March 14, 2019

055: Shanna Skidmore: Becoming Financially Independent As a Creative

Today’s guest is a business strategist and financial coach for creative entrepreneurs. Nicknamed “The Dream Releaser” by her clients, she helps others make money by doing what they love. With backgrounds in finance, psychology, and art, she was able to marry those things together, rolling business and creativity all into one. Her greatest joy is watching others transform their stories, building businesses and lives they love.

Shanna had been on my radar for a long time, so I was so excited to chat with her!! Shanna shared some really awesome content and has this way of taking incredibly complex and intimidating ideas and explaining them in a way that sounds so simple. Her tips are applicable whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, have an established business, or even if you’re not a creative. Finances are universal! Welcome to the podcast, Shanna Skidmore!


  • How Shanna started helping entrepreneurs make money doing what they love
  • Mistakes Shanna has made and sees creative entrepreneurs making
  • The importance of enforcing business policies when it comes to payments
  • Numbers to know
  • Tips for building your team
  • Marketing strategies Shanna uses
  • How The Blueprint Model was created


The Blueprint Model

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