Save yourself hours of trying to “figure it out yourself.”

Implement real strategies in your



A solid community for wedding photographers who are ready to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Access industry experts and other like-minded photographers as well as tools and resources to help you grow a sustainable, profitable business.


✦ Consistently book high-paying clients...

✦ Charge what you're worth so you can have more free time in life...

✦ Get your money in order and make your financial situation less overwhelming...

✦ Provide a high-level experience and keep your clients happy...

✦ Get raving client reviews and lots of referrals from other vendors...

✦ Manage your time and efficiently accomplish your goals...

✦ Build a solid reputation and become the go-to photographer in your market...

✦ Provide a high-level experience and keep your clients happy...

✦ Get raving client reviews and lots of referrals from other vendors...

✦ Manage your time and efficiently accomplish your goals..

✦ Build a solid reputation and become the go-to-photographer in your market...

✦ Consistently book high-paying clients...

✦ Charge what I’m worth so I can continue to grow my business...

✦ Get your money in order and make your financial situation less overwhelming...

You want to run a successful photography business, but…

You don’t have a roadmap and you have too much on your plate.
Are you wondering how to...

Disorganization and long nights of Googling answers can only carry you for so far.

You’re ready to stop running yourself thin trying to figure it all out on your own. 

As a business owner, you have become used to figuring it out on your own...

But you don't have to do it alone.

Acquired connections with other like-minded photographers 

Had proven-to-work advice from industry-leading experts

Knew how to confidently show up and land clients

Had a framework for building a cohesive, strong business 

Imagine if you...

Gained more free time for yourself rather than always working on the not-so-fun aspects of business

You’re in the right place! This is where the real growth happens. 



per year



I've achieved this and can show you how.



Do you want...

What's included in the membership?

✦ One Monthly Guest Interview

Access to a special guest speaker each month. experts from multiple corners of the wedding photography industry.

Members of the community weigh in on who they want to hear and what they want to learn about! From there, we bring in experts in those arenas to help you grow in all aspects of the business.

Industry Experts 

✦ Private FB Community

Once you join, you'll officially become a part of our exclusive online Wedding Photography Society.

Connect with other highly motivated, successful, photographers who share your goals and ambition, are ready to celebrate with you, vent with you, and offer advice and support when you need it.


✦ One Monthly Group Coaching Call 

Attend our monthly Q&A call with Catherine to walk through current lessons and receive coaching. 

All calls are uploaded to your membership portal in Kajabi, so you never have to miss a session if you can’t make it live. Listen on the go or re-watch when you need a refresh.

Monthly Calls

PLUS some amazing bonuses…

Exclusive resources and discounts: You'll have access to member-exclusive deals, discounts, and resources to help you continue to grow your photography business!

Access to Catherine: Reach Catherine during office hours, where you can join our online Facebook forum and leave questions!
Get a jump start for the LIVE calls to help ensure your question(s) get answered!

– Brittney McZeal

I really enjoyed how Catherine explains the "why" whenever she does something. I have had SO many AHA moments.

the reviews

Get insights into growing your photography business from real experts. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

✦Filling Your Booking Calendar
Learn how to book $8-15K+ weddings with clear, easy-to-implement steps, no matter where your market is. 

✦ How to Increase Your Revenue
Learn how to increase your revenue to sustain a business that offers you the freedom, peace, and fulfillment you’ve wanted.

✦Landing 5-Star Reviews
Get all the "must-know" info about managing clients and providing them a luxury experience, from inquiry all the way to the moment you send the final gallery.

✦Taxes and Budgeting
Take the stress out of finances with strategies that help you stay on top of your budget, well ahead of tax season. 

✦The Best Kept Secrets to Having More Time
Learn how to create a schedule that feels right for you. There is no one-and-done approach here. You’ll learn the tools needed to make your schedule work for you!

Building a Solid Industry Reputation
Gain respect from your peers and wow the industry with proven methods that can take your business to the next level.

