Photo Education


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I recently had the honor and privilege of traveling to Ventura to visit Elizabeth Messina’s portrait studio. I have been a fan of Elizabeth and her work for many, many years now. Her work exudes an emotion that I have not seen from anyone else and a style that is very unique. I signed up […]

Elizabeth Messina: The Female Portrait

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About four or so years ago, I began shooting film. I attended several workshops lead by photographers such as Jose Villa, Caroline Tran and Jonathan Canlas and soon after a member of the Richard Photo Lab family! <3 It has been SO much fun learning and SUCH a challenge…but without a doubt, film helped me […]

Refined Presets

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If you are a photographer looking to get into film or hybrid photography, this is the episode for you!! I was recently a guest on The Ty’s Tech Line Podcast!! Ty and I discussed how all the things including : How to get started in film What gear you need How to choose your film […]

My Podcast Episode with Ty’s Tech Line

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After expanding to New Orleans (and working more regularly with destination clients) I began having to rely quite a bit on phone, skype and email to communicate with my clients. I was nervous when I transitioned out of in-person meetings; I was scared we wouldn’t develop the relationship that I so valued. And I was concerned this would […]

Pro Photographer’s Guide to Successfully Selling Products Online

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As a photographer, business owner, and entrepreneur I am constantlly looking for ways to better my business! Recently, I had the privilege of speaking for Black River Imaging at their WPPI booth! The Topic: “Selling With or Without a Studio.” I journeyed through a time of meeting in coffee shops, then to renting my own office space, […]

BRI Booth Recap: Selling Without a Studio

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As I stood on the corner of a street I wasn’t familiar with in Los Angeles…my phone died. I was on my way to Propel 2014 , but since I was early I had intentions of checking in and then taking a cab to visit Richard Photo Lab! What I didn’t know was that the […]

My Film Lab Visit: Richard Photo Lab (RPL)

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Last week, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Lindsey Rogers for her photo mentoring session! Aside from the fact that we ate lots of king cakes and bonded over coffee we talked lots about photography!!! It’s so much fun to see someone so full of energy and excitement, ready to take on the world! […]

One-on-One Photo Workshops

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Every six months, I evaluate the way I’m doing things. One part of my photography business that’s evolved over the past few years is my collections or what my clients choose to purchase when they hire me as their wedding photographer. Initially, I was offering the service of photography for engagements, bridals, and the wedding day […]

The Switch From Digital to Print

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It’s been quite the journey this year. In March of last year, I was part of the creativeLIVE Spotlight event. And in that moment I learned that sharing my photography experiences was something I would continue to challenge myself to do in the upcoming months. After the creativeLIVE event, George Varanakis introduced me to Brandon […]

A NOLA Photography Workshop

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It’s been quite the journey of figuring out how I like to shoot as a wedding photographer and what gear I prefer to carry when. For example, I started out shooting zoom lenses, then switched to primes because they’re sharper and faster. Recently I switched back to zoom lenses because I’d rather catch a moment […]

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