June 18, 2013

Featured Vendor: Joli Petale

Less than a year ago, I met a special woman. She’s someone who truly lights up a room with her lively personality, sense of humor, and quirky personality! She’s driven…and creative, someone that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with on several shoots over the past few months.

This woman is my good friend Sophie of Joli Petale. Sophie has created a vision for her business that I  know my clients would love so I had to share for this month’s Featured Vendor Spot!

Joli Petale is an accessories business focused around the bride and her bridesmaids. Everything from earrings and necklaces, to belts and clutches can be found on her site.


I interviewed Sophie for this month’s vendor spot:

How do we know each other? 🙂 
I met Catherine through mutual friends. Thankfully I have wonderful friends!

What makes what you do different?
I absolutely love what I do. I love to be a part of such a wonderful day in a woman’s life. I am passionate for love and all things pretty. I am fully confident in knowing that this is where God has me and for Him I will work as hard as I can for each and every bride.

What is one tip you have for the couple to help them on their wedding day?
I love what I do but at the end of it all, it’s about the love that couple has for each other. I would advise them to fully embrace that and not get caught up in the little things. In the moments that seem overwhelming take a deep breath and give each other a big hug!

What do you enjoy most about being in the wedding industry?
This is easy… I love the people. I have made so many wonderful friends through this industry and it’s amazing to see everyone so supportive of one another. It’s a beautiful thing when everyone can work together.

What is your favorite thing about owning/running your business?
I love being able to let my creative side run wild. Joli Petale is who I am . It teaches me and molds me into a better person and business woman everyday.

What is your proudest moment and what hopes do you have for your future?
My proudest moment was when I was in town and the sweetest girl came up to me and asked if I was Joli Petale. It was the moment I realized, “Wow, my work is really catching on!”

I don’t want to put myself or my work in a box but everyday I pray for wisdom and new opportunities. But I would absolutely love for Joli Petale to be my full time job one day.


What’s the best way for someone to reach you for more information?
Email me at jolipetale@gmail.com or simply just message me on Facebook : facebook.com/jolipetale