Perfecting Your Portfolio
Understand the must-know details for building a strong, gorgeous image portfolio with consistent imagery to share.

Inside WPS, we’ll cover a new topic every month.

These are not in any particular order and topics may change as needed.


Your ideal clients are out there waiting for is your ideal life.

I’ve spent approximately 15 years building a luxury wedding photography business that provides my clients with a stellar experience, treasured memories, and timeless, elegant images. My business is bringing in a multiple-six-figure revenue and the free time I need to live an abundant life on my own terms. 

Teaching other photographers how to level up and finally have the business and life they’ve dreamt of is one of the most fulfilling parts of my career path today. 

I’m honored to help you follow the clearly outlined path, implement the proven strategies, and step into your calling as a luxury wedding photographer. Let’s make things happen! 

Hi, I’m Catherine! Helping you work less and make more is my superpower.

YOUR business and LUXURY WEDDING mentor

As a member you will have access to: 

✦ One Monthly Guest Interview
✦ One Monthly Community Coaching Call 
✦ Private FB Community
✦ Kajabi Member Portal for Replays
✦ Exclusive Member Discounts

Learn what it takes to book high-ticket clients and position yourself as a true, industry-leading wedding photographer.

Gain access to experts and insight from other photographers with similar goals who are ready to share what works for them.

If you’re ready take a chance on yourself, then this membership is right for you. 

What I’m showing you inside the Wedding Photography Society is exactly what I have used to grow a successful, multi 6-figure wedding photography business. It’s not a one-size-fits-all formula; it’s resources, group coaching, and expert sessions that help you discover what’s really possible.

A membership for wedding photographers looking to build a profitable, thriving business.

THE resource for guidance on attaining a solid place in the market.

Best of all? Each month, you’ll learn from other industry experts such as...

Their stunning images for both weddings and personal have been seen on J Crew, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harpers Bazaar, Refinery 29, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and multiple publications. 


Award winning destination wedding design and planning firm based in the Southeast. Named best wedding planner in America by Brides Magazine. 


Drawing on her decade of experience in fashion and editorial photography, KT’s been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and more.


Please note: Guests are not in any particular order and are subject to change

Not sure if the Wedding Photography Society
 is right for you? 

I know how busy life can be, and when you’re running a business on top of that, it seems like there isn’t a moment to spare.

But not having free time is the very reason why you can’t NOT afford to invest TIME in the growth of your business.

This membership is designed to help you get more time back in the long run.

What if you you don’t have time for a monthly membership. 

"It's a major plus to me that the way you see Cat in videos or on social media is how she TRULY is in person. She's a veteran in our industry who legitimately wants to make our lives easier."

Shea Gibson 

William Keller 

Siena Rozzelle 

Kelsey Halm 

Krysia Lynn 

"Catherine's approach and meticulous attention to detail helped me better understand what was keeping my good shots from being great ones! You will absolutely learn a ton from Catherine Guidry, hands down!"

"It's a challenge to find an educator willing to share so much. I have enjoyed learning from Cat and watching a seasoned professional work in the wedding photography industry!"

"Because of what I learned from Cat, I'm better able to implement the super simple and approachable steps into my photographs."

"My confidence behind the camera has absolutely soared. I am so thankful to have the guidance I needed so that I can focus on the things that really matter."

Read the Reviews

of past course students

We've all had those terrible educational experiences that leave us feeling concerned about future investments.

However, I can assure you that what I bring to you is real, authentic and forthright. 

If you have questions, I am ready and excited to help you in whatever way(s) I can!

And if you follow what's taught inside of the society, the money will come back to you tenfold.

What if you are unsure about investing money in education?

Brady Huf 

Alexander Breaux 

Tasha Rae 

Blaine Gaudeau 

Quinton Charles 

"Catherine's teaching cut through all the mystery surrounding pricing and gave me such a great way to mathematically calculate my pricing in a way that supports growth and sustainability in my business."

