Hold Fast Money Maker Review! - Catherine Guidry Photography

April 22, 2014

Hold Fast Money Maker Review!

It’s been quite the journey of figuring out how I like to shoot as a wedding photographer and what gear I prefer to carry when.

For example, I started out shooting zoom lenses, then switched to primes because they’re sharper and faster. Recently I switched back to zoom lenses because I’d rather catch a moment than have a sharper image.
The way I shoot and the gear I carry is heavily influenced by my personal style which is why I’ve purchased the Hold fast’s Money Maker strap system.


Although I own the Think Tank International bag, I realized over time that I needed a way to mobilize specific equipment used more often including memory cards, batteries and my most importantly, my lenses. I started out with the Kelly Moore Classic Bag until it was discontinued and recently purchased the Ona Chelsea bag.

For portrait sessions, I’m currently shooting a mix of film and digital so my Money Maker holds one camera on each side. The same applies for the wedding day until I swap my contax for another d3s when shooting in dim light.

I’ve used camera straps before including the Black Rapid Cargo Strap and Fotostrap but I like the look and use of the Hold Fast Money Maker.


* The Money Maker‘s leather is smooth and doesn’t catch on the metal rings.

* It can be used with two cameras as well as with only one.

*As for the back rings, it may be worth keeping them in the case future product releases (Hold Fast does offer to remove them during the ordering process). Some have them removed because they catch on long hair.

UPDATE (2015): After using the moneymaker for a little over a year now, I have found that my hair is caught frequently in the back rings. I’ve since taped over them but if I were to order another set in the future I would opt to have the rings removed.

*A review I came across pre-purchase stated that the connections between the Hold Fast and camera mount occasionally came loose risking the cameras falling. I hadn’t experienced this until using the strap for an extended period of time (see below).

UPDATE (2015) My camera has fallen off twice (as it didn’t come with the security strap). But after reaching out to Hold Fast, I understand there is now a secondary security clip and modified screw design to prevent the camera from falling to the ground. I’m in the process of updating my strap with these features.

*Just as a suggestion I would encourage future buyers to also purchase the portrait slider for the left side if you shoot looking through your right eye and vice versa.

*I also purchased two camera leashes ….. Which I use for my light meter on the left and I’ve used the other to attach a 35mm on the right.

*The rings have also served to be extra useful even for keys. 🙂

I have gotten a ton of compliments on my straps and I love the color I’ve chosen (tan bridle leather)!

The straps were a little difficult to get used to the first day and I was sore after my first shoot with it but since I have been good to go. Since I have gotten used to the weight, I definitely feel like I’m much more mobile and evenly distributing the weight of my gear. I’m looking forward to shooting on a hiking trail this afternoon and not worried one bit about toting around my gear.

I still carry my camera bag in order to hold memory cards, film, inserts, and other miscellaneous items but I’m able to set it down now while shooting which is soooo nice!!

Below is a photo of what I looked like shooting before. As you can see, I’m holding my camera bag at all times with a fotostrap on my contax and my d3s balanced in the nook of my arm. My light meter stayed around my neck.


And this is what I look like now while using the Hold Fast strap.


If you’re interested in purchasing the Hold Fast Money Maker system, the promo code “Guidry0414” is live and active for 1 week! (Expiration: 04/29/14)

Best of luck with your new setup and I hope it proves helpful!