Be my virtual second-shooter! See behind the scenes of this wedding day and watch as I create stunning wedding images in real time. I'll talk you through this immersive experience, with live footage, commentary and play-by-play in-frame images.  




A mini-course designed to provide you with an in-depth second-shooter experience - I'll take you through an entire wedding day!


Learn with an experienced wedding photographer from the comfort of your couch

Are you...

Unsure about what kind of gear to bringand how to approach light and composition?

 Looking for a way to get on-the-scene experience alongside a seasoned professional?

 Excited to build your portfolio and level up your understanding of wedding photography?

Successfully growing your photography careerand searching for proven ways to improve?

Ready to grow your business and book morewedding photography jobs?

Interested in learning the exactly how to create an excellent client experience and get consistent work?


I've shot over 500 weddings, so you can feel confident in learning from my experience. Avoid all my mistakes and use all my best tips and strategies!

I remember when I was just beginning my career as a professional photographer – I knew I wanted to shoot  weddings, but it was impossible to build my own portfolio of ideal client work! That's why I created "Walk Through a Wedding Day" for you. You can learn tangible, easy-to-implement skills without having to land your own client.

You want to improve your skills, but where do you start?


Peek Into the Power of "Walk Through a Wedding Day" 


“I was telling my husband that I need to shadow someone/have some second shooter experiences and this was a treat to watch for me! I was able to study and watch the videos last night and I just have to say they were amazing; Catherine is a rockstar...I can see why she is one of the best in the business! This video is in depth, and felt as if I was there! I’m so appreciative of this course and it is very apparent all the hard work that has gone into this!!

- Callie Hebert

Tag along for every part of the wedding day, from hair & makeup to the dance floor









“This is a very helpful resource! I learned quite a few new tips, trick and ways to make a wedding day flow better for myself & my clients! There are so many times I wished I could be a fly on a wall at weddings. With this video, I could do that!.

Watching this video, is probably better than assisting since you can rewatch, make notes, and get far more information than in person regarding client interactions and how to handle different situations. It’s like learning a new language! This video is the closest to an immersive experience you can get without actually being physically there."

- Catherine Taylor

Get the full wedding experience without leaving your house

No membership fees. No subscriptions. 24/7 Access.


This in-depth & behind-the-scenes walkthrough of a real wedding day gives you the photography experience and know-how you've been searching for.

It's time to ditch the guesswork, show up with confidence, and grow your photography business with the skills and techniques you'll learn with me! 

“Being able to experience a wedding day alongside Catherine’s insight has been absolutely invaluable for me.”

- Alexander Breaux

Get ready to: 

• Witness how we work and troubleshoot an entire wedding day

 • See the photos I shoot in real time throughout the wedding day

• Get an inside look at all of the moving parts and insider experience

• Tag along with me as I shoot a real (gorgeous) wedding

• Learn the ins and outs of our expert wedding photography approach

“Catherine's approach and meticulous attention to detail helped me better understand what was keeping my good shots from becoming great ones! Her ability to set up an image so perfectly is a testament to her experience in and passion for this industry. I highly recommend this course for photographers of all levels! You will absolutely learn a ton from Catherine Guidry, hands down!”

- William Keller


The entire wedding is split up into important parts of the day in chronological order, so you get the full experience. Get tips, tricks, and walk-throughs for each section including prep, first look/formal portraits, ceremony and reception.

Multiple Hours of Behind the Scenes Content from a Real Wedding Day

 Wedding days can be extremely stressful & fast-paced, which  makes it difficult for a photographer to really walk you through every detail & give you all of the information you need. With this virtual experience, I'm really able to give you all of the ins and outs as we go along, so you know exactly what I'm thinking and doing throughout the entire day. 

Play-by-play commentary analyzing the why's and how's of wedding photography in action

You get to see all the images the client sees, not just an Instagram highlight reel hand-selected by a photographer. The images are displayed side-by-by with the actual wedding day action, so you can witness it being translated from in-person to the camera.

See Every Image Delivered to the Client

You're also getting an example timeline/ shot list! With this, you'll get a really accurate idea of our flow on a wedding day and can use this document to structure your next event. 

I am also always available for questions to our students, so simply ask or comment in the platform!

Example Timeline and Shot List

"It's a challenge to find a photographer willing to others second shoot or even shadow them on a wedding day. Because of this video, I was able to learn and watch a seasoned professional work!"

- Siena Rozzelle

You're ready to grow, but you aren't exactly sure how. You love learning, but don't always have the time for it because you're, you know, dealing with life and all the things! 

But you are willing to put in the time and hard work because you believe in the importance of continuing education and know that you've got to invest in yourself to get where you want to go.

I can relate to all of this. My life is busy and sometimes chaotic, but I continue to  invest in my own education year after year because it matters.