"Being able to experience Cat's approach to wedding photography has been absolutely invaluable to me."

"I booked my first $10k wedding after watching and implementing Cat's pricing strategies."

"Everyone is really looking for ways to increase their collections fee; and there's not much content out there that really helps with this. Cat's approach is filled with actual helpful information (not just trial and error advice)."

"I've started focusing on small details and subtle changes to make my images look their absolute best and using that work to bring in clients I love to work with."

More Reviews

of past course students

I’ve joined groups before where it felt like the members were either totally new or so successful we didn’t even have the same questions. 

From the initial onboarding form to the posts inside, my goal is to bring you solid resources, experts, and advice that will help you wherever you are in your business.

I am consistently seeking feedback from the community and each month’s topic is based solely on the needs of our members, including you (and the feedback provided). This way, you get what you actually need.

Worried we won’t cover topics relevant to YOUR business? 

Catherine Taylor 

Callie Hebert 

Ben Tone 

Lindsey Rogers 

"I have learned quite a few new tips, tricks and new ways to make a wedding day flow better for myself and for my clients! "

"Catherine is a rockstar...I can see why she is one of the best in the industry. I feel like I am right there with her while she's teaching. The hard work that goes into Cat's education is apparent. "

"I'm thankful that Cat has helped me better step up my wedding business game. I am feeling stronger in what to say and how to run my business."

"Catherine is SO good with business and has helped me transform mine. She really breaks down the ins and outs of not only the HOW but the WHY. I am now so confident and running a strong, successful business!"

Even More Reviews

of past course students

If you could Google your way into a successful photography business, you would’ve done it by now.

Let’s be honest...

You’re smart. You can figure things out. But the truth is…It's challenging to find the information you really need in a simplified way, consolidated in one place. 

In addition, you have SPECIFIC questions (that sometimes pop up unannounced) and you want to speak with other people who actually understand!


That’s where a dedicated photography business membership like this can help you.

No more sorting through an abundance of articles on Google. Let's turn “generic” business advice into action items that work for you.

You’ll get real resources and strategies delivered directly into the forum and your unique member portal.

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Add Your Chapter One Title Here 



Imagine where your photography business would be…

If you had monthly, dedicated time + resources to help it thrive.

It’s time to build the business you’ve always wanted.

How your membership pays for itself...literally

To show my appreciation, your Wedding Photography Society membership will come with a $25 monthly discount to my education shop!

Your investment into the membership ultimately comes back to you every month.

Additionally, you'll have access to many guest exclusive discounts, deals, and resources including a SPECIAL offering when my Full Time Wedding Photography Course drops!


frequently asked

Yes! You'll have access to Cat during the LIVE Q&A calls as well as throughout the month in the community for questions. 

While this advice can be applied to portrait photography, the membership will be primarily focused around wedding photography and the specifics of succeeding in this industry. However, I do believe there will be information shared applicable to other genres in the space.

Registration will only be open for a short period of time. Once it’s closed, it’s closed. However, you will have the opportunity to register when it opens again (date TBD). 

Unlike a course, members of WPS are granted access to content and community during the ACTIVE period of their subscription. Once a CANCELLATION goes into effect, the previously active member's access will be revoked. 
WPS is designed in subscription format to make it more easily accessible and affordable for those who desire consistent content.
Every member has 30 days from the date of payment to access the content. Even if cancellation occurs in the middle of that pay period, the member still has access for the remainder of the 30 days..
Lastly, if a payment comes through when a member was thinking of cancelling, there is a 72 hour grace period to still cancel without being charged for the next month. 
If ownership and the ability to watch content for a lifetime is desired, we encourage those students to enroll in one of our courses.

You can contact us directly at and we'll help you in any way we can. You can expect a real response (often via email) talking you through the pros and cons of your specific situation. 

Ready to commit to your business growth on a monthly basis, with the help of experts and a community of industry peers?