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July 16, 2019

Favorite Household Items

1. Charging Stations

We initially purchased these for our Airbnb. Being that it was an older home, not all of the outlets were located near the bed. However, after receiving so many compliments about these chargers we decided to try them for ourselves and ended up putting them beside our bed! It works great for spaces where the outlets aren’t nearby…I also love that you don’t need a plug to charge your devices! These are so great for bedrooms or areas where you’re using your phones a lot!

2. Shampoo and Conditioner Containers

This happened a lot in the process of renovating our home: I would find something and purchase it for the AirBnb, then love it so much I would want it for our own home. I love these containers and find they really dress up our bathrooms! It also allows me to buy shampoo/conditioner in bulk and save money/plastic by using less of the smaller bottles. It always looks so good and friends and guests are always inquiring about these!!

3. Towel Racks

We have VERY little wall space and almost no room for large, bulky items in the bathroom. These little holders are perfect for holding a lot of towels in a small space! Initially I thought rolling the towels would get annoying but I really love the look of the towels on display! We actually purchased this item in chrome to match the rest of the items in our bathroom but it’s available in satin too!

4. Wooden Entryway or Bathroom Tables

I didn’t realize I’d have so many favorite bathroom items! LOL I suppose because our bathrooms are SO tiny..and we spent a TON of time making them functional I’m really proud of these spaces. With this table I needed something that didn’t stick off the wall very much but could be used to hold makeup, curling iron, etc. We actually purchased this table, painted it white and then had a small marble top added and glued to it! It is absolutely beautiful finished!!

5. Plant Moisture Reader

Thanks to our friends Caitlin + Thad..we’ve become so interested in plants as of late! I was having a lot of trouble keeping my fiddle leaf happy and found this product online! It’s great because it probes about 8-10″ below the top of the soil line and can truly let you know if the plant needs more water or not! Sometimes, the top layer can be deceiving. As someone with somewhat of a young green thumb, this product has been so helpful for me!

6. Roll Up Dish Rack

I don’t know if you’re anything like me…but I really don’t like things sitting on my countertop: including a dish rack. This one is perfect in that I can take it out when I need to dry dishes over the sink and I can put it away once everything is clean and dry! Even my mom and best friend saw mine and purchased one for themselves! I initially forgot to put this in the post and then a friend reminded me of how great a household item this is!

7. The Softest Bed Sheets

So, we have these sheets in our AirBnb and ya’ll. We get SO many compliments on these!!! Since, my entire family has purchased them for their homes as have our friends! lol (And of course…so did we!) They’re also very easy to clean and durable, too! They were top rated on Amazon and now I understand why.

Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate and do receive a commission on sales made from this website. If you found this information helpful I would love to hear from you! And also…be sure to share your favorites!

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