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July 16, 2019

Five Favorite Personal Items

I thought it’d be fun in light of Amazon Prime day to share my Top 5 most used Personal Items. These are things that I find myself purchasing from Amazon over and over again. They’re practical, inexpensive and I love them!

  1. Screw Top Yeti Tumbler

I literally take this everywhere! It’s SO convenient and I’m a huge lover of the environment so I love that it eliminates my need for plastic. The screw top is also a game changer for road trips, tossing it in a bag and never worrying that it will spill on nice things!

I have also since purchased the top at below the yeti as an option on wedding days when I feel more rushed and don’t want to have to screw the top completely on and off. It’s also nice not to have to turn the bottle up to drink (as it has a reusable straw!

2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Yall. Game. Changer. The reason why I’m so excited to share all of these products that I love is because they’ve been so wonderful for convenience!! My hair is the type that if I don’t wash it daily, it’s oily. End of story! This product is the first dry shampoo that ACTUALLY works for me. If you don’t believe me…just do a little reading about it:

4. It’s a 10 – Leave In

My friend and hair dresser Sara Buteaux introduced this product to me when I went from being a brunette to a blonde. With so much bleach on my hair it was drying out the strands. This product is the only thing I’ve found that keeps my hair shiny and healthy despite the color!! I’m obsessed. (And it smells good)

5. Neutrogena Moisturizer

Six months ago, I decided I was over foundation. It felt heavy on my skin and I honestly just wanted something light and easy. This moisturizer works so well with my combination skin and I’m so happy to no longer be wearing full coverage makeup. I find that my skin is healthier now and I feel better! I use the fair blend for my skin but it does come in a variety of shades (plus SPF is in the blend!)

5. Melatonine Gummies

I hesitated to share this one..but honestly, it’s been so helpful for me this year. I’ve always struggled with sleep. I think it’s just hard to shut my brain off at night. I did a bit of reading and in addition to working out during the day, these gummies (taken 2 hours before bedtime) have ensured that when my head hits the pillow, I get to sleep. I had to share because someone else may be out there struggling with this too. I hope it helps!!

BONUSES: 🙂 Cotton Summer Jumpsuit – I have it in Green and in Black

This jumpsuit is super cute and every time I wear it …I get so many compliments. It’s comfy and cute especially for when I don’t feel like getting dressed up. I pair it with my Steve Madden slip ons and I’m ready for the day! <3 Who would have thought Amazon sold cute clothes? This was definitely a new revelation for me this year!

*Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate and do receive a commission on sales made from this website. If you found this information helpful I would love to hear from you! And also…be sure to share your favorites!

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