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If you are an entrepreneur and running your own business, there will be times you are uninspired, in a slump or feeling down. Of course, I love what I do! But, I’ll be honest, last summer I was feeling uninspired. So, I knew I had to do something different. This was right around the time that we actually started the podcast, born out of this desire to stretch and challenge myself and be inspired again. I hope that this is inspiring for you as well! It is not surprising that the podcast has done exactly what I wanted it to!


  • When you are feeling uninspired…Exercise
  • Only sleep when you are tired
  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Get out and into an inspiring place
  • Look at art in other genres

When you are feeling uninspired…Exercise

This does not even need to be something that is high intensity. For me, I often take a walk around the block or go on a quick bike ride. It is seriously incredible how much that can clear my mind with just a quick break! Nothing makes me happier than taking my dog, Chaos, for a walk and coming back feeling ready to go. It might take 10 minutes away from the computer, but that 10 minute break can do wonders!

One thing I would not suggest doing when you are uninspired is eating. Special K Cereal and Yogurt Land are my absolute best friends anytime I am feeling uninspired. Part of this is because the types of food I am eating are not only bad for me but also make me feel bad. This is something I am working on, but the first step is recognizing! Avoid buying bad foods since eating since these foods are not helping to get you from point A to Z, which is where you need to be!

Only sleep when you are tired

The feelings I get when I am stressed, such as anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, manifest themselves into making me feel like I need sleep. But, in reality, this is just my mind tricking me into wanting to lay down. I have also learned that because I tend to sleep more when I have anxiety. On the other hand, sleep when you are tired. When you feel like you cannot do anymore, go to sleep. You are either a morning or night person, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are overwhelmed. If you are a morning person, rather than staying up late to finish you work, wake up early when you are feeling refreshed and tackle your goals. Part of being a successful business person is knowing yourself and how you function and honor where you are the strongest.

Surround yourself with good people 

When thinking about the type of people you surround yourself with, think about those that make you feel good, and those who are positive and can see the good in people. When you leave someone you should leave feeling amazing! Like you were able to give to them and they were able to give to you.

One thing that I have been doing lately is arranging for monthly hangouts with friends. Some of these are in person, some are not. For those people out of town, I have been participating in google hangouts! One group is a group of 2-3 friends where we honestly just chat and laugh and enjoy each others company. The other is a group of 2 other female entrepreneurs and we talk solely about business. Each person has 20-30 minutes to discuss things that they are struggling with and working on and we can provide feedback. These are great ways to not feel limited by where you live, or time. You can make anything happen, you just have to create the opportunity and reach out to people! Try to meet up in person semi-annually, if you can!

Separate yourself from people who bring you down. Whether it is someone who is constantly doubting or questioning you or your abilities, or someone who is negative, you do not want to be around that!

Get out and into an inspiring place

If you need to get out of your house, even just to be in a coffee shop and knock out some work for awhile – do it! I feel inspired by art and architecture and the variety of activity really gets my juices flowing. But, my friend Haylei loves to be in a zen space, somewhere with maybe a fountain or quiet music. Learn about yourself and what sets your heart on fire and do that very thing when you feel your heart getting heavy. Always remember to take a break and do something fun. Are you taking enough time for yourself in general? Take a least one entire day off a week (I am talking like a no email, no social media) Taking care of yourself and having fun and contribute to being successful.

Look at art in other genres 

In Katherine’s episode she talked about how although she is a painter, she seeks out art in the interior design industry for inspiration. She finds color palettes, textures and style choices by following other inspiring designers and translates this into her painting work. This is such a great way to gather ideas, colors, etc without copying others within your industry!

Do not copy other people’s work and call it inspiration. In Megan’s episode she talked about how she used to intentionally emulate other’s work, but it was only in the confines of her studio and never shared with or used for clients. When you look to others in your industry for inspiration, be sure to make it your own before presenting to your client. There is a huge different between inspiration and copying.

If you are in a slump or feeling uninspired, I hope this podcast gave you just the kick in the butt that you needed! I absolutely know what it feels like when work feels like work and that is not a good place for anyone. We ALL want to wake up feeling excited and ready to take on the world!!


If you are enjoyed today’s podcast, do me a favor. Tell me that you are tuning in. There are definitely days, just like you, where finding the discipline and motivation to write and record the content can be a challenge and your words and posts mean so much more than you know! I also read every single one of the reviews on itunes which definitely helps us to continue to work our way up the charts. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

Whatever you do today remember that fear only tricks us into living a boring life. So go out … Make Mistakes and learn from them!

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April 12, 2018