057: Kat Schmoyer - Education for Creatives - Catherine Guidry

April 18, 2019

057: Kat Schmoyer – Education for Creatives

Have you ever been to a conference and felt that little bit of magic that’s made when a group of passionate, like-minded people come together? The room buzzes with energy and excitement. There is such a value to spending a weekend completely immersed in your craft, learning from both educators and attendees alike. So much so, that this form of investing in your business has grown into a huge market!

Our guest on the podcast today is Kat Schmoyer who chased her dream of hosting a conference for creatives, which has grown into Creative at Heart. After starting her wedding planning business, she saw a gap in the market for a certain type of conference. Creative at Heart was unique because it doesn’t just educate or provide networking opportunities: it very intentionally links these two to craft an experience where attendees feel like they’re on the same playing field as the speakers. Education is used as the framework for building connections, friendships, and community. Attendees leave the conference not only with new relationships, but also with a notebook full of ways to grow their business!

If you can’t already tell, Kat is a hustler. In the past 4 years she has started 3 companies and grew 2 while working a full time job! She follows her passions and instincts, frames a clear idea of what she wants, and goes after it full throttle. She understands that she’s going to get some no’s on the way to a yes. She is SUCH an inspiration!

Kat is both powerful and endearing and gives us some major insight into the world of conferences and also shares her real-life struggles. Whether you’re thinking about attending a conference, wanting to speak at one, or even if you dream of hosting, this podcast is for you! I can’t wait to hear what you think!!


  • What the Creative at Heart Conference is and how Kat started it
  • Tips for pitching a new conference to potential educators
  • Mistakes Kat made in developing the conference
  • What causes conferences to fail
  • In-person vs online learning
  • Where Creative at Heart is headed next

Register for Creative at Heart
Kat’s Website
Creative at Heart’s Instagram
Kat’s Instagram

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