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April 16, 2021

How to Use Pinterest & Tailwind to Market your Photo Business

Pinterest s a great tool to utilize for free marketing and generating traffic to your website. Not only is it a great place to post original content, but it’s also a really good way to find inspiration and repost the content of others!

A very useful program to use along with Pinterest is Tailwind. Tailwind has a multitude of tools and features that can aid you with your Pinterest marketing venture!

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is Tailwind? The Tailwind team describes their program as a “visual marketing co-pilot for winning on Instagram and Pinterest.” Yes, that’s right! You can also use Tailwind as a tool to help you with your Instagram presence. In this post, we will be focusing more on the Pinterest aspect. Using this marketing suite, you’re able to create, schedule, repost, and analyze content all in one place!

Before we dive in please note that I am in no way affiliated with Tailwind..we simply enjoy promoting software and tools we find useful!

Here are some aspects of Tailwind I’ve found most helpful:

The Google Chrome Tailwind Plug-in

If you take away one thing from this blog post, let it be this!! This tool has saved me so much time when it comes to reposting relevant content to my Pinterest boards. Here’s how it works: Navigate to any page with multiple images that you’d like to schedule to post (for example, enter a term into the Pinterest search bar that provides results that apply to the subject matter of your board(s)), and then click the Tailwind plug-in icon. This will bring up a window that will be populated by those images, along with their titles and descriptions! You can then determine which posts get pinned to which boards and schedule them all at once! This makes it easy to keep your queue (scheduled posts) relevant and full!

You can download this extension here!

Here’s an example of what this process looks like:

*** A quick tip: You can also navigate to the “More Ideas” section of each of your boards to find similar posts quickly and easily!

Tailwind Communities

Posting to Tailwind Communities boosts engagement and interaction! You are only allowed 30 pins to be posted within communities each month, and I recommend taking advantage of that number. However, don’t forget that part of being a Community Member involves the reposting of the content of other Community Members!!! Each community will typically have their own rules, but a very common ratio to stick to is 1:1. SO, for every original post you make to that community, repost one pin belonging to somebody else!


SmartLoops are great for keeping up with a steady stream of original content. With this feature, you can set time intervals for which a post will be reposted in your schedule! This is also a really good way to fill up your queue and boost traffic to your website. Another thing I really like about SmartLoops is that the placement of these particular posts isn’t changed in your schedule when you shuffle your queue. This strategy makes it really easy to maintain a good balance between posting your own content and reposting the content of others.

Suggested Timeslots

One really nice thing about Tailwind is that it will analyze what times and which days people are more likely to engage with your content! Those times are provided to you in a list, where you can pick and choose which time slots you’d like to include on your weekly schedule. Each of those time slots will appear in your queue, and the pins you choose to post will fill up those slots!

Here’s what that looks like:

Pinterest has become a major tool for us in promoting our business (not only to photo clients but also in an effort to help other photographers and grow our email list!) I hope you found these tips helpful!! Thank you for reading and I wish you luck in your marketing journey online!

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