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Wedding Venue & Catering : City Club at River Ranch
Wedding Planner: Hannah Trahan (
Wedding Cake: Crystal Weddings
Music: Bette Vidrine
Officiant: Andy Tribe
Bride’s Makeup: Sarah Buteaux (337.255.6432)
Bride’s Hair: Bleu Coiffure
Rentals: Event Rentals
Florals: Flowers by Rodney

“Rather than planning a birthday gathering, I’d rather plan a wedding with you.” These were the words that Mitch told Kim that day in the New Orleans airport. This was a day that Kim will remember forever. It was the day that she realized she had found the man she’d marry…the man, she’d spend the rest of her life with.

In a matter of weeks, Kim + Mitch planned the perfect day: a wedding which culminated the journey that started long before.

Their journey started at the Fox sports bar in Arizona where Mitch met Kim’s beautiful daughter Lindsay. Over time, Lindsay and Mitch developed a wonderful friendship! In passing, Kim says she met Mitch once or twice but never would have thought this is where they would be today.

The first time Kim really spent time with Mitch was during a dinner gathering. It was Lindsay and her fiance’ Matt, Kim, and a couple who’s friends with Mitch. Mitch sat beside Kim the entire night and they spent time getting to know one another. Kim says that at this point in their lives, she and Mitch know what they’re looking for and she feels so incredibly special and fortunate that they have found each other. They knew they wanted to be together and after Friday’s special day…it’s official. 🙂

I would like to say thank you so much to Hannah for introducing me to this beautiful couple. I feel so delighted to have been the one to document their day and to get to know them in this process. Kim has the most beautiful heart and truly loves with her entire soul. Mitch also compliments her with his laid back and generous attitude….and their laughter, especially when together can light up a room.

Kim + Mitch’s wedding was held at City Club and consisted of Kim’s family and so many that they love dearly. It was a wonderful experience to see not only their relationship with each other but also their relationships with the guests.

Thank you both so much for allowing Amelia and I into your lives and for giving us this opportunity to record these moments which I know you will cherish.


Kim + Mitch’s day began at their new home. Kim loves her family so dearly and I know she was so happy to have this chance to spend time and to share her day with them.

Kim, you are gorgeous!

Kim chose a beautiful champagne lace gown for her wedding day…..

Within minutes, it’s obvious the connection that Lindsay and her mom have. It is truly a special bond and the fact that they were able to get ready together, just the two of them was so wonderful.

….Kim absolutely adored her Badgley Mischka heels. And so. did. I! 🙂

After Mitch’s proposal to Kim, she and Mitch went together to find her ring. Kim says that Mitch actually chose this ring especially for her. She says that he told her it was the MOST beautiful ring he’s seen and he wanted this to be hers.

🙂 Meet Mitch! Truly an unforgettable, and genuine man.

The sweet moments that happen in between on a wedding day….AH! Love.

When Kim slipped into her wedding dress and turned to Lindsay, this was their reaction. Pure joy. 🙂 They both fought back tears…and smiled together.

Mitch spent time in the kitchen with Matt…simply living in the moment.

When Kim and Lindsay were dressed, they made their way to the front of Kim + Mitch’s home. I can FEEL the excitement when I see this image of Kim.

….And THIS was Mitch’s face when he saw her for the first time on their wedding day. WOW.

The day was very relaxed; just what they wanted. Before they made their way to City Club, the four of them spent time visiting and enjoying the day.

Kim + Mitch’s wedding was held in the Evangeline Room at City Club. Hannah did a wonderful job coordinating their day!

Ok….get ready, because I am so in love with love..and ecstatic to post these photos. We spent some time with just Kim + Mitch, shooting around City Club.

Kim looked stunning!!! 🙂

I just love this shot of them. They’re so comfortable with one another.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hands down, this is one of my favorite images from their wedding day!

Do you see the way Mitch looks at Kim?

Kim + Mitch had the perfect, and most unique wedding cake!

….and all the details to go along with it.

This is Kim’s granddaughter and her heart. When Chris arrived with her, she immediately shed tears…and I grabbed this image of them.


This was such an emotional moment for Kim and I know that she was so happy to have her son and her daughter giving her away.

Lindsay…so happy to see her mom marry Mitch.

Pure Joy.

During the vows, Kim turned to Mitch, promising to spend the rest of her life with him.

This. Is. SO. Beautiful. …. and really shows their love for each other.

Kim and Mitch had a sit down dinner with their friends and family.

They are truly like sisters…and have such a special bond.

It was a wonderful night and gave everyone the chance to spend time together and celebrate the wonderful occasion.

OH My GOODNESS>..she is SO cute!

When Chris made a toast to his mom, he spoke to everyone about her love for them. He told their family that Kim has given EVERYTHING to make them happy.

Through the years, she has sacrificed for them so that they could have the life they wanted. And he was so happy that Kim has found Mitch…and now has someone who can do the same for her.


Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Saltz

Kim + Mitch,

Thank you so much for giving Amelia and I the opportunity to photograph your wedding. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I am truly happy that you have found each other. You have inspired me…and shown me that our journeys in life, if we let them, can lead us to happiness. Your happiness with one another is evident and I am honored to have been chosen to share this special day.

I hope your upcoming reception is all that you dreamed of and that you enjoy your cruise as well! Congratulations!!! 🙂


City Club at River Ranch Wedding: Kim + Mitch

June 29, 2012