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Today I am interviewing an ads strategist with soul and purpose! With a degree in anthropology, she has an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and now uses her own business to helping others market theirs! She previously worked as an ads manager for a rapidly growing 6-figure digital marketing agency. Since, she has started her own mission-aligned agency, Resonate with Sara, where she works to amplify the impact of people doing good work in the world with Facebook and Instagram ads. Welcome to the podcast Sara Yamtich!


  • Targeting different types of audiences
  • Why Facebook? Is it going anywhere?
  • Tips for someone looking to create an ad for their business
  • Mistakes made along the way
  • Mistakes others are making in the industry
  • Mistakes Sara sees with ads


Targeting different types of audiences

Sara works with her clients to bring their best self into the limelight and in front of audiences. There’s two different types of audiences: warm and cold. Warm audiences are people who already know about you. Maybe they’ve clicked on your page, viewed your videos, or are on your email list. They’ve engaged with you in some way. Cold audiences are broken down into interest-based audiences or lookalike audiences. Interest-based audiences are people who you can target who share a common interest. Lookalike audiences are created when Facebook takes your email list and extrapolates that data to create an audience with the same online behavior and demographic. If you want to build your warm audience and target your cold audience, one of the nest ways to do it is make a lookalike audience. Sara helps her client figure out how to build her warm audience by engaging cold audiences, and the exact method depends on which stage of the funnel her client is at.

Why Facebook? Is it going anywhere?

While Facebook and Instagram are tied together, Facebook still has the monopoly. It’s good to use both, but Sara loves the features Facebook offers and feels like it offers a more personal connection than other social media sites. Until a replacement comes along that 2 million people jump to, Sara doesn’t see Facebook going anywhere anytime soon. One benefit of Facebook is using the Message Bot. It requires less copy and less work, and you don’t get their email addresses, but when a client subscribes to a bot they receive notifications over Facebook Messenger when you have an event, are offering a discount, etc. It feels very engaging and personal and keeps the audience engaged.

Tips for someone looking to create an ad for their business

Have proof of concept before embarking on a paid campaign. You can’t just create something and hope that an ad will make it sell. You need to be able to sell it to the people around you and the people in your world before selling it to cold audiences. Be strategic and have a plan in place. A one-off ad won’t get you far. Keep people moving through the tunnel and make sure you’re retargeting the people who are showing interest but not purchasing. Great copy is the secret weapon of an awesome ad. An eye-catching graphic will draw them in, but good copy will get into the hearts and minds of audiences. Always run multiple versions of your ads with different graphics and copy, and test these to see which is resonating with your audiences.

Mistakes made along the way

One mistake Sara made was staying too long in unhealthy situations that weren’t good for her. Signs were clear that she needed to move on, but she didn’t prioritize her wellbeing. If you find yourself in a toxic situation, take yourself out of the situation for a week and get some perspective and clarity. Soul search. Reflect. Prioritize and value self care! Another mistake Sara has made was taking the back seat when she should have been taking leadership. Have the confidence to know your self worth and stand up for yourself and your work.

Mistakes others are making in the industry

Often times people place more value on the bottom line over connecting with their clients or team. Know your purpose and ensure you’re in alignment with your mission in the world. Think of marketing as empathetically connecting to people who need your offerings and value your impact. Another mistake Sara sees is treating your clients like numbers and your colleagues like workers. View your colleagues as collaborators and friends, not as competition.

Mistakes seen in ads

People often don’t use the right types of ads. There are different kinds of campaigns you can create such as conversion, traffic, engagement, and page like. Be clear on your strategy and run the right type of campaign for your goals! Another mistake is not having a Facebook pixel on your page. If you’re an entrepreneur and think you may have any interest in running ads in the future, the Pixel is imperative. Once installed, it tracks all of the people who land on your website so you can reach out via ads to anyone who has been on your site.



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046: Sara Yamtich – Facebook + Instagram Ad Creation

June 6, 2018