May 8, 2019

059: Kim Starr Wise – Building a Business in a Luxury Market

When you’re just starting out as a creative professional, it’s so common to spend your days dreaming about making it into the luxury market, or even just having the chance to participate in events of that scale. But what exactly are luxury events all about? Luxury is not just putting beautiful floral arrangements on tables. It’s scale, budget, look, details, and quality all working together to create an experience. It’s not just being able to dream something up, but also being able to execute. It’s meeting impossibly high expectations!

Our guest on the podcast today is the incredible Kim Starr Wise, and her work is luxury in every sense of the word. She is truly a visionary when it comes to florals and dominates the market. She’s a third generation floral designer with over 2 decades of experience, and she has grown her business into a multi-event production house catering to luxury clients! Her work is SUCH a dream. 

Kim has built a thriving luxury career on the foundation she established while working jobs ranging from mom and pop flower shops to massive floral event companies and wholesalers. You’re going to love hearing her journey and the lessons she picked up along the way with each different job!


  • How Kim got started in the floral industry and worked her way up to luxury markets
  • How Kim contributes to a client’s design beyond the realm of florals
  • The logistics of being a traveling florals
  • Mistakes Kim has experienced
  • How to price for your market
  • Advice for making it into the luxury market

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