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March 20, 2014


Amelia (my second shooter and very dear friend) had been telling me for months that I would love a BIRCHBOX subscription. I insisted that I didn’t “need” it but agreed that it was a really awesome idea. I mean, I could hardly argue with $10 a month…but I did anyway. Silly me.

For Christmas every year, my two other brothers, my sister-in-law, and I all exchange gifts. For some reason, I find it most difficult to seek out these gifts because we’re all pretty into doing rather than acquiring things (if that makes any sense) so unless we’re purchasing an activity the gift is usually a bust.

Well…this year, I was gifted with a 6 month subscription to…you guessed it: BIRCHBOX. And I actually surprised myself with how excited I was. I suppose after seeing Amelia’s excitement over hers for the past year or so, I may have subconsciously built up the desire to have my own! 😉

When my first birchbox arrived it was soooo much fun! If you’re not familiar with the idea…you basically create a profile around your interests (skin care, makeup, sweets, etc) and they customize a box for you each month based on what you like.

My ONLY complaint so far is that I wish they’d avoid putting chocolate in my box. 😉 I’ve actually found two products so far that I REALLY love and have purchased on my own. One was a face primer called “Your Best Friend” <<<seriously makes my face feel like velvet and the other is a matte tint 30 SPF sunscreen called “Coola Face” that I received in this month’s box. I’ve been wearing sunscreen every day for awhile now and this one is by far the best I’ve used. It doesn’t make my skin feel oily and I don’t break out from wearing it.

Growing up I was never really into shopping, makeup, or clothes…but my lifestyle the past few years has changed my perspective a bit. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion or lifestyle guru by any means but my interest in the area has risen.

BIRCHBOX is $10/month and totally worth it. It’s fun…and introduces you to products that you may not have purchased on your own. This month, these are the items that were included in the box (see photo below):

{Red Bottle: Leave in Conditioner}

{Black & White Bottle: Body Lotion}

{Ghirardelli Cherry Dark Chocolate}

{Travel Sized Perfume: Cherie Blossom}

{Minteas Breath Mints}

{FACE Organic Sunblock: Coola}


If you’d like to checkout BIRCHBOX, I encourage you to do so! And if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

And a SPECIAL thank you to Minette, David, & Scott for the awesome gift! 🙂 I <3 IT!



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