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January 28, 2020

How I Upgraded My Client Experience with CloudSpot

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There’s as many ways to run a photography business as there are photographers out there – that is to say there’s a lot of options out there for cameras, editing programs, websites, client management systems…the list goes on. Online gallery platforms are no exception: if you’re a photographer who offers digital files to your clients, you’ve probably spent some of your precious time shuffling through 20 tabs of different online gallery options, feeling your eyes start to cross and wondering if there’s really any difference between them all.

You probably already know that your online gallery is a vital touch point in your client experience. A great online gallery should give your clients that jaw-dropping, champagne-popping moment when they open that long-awaited email letting them know their photos are ready. It should help your clients get those photos off of their screens and onto their walls with print and product options that don’t require advanced calculus to understand.

And, most importantly? It should be effortless to use – so you can spend less time in your inbox explaining to your clients what password they need to use to download their photos, and more time doing….well, anything else!

Let me help you cut down on the noise, because I’ve got a solution that gives your clients an unforgettable, elevated experience of receiving their treasured photos: CloudSpot.

Client experience

Here’s the thing: a great client experience is all about removing friction. Even if your online gallery has all the bells and whistles, none of it matters if your clients have a clunky maze of menus and forms to navigate through to view their photos. Upgrading your gallery platform is one of the most effective ways to add to a polished, professional experience for your clients.

CloudSpot takes away all that extra work from your clients, and gives them exactly what they want: easy, effortless access to the photos they invested so much in! No need for complicated instructions, download PINs, or overwhelming emails. Your clients just click a button and see their photos!

Plus, CloudSpot’s minimal and clean design puts the spotlight on your photos, not on the software. Your clients will be totally immersed in their gallery as they scroll through, which is one of my favorite parts of the platform. You can even incorporate video or slideshows into your clients’ galleries to create a completely unforgettable experience.

Turn your clients into ambassadors

Another frustrating part about many traditional online gallery platforms is that they were built before everyone started carrying around an iPhone – which means your clients can’t easily view or share their photos on the screen they carry around with them all day.

CloudSpot is totally mobile-optimized, from viewing to downloading to sharing. That means your clients don’t have to fire up their laptop just to grab that favorite photo they want to post on Instagram or send to their best friend.

You can even create a custom mobile app for each individual client, in less time than it takes to give the barista your order for that third latte you really need. Not only will your clients be incredibly impressed, but they’ll have an even easier way to share your work with their friends and family.

Seamless selling, so your clients can get those photos on their walls

CloudSpot has a robust yet streamlined sales system, so you can spend less time on price sheets and product catalogs. Whether you want to offer digital downloads, physical prints, or both, you can set up your storefront with just a few minutes of configuring the options to your needs.

Most importantly, you won’t be losing any of those print sales to commission fees – CloudSpot charges 0% commission on all your sales, as long as you’re on a paid plan.

You can choose to have your clients’ orders automatically fulfilled through White House Custom Color, or set up your own custom fulfillment catalog for orders you want to print and ship yourself. Either way, your clients will enjoy a seamless experience so they can get those photos into their home!

Making the switch

On top of all the amazing features that make CloudSpot such a game-changer for delivering my clients’ images, their customer service is top-notch and incredibly responsive. They’ll give you a VIP walkthrough so you can figure out if the platform will be a good fit for you – and I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do!

In addition to their stellar customer service, CloudSpot also integrates with Dubsado, my client management platform. You can read all about why I switched to Dubsado (and score a discount there, too)! The Dubsado integration is truly the icing on the cake of my client experience, so that my clients truly feel taken care of every step of the way.

Right now, you can score an amazing deal to try out CloudSpot: you can try out any tier of the platform for 3 months for just $3 a month. There’s no contracts to lock into and no hoops to jump through. If you’re struggling with a clunky, old-fashioned online gallery, there’s truly no better time to make the switch. This awesome intro pricing only lasts through January 31, so be sure to snag it before it’s no longer available! Update: CloudSpot is extending their awesome intro pricing of $3/month for 3 months all the way through February! There’s seriously no better time to make the switch and get a gallery platform that works for you – instead of spending your precious time

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