I'm all about cutting through the fluff and giving you everything you need. Walk Through a Wedding Day is designed to help you right away, and that's how I create every digital product and resource. When you join this community, I hope to work with you not just for this one course, but for years to come!

I’m a loyalist. Gratitude is my love language. And although I have a masters degree in architecture, photography is my one true passion.

I am always available for questions or guidance. My priority is making sure you feel happy, understood and taken care of throughout your learning experience!

I believe your career should be something you love. Something you are willing to go through the good times and hard times for in order to accomplish your dreams.

I serve photographers searching for long-term, sustainable business and photographic growth who are overwhelmed by an educational environment promising quick fixes and overnight successes.

about catherine

This piece is great and as close to in real life shadowing as you can get! I really enjoyed how Catherine explained the "why" whenever she did something. I had SO many AHA moments due to her "I am doing this because of that" format. I loved seeing what a real wedding day is like in real time, with all it's chaos! 

- Brittney McZeal

Investing in Your Business is the Best Way to Grow

Start learning today!


One-on-one full day wedding mentoring:

• 3+ hours of on-the-scene footage from a REAL wedding

• Example timeline

• Shot list for each part of the day

• Live footage of me shooting

• Frame-in-frame commentary

• Frame-in-frame real-time images

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Walk Through a Wedding Day

As an entrepreneur who started my business from the ground up, I realize that sometimes finances can be hard. But I don't want that to stop you from growing and building your budding career as a photographer!

If you are interested in Walk Through a Wedding Day but cannot afford the up front payment, we are now offering a payment plan option just for you! 

We hope this allows you to take those next steps in your journey to building your confidence, reputation and skill set so that you can be profitable and grow in your business!

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Payment Plan

"I just have to say this course was so great! Being able to get your insights on an actual wedding day is priceless! I am excited for my next wedding to take what I've learned and apply it. There are so many little things that I hadn't thought of that will make my client experience that much better."

- Nicole Simensky


Just send an email to and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours
Office hours are Tuesdays - Fridays, 10-4 (excluding major holidays)

Learn how to Create the Beautiful, Timeless Images You Dream of

This sounds great, but what if…

...I’m already swamped? I don’t have enough time or space on my to-do list.

...I'm not convinced that an online experience would be helpful to me? I feel like this should be an in-person experience.

I am SO glad you asked this! I know you’re busy. That’s why I built this course in a way that allows you to complete everything at your own pace! Though the entire wedding day is compacted into just over a few hours chock-full of information, I know that schedules can be tight & you may not have the time to complete everything all in one go. That's why the day is divided up into sections for you! Plus, once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to ALL of the instructional material.

I totally understand your concern here! The reason I created this course for you is because I struggled to find opportunities to shoot alongside seasoned professionals while I was in the beginning years of my photography journey. In addition, it's very difficult to get the permissions needed to have an additional shooter on a wedding day!
How can you improve yourself & your portfolio when you aren't given the chance to get that first-hand look into the world of weddings in the first place? Plus, there's the time, right? Transportation and being away from work and life at home can be tough. With an online experience, you can go through the content from the comfort of your own home & at your own leisure!
Plus, you'll have the entire experience to refer back to! I'm able to show you play-by-play images as I take them real-time, whereas it would be very difficult to do this physically while simultaneously shooting a wedding. With this online walk-through, I'm able to walk you through my entire thought process on a wedding day!

...I've been a working photographer for quite some time now. I don’t think this will help me.

No matter how much experience you have as a photographer, there is always something more to learn or another perspective to hear! I will always take advantage of opportunities to learn from my peers, and likewise I always recommend the same to anybody in the community! I'm sure you have your own methods, tips, tricks, & processes already. However, seeing another photographer's approach is always so insightful and can provide new strategies you didn't think of before.

Still having trouble deciding?
 Walk Through a Wedding Day is perfect for you if you are…

• Excited to learn how to interact with clients during a wedding day & how to ensure stellar reviews & referrals

 • Looking to pursue wedding photography & want to be prepared and confident for your first wedding shoot

• Already shooting weddings, but looking to improve your photography skills & gain the perspective of a seasoned professional

• Struggling to find an opportunity to do more photography, but really want to build your repertoire 

• Unsure of what direction you'd like to move forward in with your photography career & you'd like to get an in-depth look at what wedding photography could offer you

• Interested in investing in your education & yourself as a photographer! I know you're working hard building your business - you owe it to yourself to keep building & learning forever

• Ready to benefit from the tips & tricks I've packed into this course that I've developed over 10+ years of wedding photography experience

• Ready to learn how to plan for, execute, & deliver stunning wedding images that your clients will rave about for years to come

If you can say “Yes, that’s me!’ to even one of these questions, then Walk Through a Wedding Day is perfect for you, and I look forward to seeing you inside!