December 19, 2017

023: Jasmine Star – Instagram, Facebook, and Social Media Strategies

Hi Friends! Ten years ago, I started my business and about that time, I came across today’s guest. I can without a doubt say that what she has shared about her journey (especially the posts on her blog) have been one of the biggest attributing factors to my success. She is a wedding photographer turned  business strategist and one of the most hard-working and inspiring female entrepreneurs. So, welcome to the podcast Jasmine Star!  


  • What is Jasmine’s biggest attribute to her success?
  • What are a pieces of advice for business owners?
  • What are mistakes easily made on social media?
  • What is Social Curator?
  • Posting to Instagram Stories vs. Instagram Grid?
  • What is the next form of social media on the rise?

Biggest attribute to success: 

Of course, it is never just one thing that attributes to success, but Jasmine’s resilience and grit are what she thinks brought her business its’ success. If you fall, know that you will always get back up. It is the ability you have to stand back up after being knocked down that will show so much to those around you. Always get back up, no matter what!

Pieces of Advice for Business Owners:

Always run the business that you want, not the business that you have. Jasmine runs the business that she wants to have next year, not the business she has now.  Also, push the negativity aside because if you listen to negativity long enough, you begin to believe it. Do not ever doubt your ability to succeed and always walk in your own truth and integrity.

Mistakes with Social Media:

People struggle with being consistent with their efforts of achieving what they want. Some spend so much time thinking about what to post and getting in their own heads, that they end up not posting at all. But, you have to show up on social media! Understand that all of your posts will not speak to everyone. Often times, there is a temptation to be vanilla, but step into your own flavor on your social media accounts by putting out content that is the truest version of you. It is easy to want to put out things that make our lives look perfect, but it can be beautiful to show your true self.

What is Social Curator?

With all social media, it can become so easy to struggle with what to post or there are times you feel you just do not have anything worth posting. Jasmine recently launched Social Curator which is a subscription based program that provides imagery for download and fill in the blank captions for you to post. The first time I used social curator to help me schedule 30 days of posts I did what usually takes me 9 hours spaced out throughout the month, in 3 hours! I highly recommend you guys check it out! 

Posting to Instagram stories vs. Instagram Grid:

With the recent addition of stories to Instagram, it is easy to struggle with where to focus your attention. For Jasmine, she would choose posting to the Instagram Grid since people are there to see your work and how it flows within your grid. Instagram stories are still so new, only a small percentage of followers actually watch the stories, and it is more difficult to capture the followers full attention over the entire span of the story.

Next form of social media: 

Recently, there has been talk that Pinterest is the next “big thing” in the social media world. Jasmine does not think that Pinterest is the next form of social media on the rise, however, Pinterest does work side by side with your marketing efforts. Pinterest is an extra step, but business owners can make Pinterest work for what they need. Blogs are still a great form of social media because they are great for searchable marketing and stumble upon marketing. Searchable marketing would be programs like Google and Pinterest, because someone is looking for something specific (ex. Camera Tips). Once people find what they are looking for, it could link back to a blog post you have created, turning a viewer into a customer. An alternate marking tool would be, Stumble upon marketing with programs like Instagram and Facebook. People are on these programs being social and may happen to stumble upon a link to your blog that someone else has posted, ultimately discovering the link on their own.

“There will be haters and there will be doubters and then there you will be…proving them wrong.” 

My Social Curator

My Social Curator

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