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005: Ashlyn Writes: How to Better Your Web Text and Launch Sales

October 10, 2017

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Today I am so excited to welcome Ashlyn Carter (photo by Callie Lindsay) to the show! Ashlyn has quickly risen to the top of her industry as calligrapher and copywriter. In the past, Ashlyn has done conversion copyrighting for big name companies such as Delta and Chick-fil-A and she has recently begun focusing on educating creative entrepreneurs! Through ups and downs in her career, Ashlyn has managed to continue to pursue her dream while inspiring others. Ashlyn shares about her journey and advice for those interested in learning more about how important copy is!


  • What is copy and copywriting?
  • Where Ashlyn began her career?
  • How to learn your voice, as well as your customers?
  • Why is good copy so important?
  • What are mistakes to avoid in copy on a website?
  • What are mistakes to avoid in launch copy?
  • How to work from a place of rest, not hustle?

What is copy and copywriting?
According to Ashlyn, copywriting is all the words that support the imagery elements of specific marketing collateral. The words that help a business inch closer to sales to their target customers, whether it be in an email or on their website are considered copy. Ashlyn has experience with all fields of copy but now focuses on website copy and conversion copy emails as well as launch funnel mapping. Businesses should always remember that it is not just about the product, it is about the words you are using as well. Ashlyn has a heart for sales and encourages us to never be afraid of them! Sales are what will allow you to do what you love.

Learn your voice, and your customers
In order to better write for your brand, know your voice! Study everything from the words you use to the way you sound when speaking. This can help to make your written words for natural and believable! It is also important to know your customers and how they speak so that you can speak to them in that language.

Why is good copy so important?
As buyers, we are constantly “not, not deciding”, it is more of an element of procrastination. Copy helps by explaining the value of the product and what it would add to someone’s life, which in turn helps someone realize the value of the product you are selling and how it can solve their problem. This really encourages people to make the decision of buying or not buying. Overall, your copy should be clear, so the consumers are able to quickly make that decision on their own.

Mistakes on website Copy?
– Avoid pages on websites that list out your services as if it was a junk drawer. Pages where all services are listed out with too much information are so overwhelming. Every service should speak to one person. If you have a service that is catered to Client A, list only services that speak to them on that page. Leave the services catered toward Client B for the next page.
– Try no to overwhelm the potential client with too many details too soon, especially regarding cost. Lead the consumer through the process, one step at at time.
– Do not get too hung up on a home page. Of course, the home page should be beautiful but more importantly, it should be clear. you have 8 seconds for a client to decide to continue on the site or not, so don’t take up important real estate or waste any time providing information that is not important.

Mistakes in Launch copy?
– Scarcity primes customers to buy, but a common mistake is mentioning scarcity too early. Ashlyn recommends no earlier than 48 hours (major tip!) Sometimes mentioning scarcity too early can even further coach procrastination for the customers.
– Learn what your values, mission statement, core values and overall elevator pitch is first! If this is something you can do yourself, that’s great! But, if you need expert advice, hire someone to help you because this copy is extremely important.

Working from a place of rest, not hustle:
Throughout Ashlyn’s life she has realized how passionate she is about her work. As a type- A woman who wants to achieve so many things, she has also had to learn how to balance rest with hustle.
Setting boundaries on your time is so important! Overall, your foundation and base level should be one of peace, and then hustle towards your passion. To avoid burnout, it is so important to make rest and peace a priority!!
And I want to wrap up these show notes with Ashlyn’s #1 piece of advice is “You don’t know everything. There is ALWAYS something to learn!”

Make it Happen by Laura Casey
Nancy Ray’s Foundations in Film 

Website: http://ashlynwrites.com
Social Media: @ashlynscarter
Interested in Ashlyn’s Courses? Visit: ashlynwrites.com/copyrightingforcreatives

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