and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours
Tuesday - Friday, 10-4 (excluding major holidays)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Hmmm.. this sounds great, but what if…

... I’m already swamped? I don’t have enough time or space on my to-do list.

...I get really nervous around people? I’m not sure I can really improve my anxiety around posing others.

...I don’t really see why the client's experience with being posed is so important? My clients simply need to look good, so what’s the big deal?

I am SO glad you asked this! I know you’re busy. That’s why I built this course in a way that allows you to complete the lessons at your own pace! Once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to ALL of the materials. That way, the course is here for you whether you want to knock it all out in one or two days or take it slow.

That’s a good question! I actually deeply resonate with this one. I used to feel so nervous and unsure of myself when posing my clients. That’s why a big part of this course is dedicated to helping you build up your confidence beforehand! You’ll know exactly what to do before and during every session, as well as how to walk away knowing that you really nailed it every time.

The truth is, even if a client likes their photos, they won’t return to you or refer you to others if they didn’t like the experience of working with you. It’s vital to build up your confidence and form a connection with your customer. Plus, if someone feels more comfortable around you, you’re much more likely to get shots that feel natural and look genuine.

...I’ve seen so many other posing courses? What makes this one different?

As a photographer who’s been in the industry for over a decade, I’ve attended a ton of workshops and invested in so many online courses. So, when I built The Posing Plan I had this in mind. As a result, there’s such a variety of learning materials inside! If you’re the type that likes to watch slideshows and take pristine notes, perfect. I’ve got you covered. If you like more of a “see it in action” approach, I’ve got all the behind-the-scenes footage you’ll need. If you prefer a fill-in-the-blank situation, guess what? I’ve got a workbook ready for you! I’ve taken into consideration the idea that everyone learns differently in order to create a product that can cater to YOUR learning style.

...I've been a photographer for quite some time now. I don’t think this will help me.

No matter what level of photographer or how long you’ve had a camera in your hand, this course WILL be beneficial to you and will elevate your skills!. The specific strategies and easy-to-follow material provided inside of The Posing Plan will only add more cards to your hand! Plus, no two photographers do things exactly the same. So, this is an opportunity for you to learn the CG Posing Plan and build your own strategy based on the lessons and modules demonstrated within the course.

...I just don’t know if I’m in the right place to take this on right now? 

I totally understand. Having to commit to something can be really stressful! But The Posing Plan is based on your own personal expectations; so once you enroll you’ll have all of the material FOREVER. That means you can buy it today and start it next year, if that’s what ends up working best for you! Plus, the only way you’ll get the special rate is to enroll now while it’s available!

...I’m nervous that I’ll invest the cash but won’t get anything out of this course?

I genuinely do believe that anyone can benefit from the information and resources that I’ve compiled into The Posing Plan. However, if you complete the course within 30 days of your purchase, fill out the workbook and can say honestly that you did not become a better photographer as a result, I’ll give you a full refund!

Okay. So what all is included again?

- Seven modules complete with video, slideshow, and printable materials
- The Posing Plan Workbook
- My personal, signature posing catalogue, including digital image galleries to refer to on-the-go for both my base and filler poses
- Three LIVE In-Action, behind-the-scenes engagement sessions 
- BONUS: LIVE behind-the-scenes footage of A Posing Plan Student with Audio Coaching
- BONUS: Q&A with a wedding planner; with tips on how to get their referrals
- BONUS: Lifetime Access in the Private Facebook Group for One-on-One and Group Q&A 

Looking for a sign this is the right investment?
 The Posing Plan is perfect for you if you are…

• Already putting the work into growing and improving your business, spending your time and energy doing things like making social media posts, marketing yourself as a photographer, and getting as many shooting opportunities as you can. The only problem is, you need that last missing element to help tie everything together and ensure that your business and your craft will continue to develop and thrive

 • Using every trick in the book to improve your photography, but you’re still struggling to get those genuine, emotive photos you’ve always envisioned... plus, the clients you do end up booking aren’t referring you to anyone else. It just seems like you’re hitting a roadblock

• Confident about when to use which lens and how to adjust your ISO, and the technical details that are so important. Now, by shifting your attention over to posing and providing a good client experience, your photography will benefit immensely

• Willing to invest a few hours of your time (on your own schedule), and know that every minute you spend inside of The Posing Plan is a step towards improving the quality of your photographs and building better client relationships

• Just starting out with portrait photography, and you want to make sure you’re going into it knowing exactly how to get great shots and happy clients right out of the gate

• Serious about getting your money’s worth, but you’re skeptical of how such a “tiny little detail” like posing could provide such a huge avenue for improvement. In reality, posing strategy plays a much bigger part than most realize, and is necessary not only for capturing elegant, timeless photos, but also for gaining repeat customers and picking up new clients

• Aware of all the new opportunities that will arise once you have clients that adore your work (and working with you), and you’re excited about all of the bonuses you’ll find inside of The Posing Plan, like a Live Shooting Session with one of my previous students and a Q&A with a wedding planner (if you’re at all interested in how a planner decides who to recommend)

• Ready to build your own posing plan, and are excited to think that within a matter of days or weeks, you could be walking into every shoot feeling confident and ready to achieve that great outcome that you have envisioned

• Confident about enrolling, knowing you have 30 days to test the waters. If you complete the course and end up truthfully finding that you have not improved as a photographer at all because of it, just shoot me an email and I’ll refund your purchase! All you have to do is send over your completed workbook and course materials to show that you gave it your best effort

If you can say “Yes, that’s me!’ to at least six of these questions, then The Posing Plan is perfect for you, and I look forward to seeing you inside!