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Today on the podcast, I am chatting with my husband, Brad, and the topic is fear! Today we will be sharing stories of fear in our lives. Everyone experiences fear at some point, and so we felt it was necessary to be vulnerable and share a few of ours with you!


  • A few of our fears
  • Things we were afraid of doing and still failed
  • Things we were afraid of doing and succeeded
  • What causes fear
  • How to overcome fear

In your mind, before you do something you are fearful of, all you can picture are the worst case scenarios. But, most of the time when you are fearful, no one can tell what you are thinking unless you show them. If you can, control your emotion calm yourself down and no one will be able to tell you are fearful!

What causes fear

Difficulty: You get into a groove with your lifestyle. But when you start to think about doing something different, this means you have to change up your routine and learn something new – which can sometimes be difficult. Going from ten years of focusing solely on photography to starting the podcast came with difficulties and the challenge of learning something new. But once you develop the mental decision to make a change it gets easier and easier to get out of your comfort zone!

Challenge: At first when you think you cannot complete a task it might be because it is too challenging! However if you do tackle the challenge, you will feel like you can accomplish anything!!

Pride: When it comes to things you do and take on it can be easy to be prideful! Ultimately this is how you feel about yourself and no one wants to feel bad about themselves! LOL You really just have to learn to look past this pride though in order to really face those fears head on!

How to overcome fear

“Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Seeing the value in being uncomfortable is very important because discomfort will take you where you need to be. If you stay in your same comfort zone, you will not grow in the ways that you should! If you are feeling fear, soak it in and allow yourself to feel scared, but recognize it and get over it. You can also write down your fears or talk them out with loved ones.

Preparation is another great way to overcome fear. Being  as prepared as possible for any situation will always make you feel more relaxed. Although it is still easy to feel fear about things, the more prepared you are the less fear you will feel. Overall, process the fear however you feel works best for you. You have to love yourself for exactly who you are!

“On the outside, we all look very different, but on the inside we are the same.” – unknown

“Do not allow your mind to make you quit” – David Goggins

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035: MMM – What Causes Fear and How to Overcome It

March 14, 2018