You’ve either just started your photography journey or you’re a few years in and are feeling ready for more. You’re excited for what’s next in your business and can’t wait to tap into the higher-level market!

It’s possible you’re longing to create consistency in your shooting and editing style despite the changes in light, less than ideal locations, harsh sun, too many greens, color casts, and so many more elements. These obstacles may be leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated!

It’s time to feel more confident about your posing, your pricing, and your post-production so you can create the experience and images you’re proud of for your clients.


This Lower Garden District home will be the best, most intimate gathering spot to share posing and pricing advice and portfolio reviews before diving into the LIVE shooting portion of the workshop! We have decided to limit the workshop to eight passionate and excited females so we can create an atmosphere of learning and openness!

And because I’ve received so much interest in my film photography, we will be integrating film into the instructional portions of the day as well! I’m not sure if you’ve attended a workshop and left feeling like the images were more about the photographer hosting than the attendees? Well, this workshop will be 100 percent about YOU!

When you leave, you will leave feeling inspired, confident, and able to create more consistent imagery. It’s time to stop doing the same things over and over that aren’t producing the results you want! Allow me to guide you into creating systems that leave your clients walking away with impeccable experiences and lovely images! 

I have some very
exciting news!

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I am thrilled to announce The Catherine Guidry Workshop: an in-person photography workshop the evening of December 13 through the morning of December 15 at The NOLA House Airbnb in the Garden District of New Orleans. 

During the workshop we will focus on posing couples as well as shooting both indoors and outdoors in different lighting conditions.

The workshop is designed to help you feel more confident in the aspects of the business that are TRULY integral to your success as a photographer. 

Maybe you are struggling with how to price your photography and put yourself in a position to get more work...

+ Looking to create consistent imagery in their shooting, especially when faced with difficult lighting or locations

+ Ready to nail down ONE editing style that can produce the same look over and over again

+ Open to being connected to a community of other photographers 

+ Excited to work with me in a small group capacity 

+ In a mindset of learning and ready and willing to propel yourself to the next phase. 

A Photographer Who is...

is this workshop for you?

Is that YOU?! 

Keep reading for details!

6PM Arrival
7PM-9PM Intros and Roundtable Planning

8AM - 9AM Breakfast & Bubbles 
9:30-11AM - Posing Instructional 
11AM-12PM Lunch the Nola Way
12PM - 3PM Shooting at Il Mercato
3PM Snack/Chat
4AM-5PM Pricing Instructional
5PM-7PM Editing and Image Review
7PM-10PM Dinner at Jack Rose 

8AM - 1040AM Breakfast & Portfolio Critiques
1040AM - 11AM Checkout / Departure

schedule of events

saturday, december 14th

sunday, december 15th

friday, december 13th

reserve my seat!


where we workshop

To reserve your spot at The Catherine Guidry Workshop, fill out this form. A signed contract and 50 percent retainer are due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the workshop. 

** The workshop investment is $1075 and includes food and accommodations. If you are booking with a friend and would like to share a room, please make this request upon booking. 

How do I save my seat?

reserve my spot!

save my spot!

Workshop dates are the evening of December 13th - the morning of December 15th! The workshop investment is $1075 and includes food and accommodations. All workshop attendees are female and will be sharing a room.
* Please see below details below should you decide to purchase a spot with your own room.  

The workshop includes the opportunity to both learn from me as well as connect with other photographers struggling with similar issues in their photography business! I realize that it's an investment. But investing in your education will be sure to propel you to the next level and resolve those struggles you've been having with your shooting and your business! 

The primary focus of the workshop will be pricing (determining your base price and instructions for setting up your pricing menu), posing (instructing a couple in a variety of locations and lighting conditions), editing (creating consistency amongst your images and edits) and portfolio review! 

All attendees will have ample opportunities for questions and business conversations!

The workshop will take place in my personal home as well as on location at a nearby venue for the shooting portion of the workshop. Attendees will be staying on the other half of our double shotgun home also known as “The NOLA House,” our AirBnb PLUS rental. 

You will be sleeping in our newly renovated four bedroom AirBnb PLUS home. All attendees will be female as you will be sharing a room with another person. Should you decide you would prefer an individual room, the cost to upgrade is $750.

 If you participate in The Catherine Guidry Workshop, you will be able to keep in touch with everyone after the workshop in a private Facebook group. In this Facebook group, I will also be hosting a LIVE gathering one month after as a follow-up!


I'm ready to sign up!

What is the workshop investment?

what does the workshop include?

where will the workshop take place?

where will we sleep?

afterward, how do i keep in touch?

Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 

During our mentoring session we tackled so much. We went over so much in regards to my photography skill set and business model... Since working with her as my mentor, I made so many changes to my pricing model and to my client interactions. I now have a strong and consistent workflow and am charging for the value I provide for my clients. I have learned so much from her and will forever be grateful for her help!

- Lindsey Rogers

I especially appreciated Catherine's direct, open and honest approach!

KIND WORDS about mentoring

In one afternoon with Catherine, I learned so many valuable lessons both about my business and life. I think the reason I got so much out of our session was because of how easy and open she was when it came to any of my questions. Since the mentorship I feel like my whole business is in a much better state and I know it all stemmed from the afternoon spent learning from Catherine! Being mentored by Catherine was the greatest thing I have done for my business!

 - Malise Gardiner

I learned tips on posing, marketing my work, and how to be more
confident in myself.


Her company and business is built on tenacity and integrity that makes her the perfect person for you to work with, learn from or spend time with. You know that she is going to get the job done and have your back all along the way!

- Sarah Love, Former Photo Editor at The Knot

You know that she is GOING TO have your back all along the way!


When I first met Cat, we immediately connected because we were both passionate about business and life. I was looking for advice on overcoming my struggles in business and direction on how to grow. Cat helped me learn from past mistakes... If you are looking for a mentor/business coach, or you are struggling getting more clients, I highly recommend you reach out to Catherine. My business has grown tremendously this past year and I'm excited about what the future holds.

 - Ben Tone

Cat really helped me set goals and improve my client experience!


Choosing to be a part of Catherine's mentoring program was the best educational resource! As soon as we sat down I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. The biggest things she helped me with were confidence, direction and posing, and the motivation to re-vamp my brand identity. Since participating in her mentorship I have made big changes to my session flow, editing style, and I'm currently working on my new website! 

 - Megan Crawford

She is very kind,  helpful and experienced...truly a gem in this market!


The number one thing that I took away from her was the power of communicating with clients (even addressing them by name!) We talked a ton about composition, gear, shooting and how she runs the business! I especially loved observing her interact with clients... I created a list of questions before the mentoring session and we covered so much!! Catherine's willingness to help others is very contagious and it was honestly refreshing to know that there are people out there willing to share their knowledge to help others grow.

 - Ashley Serpas

 I was able to gain confidence and experience behind the camera as a result of her guidance!


Not only is she personal and relatable, she is open with all of her business secrets and willing to share with others for their own growth and success. In just our first session, we came up with actionable steps and a plan for growth in moving forward. Catherine encouraged me to reach a realistic timeline and held me accountable - which was something I really needed. I have made huge changes in a short amount of time and seen growth as a result. 

 - Cairre Wiley

She truly invested in me, supported my vision, and cheered me on every
step of the way. 


I was able to let my guard down and let her truly see all of my weaknesses without feeling like she was totally judging me! It was a great day!!! :) My brain was a little sore by the end of it all: I haven’t had that much info fed to me in a while. I am grateful for the time with her; sometimes we all just need a little (or a big) push. I am so thankful for my mentoring session with Catherine!

 - Chelsie Hebert 

i am grateful for the encouraging words!


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