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I am SO excited to kick off Season 2 of Mistakes Make Magic with an AMAZING guest and fellow podcaster Davey Jones! You heard me right… a podcast episode all about podcasting! Have you ever dreamed about starting your own podcast but get overwhelmed at the thought of where the heck to even start? What equipment to use? How to get anyone to agree to be interviewed? Or maybe you’re just a podcast junkie who is curious about what happens on the other side of the mic? Either way, this episode is for you!

A little about our guest…Davey Jones is a brand and content strategist. He is one half of the Davey and Krista team. He is the cofounder of the Rising Tide Society, wedding photographer, and former English teacher. His podcast “Brands That Book” is helping others with custom branding, website design, and search engine optimization.

Unsurprisingly, Davey is a dream of a podcast guest, and this was seriously one of my favorite podcast episodes to date! I think y’all are going to LOVE it. Can’t wait to hear what you think!


  • Why and how Davey decided to get into podcasting
  • Top tools and tips for recording and marketing your podcast
  • Mistakes Davey made along the way
  • What makes a good podcast guest and how to get them to say yes
  • Making the decision on when to pay for advertising


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051: Davey Jones – Getting Your Podcast Off the Ground: From Conception to Marketing

February 13, 2019