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February 27, 2014

Confessions of a New Film Shooter

Wedding season is in full swing! I made a promise to myself as my New Year’s Resolution to work toward blogging every day; it’s gotten a bit tough this week with the sessions and weddings so I’m back to it today! And I thought it’d be fun today to update the blog with something exciting going on in my work world!

Some of you may already know but….

* I’ve started shooting film!

I feel like I should clarify; this is not videography but rather medium format stills (old school…you know, “dark room type photography”). I sound like I really know what I’m talking about there. haha But really, I’ve found this is the best way to explain it to others so that they know what I’m talking about. And then they see my rolls on the inserts and they’re like OOOHHHH. 😉

I bought my first Contax in April of last year and it’s been a journey since. So far, I’ve made lots of mistakes but I’m learning every step of the way. Every time I feel like I’ve made ALL the mistakes I could possibly make, I make another one. LOL

…. I’ve put black & white film in when it was supposed to be color

……left in my dark slide (for 10 rolls…not cool)

…….tested my camera with a polaroid back  and then forgot to change my aperture

……accidentally spun my aperture ring

…..forgot to bring an extra film camera battery

…..unrolled an exposed roll.

…..and I’m sure the list will only lengthen.

THANKFULLY<<<I’m still backing up everything digitally and I’m so happy I am. I’m convinced I’ll keep this up until I can go at least a 6-month streak without making any mistakes.

Also to clarify, I am still shooting weddings digitally. I’m not sure how I’ll move forward regarding weddings from here. For now, I’m shooting a few rolls on the wedding day but digital is my focus there.

I’m so grateful to my clients who have been nothing but supportive of the process. So far, I’ve received only WONDERFUL responses in regards to the transition and I hope to only continue getting better in the upcoming months!

Now that I’m starting to get a better grasp on film, I think the HARDEST part is waiting for the rolls! I can totally relate to what my clients are feeling, because I think I’m just as anxious to begin the editing process as they are to receive their images!!!!

Last week, I photographed an engagement session at the beautiful Rip Van Winkle Gardens! While there, I ran into my SUPER talented and sweet friend/photographer Kaylynn Marie. She was there photographing a wedding and when we passed she grabbed this shot (so thoughtful!) 🙂

There I am … Chelsea Ona Bag in tow with my D3s, and my Contax & light meter in hand. I’m looking forward to posting several recent shoots in the upcoming weeks so please stay posted!

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