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July 5, 2013

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I’m not sure what gave us the crazy idea of shooting an outdoor session in the middle of summer…but I’m SO HAPPY WE DID!

I recently had the privilege and the honor of working with several local vendors on a styled shoot. I try my best to schedule sessions for clients in the most beautiful times of the year here (late feb – early april and late oct – late nov) so, the summers become the perfect time to build portfolio and be creative.

Every month, I feature one vendor that I believe in or feel would be a good fit for my clients. This month….I wanted to use the entire group because I firmly believe in each of these vendors.

Although not every member of the shoot is actually pictured below, I am referencing each of them here.

Styling and Coordination: Hannah Trahan
Concept + Accessories: Joli Petale
Florals: Flowers by Rodney
Hair/Makeup: Sara Buteaux
Stationary: Val Marie Paper
Vintage Clothing: Sky Blue Clothing Studio
Desserts: Indulge

Sophie of Joli Petale was really the one who initiated the styled event. It always takes one person with a vision…and in this case, it was her. Sophie is a true artist and is very passionate about her business of designing and creating accessories for women.


Below is Sara Buteaux, an incredible hair AND makeup artist. She’s a master at finding what makes each individual women beautiful…and accentuating that for her clients. Sara can do any look from dramatic to natural…and she’s a delight to work!


Hannah Trahan is INCREDIBLE. Where do I begin? I’ve never met anyone with her drive, discipline, and skills for organization. Ladies…I’ve heard over and over again that their biggest regret was not hiring a planner. Hannah is someone who definitely knows how to take control and make things happen.

For this shoot in particular, not only did Hannah coordinate with each of the vendors pre-shoot, but she also styled and brought it all together the day of.


Not pictured below are :

Rodney of Flowers by Rodney: I’ve worked with Rodney for so many weddings and the one thing that impresses me most is his patience and true care for the couple. He’s always wanting them to try enjoy their day and does a beautiful job with their florals. It was really neat to see Rodney create flowers for this shoot that were non-traditional…and gorgeous!

Barbara of Indulge: I met Barbara for the first time actually after this shoot. She’s a lovely business woman and I look forward to getting to know her better in the future. I think Indulge has a really awesome business model, being the only dessert bar in Lafayette and the type of desserts that are unique and delicious.

Valerie of Val Marie Paper: I feel like I couldn’t blog or write about Val enough. She’s such a good friend and I am thankful to have met her in this whirlwind of work and is someone that I very much value in my life. Val’s stationary is done with meticulous detail and vision…and she cares so much about her clients.

Sky Blue Clothing Studio: If you’re looking for classy vintage wear, Sky Blue Clothing located in Parc Lafayette is definitely the place to go. All the looks that will be seen, (including dresses, pants, and lovely slips) are from this studio! I absolutely cannot wait to share the images…especially to show off the variety that you can find somewhere like Sky Blue!


Thanks so much to everyone for participating in the shoot. I absolutely CANNOT wait to blog the images. To my readers…please be patient as we’re trying to get the images published. But as soon as we can post them…I will!

In the meantime…here’s a preview of the shoot! But oh…there’s so much more to come!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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